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Communicating climate change – without the scary monsters

INTERVIEW: The climate disaster narrative hasn't worked. Ignorance is bliss. So how do experts plan do wake up the world?

Colombia set to draft new climate law by November

NEWS: Latin American nation hopes tough environmental rules could assist its ambitions to gain OECD status

In pictures: Oil Spill Patrol Team cleans up in Russia's Komi Republic

All rights reserved. Credit: © Denis Sinyakov / Greenpeace Site of an oil spill outside Usinsk in the Komi Republic Image caption...

Solomon Islands town to relocate as climate pressures mount

NEWS: Plans are afoot to move an entire town to the mainland as climate impacts threaten to wipe out Taro Island

Politicians must take on transport “taboos” to curb emissions

NEWS: Technology alone will not cut transport emissions enough, say researchers - the rich must travel less

Climate and weather science merge as forecasts improve

INTERVIEW: Climate scientists can learn from weather forecasters about giving practical advice, says meteorological expert

Government challenged over misleading fracking consultation

Project survival: How Pacific island youth are facing down climate change

COMMENT: As they age, Pacific youth could watch their homelands sink to a watery myth. They're not going down without a fight

Oil majors gambling US$91bn on 20 high-risk projects

NEWS: Tar sands and deep sea oil projects are bad for business as well as the environment, analysts warn

Fishing for funds – are there any rules?

It is funny what people say when you tell them you work in conservation. Their reactions are very varied, depending on how you describe it.


Member stories


There are plenty of opportunities for people to vote next Thursday.


Over 2,000 tickets are now on sale for the largest ever public debate with UN Secretary-General...


No – we aren’t telling you who to vote for!  But hopefully giving you some guidance how to use...

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