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Landmark solar project begins construction in Leeward Islands

Experts have forecast the Caribbean to have installed 500MW of PV by 2016, powering 400,000 homes

Pacific ocean cooling explains 15-year slowdown in global warming

Morning summary: Researchers caution that temperatures will rise again when the Pacific swings back to a warmer state

Activist Conference 2013

Energy efficiency is on 80% of UK businesses’ agendas

The sector is growing by almost 4% a year, creating 136,000 jobs and increasing the country's GDP by 1%

Lord Howell plots with fracking firms in Windsor dungeon

UN rules UK wind farms ‘illegal’

Morning summary: UK government accused of acting illegally by not providing public with 'necessary information' over benefits of wind farms

Greater access to air conditioning leads to a warmer planet

US uses more energy to keep cool than all other countries in the world combined but India is slowly catching up

Building the world's largest polar bear - Part One

All rights reserved. Credit: © Louise Alexander Constructing Aurora Image caption:  Constructing Aurora...

RBS carbon emissions up to 1,200 times higher than reported figure

New research has revealed that Royal Bank of Scotland’s 2012 carbon emissions could be up to 1,200 times higher than the figure reported by the ban

Dung beetles reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cow pats

By drying out the dung, the beetles increase the availability of oxygen and reduce the amount of methane in the pats


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NEWS: Norwegian oil major rebuts notion that Greenland withdrawal is evidence of "carbon bubble...


The UK Government has indicated its support for an improvement to the process for appointing the...

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