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UN climate science body IPCC condemns AR5 report leak

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change dismisses reports in Economist that climate change will be less severe than once thought

Rob Telford, an inspiration for our journey

Arctic could be ice-free by 2058

Arctic icecap melt now so fast and certain researchers can confidently predict when the ocean will become ice-free

Germany accused of “nasty pressure” in blocking EU green car laws

Morning summary: Reports suggest "threats, intimidation and blackmail" have been used to sideline green cars legislation

Coal-heavy South Africa eyes wind and solar sectors

South African's main energy company Eskom is planning to add renewables to its coal portfolio with investments exceeding $1.8 billion

Evangelicals tackle US Congress on climate change

Over 200 Evangelicals write to Congress about the religious imperatives for acting on climate change

June 2013 fifth warmest since 1880 – NOAA data

US drought continues to afflict 46% of country as NOAA record one of the hottest months of June since records started

Vocal Training 2013

Urine-powered mobile phones could soon be in the shops

British scientists have developed a new way to charge electrical appliances by spending a penny or visiting the loo

SPEAK's upcoming activism skill-share event: Vocal Training

For those who've not been before, Vocal Train


Member stories


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World Development Movement:

Today in Parliament 241 MPs voted in favour of the Clive Efford's private member's bill aimed at...

Columban JPIC:

John Nightingale is the Chairman of Jubilee Debt Campaign, Birmingham.

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