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China could launch national carbon market in 2016

NEWS: After launch of seven regional pilot schemes, China plans launch of world's largest carbon market

Poland’s Donald Tusk named next EU Council president

NEWS: Donald Tusk, a champion of coal and critic of EU's tough climate policies will be the next Council chief

5 reasons NATO needs to worry about climate change

ANALYSIS: Climate change raises major security threats that NATO cannot afford to ignore at its summit this week

Winner of WWF-sponsored British wildlife photography award


Business for Environment Summit 2014

Jeremiah – A bird’s eye view of the Middle East

Today’s Middle East is beset by tragedy: a litany of human suffering, migration and exile in a region of such beauty and cultural richness.

Oceans are deteriorating rapidly… and we are hardly noticing

Some weeks ago I wrote an article entitled, “Requiem for The Great Barrier Reef.” The article was based on an earlier article in The Guardian by Dr

From the Editor – Climate Change Mitigation

For all sorts of reasons this blog post has been a long time in preparation.

Could Donald Tusk use EU top job for anti-climate agenda?

COMMENT: Despite his pro-coal domestic agenda, Donald Tusk might not be a bad choice for European Council president

French diplomats rallied to climate cause in run-up to Paris

NEWS: President Francois Hollande confirms he will go to Ban Ki-moon climate summit next month as French diplomacy ramps up ahead of Paris


Member stories


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Bangkok, May 24, 2016 -- A new report launched today by WWF and partners finds t

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