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Competition ends 6 Sept

Don’t leave it to the last minute if you want a 1st class rail ticket for two – or free cinema tickets – or great food prizes – or bike shop stuff

F2F: Solway to Forth

There’s a great new idea for a ‘Firth to Firth’ holiday cycle route…on the lines of the other existing coast-to-coast r

East Midlands tops UK’s energy consumption league

Tiny county of Rutland consumes the most energy in England and Wales, which Council attributes to its picturesque houses

Methane leakage from Utah gas rigs higher than EPA estimates

The 6-10% leakage rate of methane at a US gas field means that burning natural gas could warm the planet more than coal

Smart windows could spark energy efficiency revolution

US window coating can stop around 50% of heat and 70% of visible light, generating huge energy savings

Climate Friendly BoA 2013 Business Plan

Giant polar bear set to invade London

Greenpeace's latest Arctic campaign is a double decker sized polar bear marched through London by 15 puppeteers

Your iPhone uses more energy than a refridgerator

Smart phone users that consume a huge amount of data are contributing to climate change says new report

New Zealand commits to 5% emissions reduction target

Critics say weakened target is another example of the current government's climate change 'coma'

Ecuador abandons Yasuni initiative to stop Amazon drilling

Morning summar: Ecuador had sought US$3.6 billion in contributions to maintain a moratorium on drilling, but claims it has only received US$13 mill


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Winchester Action on Climate Change:
Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St Anne’s, Timms Lane, Formby, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by Fr.

Responding to Climate Change:

BLOG: Springtime burning of savannah and forest in the southern hemisphere shows up in latest...

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