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World’s poorest set to press rich nations for climate compensation

Whether or not rich countries should pay compensation to most vulnerable states expected to prove controversial at UN climate talks

10 reasons why you should care about the UN climate talks

Diplomats from 193 countries gather in Warsaw next week for two weeks of talks on climate change. What's all the fuss about?

Figueres: UN climate talks in Warsaw a “pivotal” moment

UN climate chief says governments must advance in providing climate finance and creating a loss and damage mechanism

UK recruits Telsa’s Elon Musk to lead low emission car drive

Government hopes to tap into Musk's expertise as it rolls out plans to expand UK electric car facilities

Low Carbon Farming

Resource t

EU starts process to ratify Kyoto Protocol extension

Decision likely to dampen concerns from developing countries but critics say 20% reduction target should be raised

Rock and pop music increases solar cell efficiency by 40%

Solar cells are more receptive to high pitched sounds including office printers - but not classical music

US military to spend $2.4 billion on electric vehicles by 2020

The military is forecast to purchase nearly 100,000 non-tactical electric vehicles to meet its targets

UK and South Korea agree to collaborate on tackling climate change

UK strikes deal with South Korea to join forces on developing nuclear power and emissions trading scheme

Crunch time for EU lobby register

The EU lobby register is currently being reviewed and transparency campaigners are demanding that MEPs and the Commission


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