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Fracking caused Ohio earthquake in 2014, say researchers

NEWS: Controversial gas exploration technique linked to 3.0 magnitude earthquake that shook US state in March

Population boom driving Philippines’ climate vulnerability

NEWS: More people living in Philippines has worsened pollution, deforestation and waste problems, says government report

2014 “warmest” year since 1891

BLOG: Japan Meteorological Agency says last year was +0.27°C above the 1981-2010 average and warmest since 1891

Larry Summers: It’s time the US placed a price on carbon

NEWS: Veteran US official says White House should show leadership while oil prices are low and tax carbon in fossil fuels

How climate change is making its mark on the world – pictures

BLOG: NASA gallery reveals how global warming is taking its toll on the planet's glaciers, lakes and forests

UK had hottest and fourth wettest year in 2014 – Met Office

NEWS: Record-breaking year is "clear evidence" of climate change but highlights poor government communication, says critic

PEACE SUNDAY 18 January 2015

Peace Sunday 2015 will be celebrated on 18 January.  Pax Christi resource materials for Peace Sunday are now available.

Glowing Earth: NASA satellite identifies energy hotspots

NEWS: Data from satellites and space station astronauts has enabled a detailed “planet at night” atlas of urban lighting to be created

Tropical forests hidden role in sucking up CO2 revealed

NEWS: The role of the world’s tropical forests in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere may have been underestimated

New Year Thoughts from the Editor

New Year Greetings to all the readers of this blog.


Member stories

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