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Action against the Arms Fair – What do you think?

Fruits of Fulflood says "Eat local"


Are EU carmakers presenting artificially low emission data?

Real world driving can see cars emit 25% more CO2 than manufacturers claim on advertisements says International Council on Clean Transportation

Winchester College invests in renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint

Following an Energy Appraisal and Microgeneration Assessment Report in 2010,

Kenyan farmers warned climate change may impact crop yields

Report suggests changing rainfall patterns will make previously desolate areas fertile, but could also decimate country's maize-friendly regions

Climate change case now ‘overwhelming’ warn scientists

With the IPCC's AR5 report just 10 days from publication, 12 eminent scientists warn the case for action is now uncontestable

Vivienne Westwood opens fashion show with ‘climate change dance’

Morning summary: controversial fashion icon opens her show at the London Fashion Week with request that audience write to UN

Arctic uproar in London

All rights reserved. Credit: © Greenpeace In a celebratory maelstrom of all that is Arctic, thousands of people yesterday took part in...

90% of ice lost from Antarctica comes from underside of icebergs

Scientists have discovered that many Antarctic ice shelves are losing ice not just by calving icebergs but by melting from their undersides as well

The Seeding Change Campaign - An Action Pack!


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A Rocha:

After three years and 36 blogs, I’m taking a short break from writing for Planetwise, so


With the British public becoming increasingly engaged in politics as the UK general election...

Responding to Climate Change:

INTERVIEW: Strained relationships between Russia, EU and Middle East make climate negotiations...


by-nc. Credit: Jiri Rezac A giant fracking monster outside Parliament on Monday...

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