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News: CLIMATE UPDATE - September 2013

TOP LINES: September 2013 was drier and slightly warmer than the average.

Could China’s carbon emissions peak sooner than expected?

Comment: rapid economic changes in China offer the hope of falling global emissions, years ahead of schedule, making it much easier to achieve the

HSBC's climate criminality

Joy in Enough - A Project with Christian Ecology Link and A Rocha UK

Andrew Harrison meets his MP! What an awesome testimony!

HSBC shuts down City branch in face of climate protest

Greenland’s Arctic tundra set to start emitting carbon

As climate warms, scientists in Greenland warn the small Arctic shrubs could stop absorbing carbon and start emitting it

What does climate change mean to young people?

RTCC hears from five young people from Peru, the UK, Rwanda, India and Bolivia on how they are tackling climate change

Warmi Huasi

British Columban Fr Ed O’Connell introduces a project in his parish in Lima, Peru, Warmi Huasi, a project that promotes the well-being of woman and

Lord Deben: Cameron is ‘utterly committed’ to fighting climate change

The head of the Climate Change Committee speaks to RTCC about Conservative commitment to climate cause and why it matters


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Leading scientist warns the world's poor are not safe under internationally agreed warming...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

UNA-UK's Policy & Advocacy Officer, Hayley Richardson, has recently returned from a visit to...

UK GHG emissions dropped by 8.4% 2013 - 2014

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