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California and China sign climate change pact

US state signs two-year agreement with Beijing, agreeing to work together to advance low carbon development

John Ashton: a winning climate coalition is waiting to be forged

Former UK climate envoy says low carbon industry and progressive politicians need to combine to build new political consensus on global warming

Resources: Dart Energy's legal threats to gag us on Twitter

A threatening letter from Dart Energy's lawyers and our response.

News: Major boost to tidal and wave energy

Reacting to the news of new investment for wave power and planning permission for the world’s largest tidal array, Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Fr

The day the world came together to defend the Arctic

Image caption:  Kumi Naidoo at Iceride, Washington On Sunday, something incredible happened. I got on my bike. I...

Costa Rica debates new climate change law

Bill could see creation of National Climate Change Committee and legally binding decarbonisation targets

Sir David King appointed UK climate change envoy

Former Chief Scientific Advisor takes key Foreign Office post two years ahead of proposed UN emissions reduction deal

UK set to relaunch flagship energy efficiency scheme

Morning summary: Ed Davey, Secretary of State for the Environment, announced his intention at Liberal Democrat party conference to relaunch the Gre

Arctic Ocean acidifiying at ‘unprecedented levels’ as sea ice melts

Melting sea ice exposes Arctic Ocean to atmospheric CO2, acidifying water and damaging ecosystems

Will Norway’s climate ambition continue under Erna Solberg?

New centre-right government takes charge of climate progressive country, but questions remain over commitment to cutting domestic emissions


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

A multi-lingual celebration of Unity and Diversity in Birmingham.

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: UK-led modelling tools are helping governments around the world develop contributions to a...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

The UK Government have published a "global pathway calculator" – which allows users to choose...

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