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NATO plans to war game solar and wind technologies

NEWS: Alliance set to test latest energy solutions in battlefield environment, in bid to avoid relying on vulnerable fuel convoys

Five reasons cities are key to solving climate change

ANALYSIS: They have most of the world's people, money and emissions.

Modi promises to compensate Indian farmers hit by extreme weather

NEWS: Prime minister announces new package to protect rural communities, as March rains ruin crops in northern states

How to Climb an Oil Rig - in Pictures

India’s fourth largest private bank stakes its money on renewables

INTERVIEW: Yes Bank's head of responsible banking talks to RTCC about green bonds, solar growth and cleaning up coal power

Top development banks agree definition for climate finance

NEWS: Financial institutions with over US$ 2,100 billion in assets publish principles to guide future investments in clean energy

Greenpeace responds to Shell injunction

Columban Mission Exposure Trip to the US/Mexico Border (4)

A small group of Columban contacts in Britain is spending Holy Week 2015 on a Columban Mission Exposure Visit to Texas and Mexico, exploring issues

Save your energy for the bedroom

Our steamy video featuring Cinderella star Lily James and Dan Rigby was inspired by the US President's excitement over home insulation.

‘Climate change has arrived’ warns Marshall Islands foreign minister

NEWS: Second tropical storm to hit small Pacific state in a month is evidence of how humans are influencing weather patterns, says Tony de Brum


Member stories

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