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All political parties must give a lead on the environment

10 reasons why Abu Dhabi’s top bank says you must back renewables

BLOG: Falling solar module prices, soaring demand for clean energy and new storage technologies all offer safety for potential investors, says bank

Decline in China coal demand to continue, says Beijing expert

NEWS: Emissions could peak earlier than government target of 2030 as tide starts to turn against coal, world's dirtiest form of energy

Scientists confirm ‘critical link’ between CO2 emissions and warming

NEWS: High-precision field instruments in the US have provided the first real-time “action shots” of the increasing impact of CO2

Natural ocean cycles behind global warming pause, say scientists

NEWS: Temperatures may be rising more slowly than expected because of two oceanic cycles lasting half a century

Ocean acidification attack on algae damaging marine ecosystems

NEWS: Development of group of alga may be stunted as oceans absorb more carbon dioxide, with widespread effects for marine life, say scientists

Parish visit to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Hereford

Parish visit to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Hereford, Archdiocese of Cardiff, by  Fr. Denis Carter SSC

Parish visit to St. James, Bootle

Parish visit to St. James, Bootle, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by  Fr.  Tom Ryan SSC

RSPB, Oxfam, the WI and a whole host of others club together to urge coal phase out

Parish visit to Our Lady of Compassion, Formby.

Parish visit to Our Lady of Compassion, Formby, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by  Fr. John Collins SSC


Member stories

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