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What has the divestment movement achieved so far?

ANALYSIS: Fossil fuel companies are feeling the pressure from a climate campaign that started in 2011. What has got them spooked?

Streets go green as cupids ‘show the love' for what we could lose to climate change


Good progress in Geneva, but hard work still ahead: political will a significant factor


Lewis strips down to his speedos to protect the crown jewels of the Southern Ocean

Scots asked to 'Show The Love' for things we could lose to climate change

Scots asked to 'Show The Love' for things we could lose to climate change

Scots are being encouraged to take part in special events happening all across Scotland on 14th and 15th February to show how the things that the

UN climate deal moving closer, say Least Developed Countries

NEWS: Everyone satisfied with Geneva text, but real negotiating begins in June, says lead negotiator for Least Developed Countries

IPCC scientists call for focus on regional climate risks

NEWS: Data on geography of rising temperatures is not getting through to adaptation specialists, warn co-chairs

Shell boss calls on big oil to join climate change fight

NEWS: Ben Van Beurden says fossil fuel explorers should engage in global warming debate, but rejects calls for oil phaseout

Don’t judge a book... Why the Liberal Democrats' manifesto cover belies their green record

I hate the BBC’s Question Time. It brings out the worst in everyone involved.

Pupils 'ecstatic' as Walthamstow school wins solar panels

Help other schools go solar - sign up to our Run on Sun campaign.


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Columban JPIC:

  “The Church is there for life, not for profit” a Columban priest and CAFOD partner told the...


From a sustainable transport perspective – and indeed a general sustainability perspective – the...

John Ray Initiative:

It is now just over a month since I attended the Malvern 2017 Conference at St.

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