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India and China farmers back new climate adaptation alliance

NEWS: A network of 25 indigenous mountain communities is sharing information - and seeds - for a climate-proof future

Juncker: a potential climate champion for Europe?

ANALYSIS: Jean-Claude Juncker has his eye fixed on Europe's economy, but climate looms large on the EU agenda

US senators introduce bipartisan bill to tackle climate change

NEWS: Democrats and Republicans have teamed up to combat HFCs, methane and black carbon

Climate Change's Effect on Migration

Africa’s leaders need to be vocal on climate urgency – Ban Ki-moon

NEWS: Climate vulnerable nations need to take leadership role or face severe impacts says UN chief

Review of “The Collapse of Western Civilisation”: Naomi Oreskes and Eric M. Conway

Dr Martin J Hodson

CFB - Fitz Solar Auction of Promises - TONIGHT!

John Ashton: China needs to repair torn fabric of nature and society

COMMENT: Former chief UK climate diplomat says China must look to the earth to rediscover its dreams for the future

Lessons from Rhode Island: How to pass climate laws in the USA

COMMENT: East Coast state's new climate change law shows legislators must deal with mitigation and adaptation together

WWF Green Ambassadors visit Highgrove

Schools who have won WWF Green Ambassadors awards were presented with their prizes today at Highgrove, the Gloucestershire home of WWF-UK's Preside


Member stories


Cuts to local government grant and extra spending commitments for local authorities add up to a...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

With the Paris climate summit approaching, the Chancellor’s green-bashing is a reminder that the...

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