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Why health and climate experts must work together

COMMENT: Using climate knowledge to manage health risks saves lives

WHO urges action on climate change to protect health

NEWS: First ever global climate and health conference highlights twin benefits of action on air pollution

Pope Francis petitioned to drop fossil fuel investments

NEWS: Pressure mounts on Vatican to join other religious institutions in divesting from coal, oil and gas

Anti-coal protesters flock to German-Polish border

NEWS: Greenpeace estimates 7,500 people from 28 countries joined hands to fight lignite mining plans

Why we need to stop talking about ‘geoengineering’

COMMENT: Lumping all 'geoengineering' techniques under one label risks making sensible options guilty by association

Why Australia PM Tony Abbott’s climate policy is toxic

COMMENT: Physical and mental health are at risk from climate change, warns professor in plea to Australian government

UK public ignorant of climate science consensus – poll

NEWS: Gap between reality and public perception of climate science is reminiscent of MMR controversy, says NGO

Green funds must scale up to match $5trn oil sector – report

NEWS: Large-scale divestment from fossil fuels remains a challenge, say Bloomberg analysts, with a lack of clean alternatives

Campaigners mark Phulbari Day

Today is Phulbari Day.  It marks the day when, eight years ago, a protest by local people against an open pit mine in Phulbari, Bangladesh resulted

Climate deal must crack down on free riders – study

NEWS: Norwegian researchers warn the world is further from an effective climate treaty than it was 15 years ago, as countries try to duck their obl


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

More than 2,000 Catholic migrants living and working in London brought colour and international...


More than half (52%) of school support staff across the UK have experienced stress, anxiety or...


Over 2,000 tickets are now on sale for the largest ever public debate with UN Secretary-General...

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