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Stuff or happiness - does shopping make us happy?

Green groups protest transatlantic trade deal

NEWS: Green activists are protesting a trans-Atlantic trade deal they say could harm the environment

Seeking God...

Meet the sceptics: why science can’t compete with beachballs

SKETCH: Controversial climate economist Richard Tol speaks in the UK parliament - when he can get a word in edgeways

World Council of Churches divests from fossil fuels

NEWS: A group representing half a billion Christians has said it will no longer invest in coal, oil and gas

Greenpeace’s LEGO viral blocked by YouTube

EU blames Moscow for Green Climate Fund cash freeze

NEWS: Row over board membership means European funds cannot be used in flagship low carbon finance mechanism

UK to back Indian green growth hub – minister

NEWS: The UK is set to back green growth in India's Mumbai-Bangalore corridor, says minister

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Modi pledges new money for climate action in first budget

NEWS: India's 2014 budget under new PM signals pivot towards low carbon economy


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All We Can:

‘The end is nigh,’ proclaims the apocryphal sandwich board.

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

UNISON members working for United Utilities are considering their next steps after rejecting the...

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