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Ensure the Paris climate summit makes the right decisions

Support the global advocacy organisation Avaaz in its campaign to combat climate

Ask your MP to back green jobs in the SW

Action for Renewables and Regen SW have launched a campaign to encourage MP's in the south west to pledge to develop a world-leading renewable ener

Desertec in trouble as founders quit €400 billion solar project

Morning Briefing: ambition to power Europe using solar panels in North African deserts thrown into disarray after split between leading planners

Save the Arctic from Shell and its Russian friends

The Arctic is once again under attack from oil companies. Over the past year we’ve seen just how reckless Arctic drilling is. Shell, one of the...

Rolls-Royce: Hybrid planes within next 20 years

Rolls-Royce and EADS are developing a hybrid propulsion system using a combination of electricity and biofuel from algae

WWF recommends against paper purchases, investment in APP as doubts mount on deforestation pledge

Sowing Pesticides: Reaping Sickness

Rabobank: ‘no money for fracking’

Rabobank will change its mind only if it can be proven that fracking does not harm the environment

NASA experiment uncovers Arctic climate time bomb

More accurate data on carbon leaking from thawing permafrost uncovers “sleeping climate giant”

Skinny cows and climate change could cost farmers billions

A study predicts wild and domestic cattle will drastically reduce in weight as the climate warms − compromising food security and slashing farmer's


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Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

BLOG: Who has shown some cool, green leadership this month… And who is heating up the planet?

World Development Movement:

Last night I was defending the proposition that wealth needs to be aggressively reduced,...

A Rocha:

The book of Jonah is short and contains just one story.