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Fortress Waverley

Spokes has been contacted by many members and others about the Network Rail decision to ban cycling from Waverley Bridge down into the station on b

India faces climate ‘isolation’ warns ex minister

NEWS: Prime Minister Modi may have to make concessions and agree emission cuts at UN talks if India's old alliance breaks down

UK prime minister swayed by climate sceptics – Huhne

NEWS: Climate deniers are influencing UK prime minister David Cameron, according to former energy secretary Chris Huhne

Australian bishop accuses Tony Abbott of “denigrating” climate science

NEWS: Climate pressure ramped up on Prime Minister, as Anglican church backs moves to ditch oil, gas and coal holdings

Obama administration announces $4 billion US clean energy fund

NEWS: Loan guarantees aim to boost flagging renewables sectors, under pressure from cheaper fossil fuels

Qatar targets solar revolution, but pace remains slow

NEWS: New solar deal with Kazakhstan could be solar boost to Qatar, but industry is still "embryonic" say analysts

Forum speaker John Githongo interviewed on corruption

The Guardian interviewed our speaker, a member of the Independent Commission for Aid Impact, at UN Forum 2014.

UK Lords set to examine Arctic oil drilling

NEWS: A newly formed UK Arctic Committee is putting controversial oil drilling plans under the microscope

Warming Antarctic leaves iconic emperor penguin on brink

NEWS: Loss of Antarctic sea ice through climate change threatens the emperor penguin’s habitat say scientists

Glasgow University could ditch £19m fossil fuel assets

NEWS: Official panel recommends Glasgow follows other academic institutions in ditching oil and gas investments


Member stories


Today Junior Doctors are on strike across the country, thanks to Jeremy Hunt’s spectacular...

Columban JPIC:

This Friday, Pope Francis’ plane will arrive in Mexico City, Mexico, marking the beginning of...

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