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NASA data shows methane emissions hotspot in US

NEWS: Coalbed methane extraction is releasing triple the greenhouse gas emissions previously thought, find researchers

X is for Xeriscaping

W is for Water-harvesting

UK foreign secretary hails economic benefit of climate action

NEWS: Philip Hammond gives his first speech on climate change on a visit to US wind facility with John Kerry

V is for Varieties

Budget Confusion yet again!

The Scottish Government’s draft budget 2015/16 is once again as obscure as ever on active travel funding, though it looks at best static or down fr

Why I Care about the Environment – Margot R Hodson

Revd Margot Hodson How it all began

LEGO dumped Shell - here's why it matters to us all

Sweden signals climate ambition with Green Party vice PM

NEWS: Asa Romson promotion to vice prime minister signals government commitment to environment, say observers

EU 2030 compromise could weaken climate action

ANALYSIS: As sign-off nears for the EU 2030 climate and energy package, "flexibility" measures could water down 40% emissions cuts to just 26%


Member stories


The last thing that should happen in the modern workplace is women being penalised for having...


Justice Secretary Liz Truss has confirmed that the UK Government will pursue plans to repeal the...

Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St John the Baptist, Hackney, Archdiocese of Westminster by Fr.

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