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DECC Minister Greg Barker meets Cool Communities

The Long Road Home

Thank you for Pentecost Appeal response

Fr. Tom O’Reilly gives thanks for the generosity and kindness we have received from so many people in response to our Pentecost Appeal in 2014.

Obama appeals to health benefits of acting on climate

NEWS: President believes cutting pollution levels and deaths from car and power emissions could mobilise public support

Greenpeace India's 'big fight' over coal

All rights reserved. Credit: Vinit Priya Pillai and 400 fellow villagers demand release of Bechanlal Image caption...

Expectations for UN’s Green Climate Fund vary by billions

NEWS: Talks on climate finance continue at UN, but with little clarity on how much money to expect before Lima

US proposed carbon cap nears EU climate ambition

ANALYSIS: Proposed EPA rule on power sector emissions gets closer to EU climate ambition

Scottish climate change efforts step up a gear

Announcements made today demonstrate that the Scottish Government is serious about getting Scotland back on track

£7m new active travel cash

The Scottish Government has announced £7m completely new money for cycling and walking infrastructure, to be spent this financial year 2014/15…


Member stories

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

Commenting on the latest NHS deficit figures published today (Friday), UNISON General Secretary...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Barclays has a 97% stake in Third Energy, the company that wants to frack beautiful Ryedale in...

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