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Climate change could lead to more wars – report

An exhaustive study of a wide range of conflicts over thousands of years has found that rising temperatures are inevitably linked to an increase in

Tar sands pipeline to be built to eastern Canada

Morning summary: With uncertainty over the Keystone XL pipeline project, TransCanada has announced it plans to built a pipeline to eastern Canada

Ed Davey dismisses fracking with pledge to ‘expand renewables’

UK energy and climate chief says government committed to clean energy, promising more support in energy bill

New technology is the “Holy Grail” of clean hydrogen energy

A new technique using sunlight and mirrors to extract hydrogen gas from water could pave the way for the expansion of clean hydrogen energy

How Survivors of Abuse Relate to God, Ashgate, 2013, Susan Shooter

Susan Shooter, How Survivors of Abuse Relate to God, Ashgate, 2013, npg.

Peru aims to deliver solar to 95% of country by 2016

Government plans what analysts say is 'most ambitious' rural electrification programme in whole of Latin America

Figueres: China setting pace in climate change challenge

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres says the low carbon leadership of China’s government should be used an example worldwide

UK outlines strategy to be ‘world leader’ in offshore wind

Government says developing wind is a strategic priority for country, which can currently power two million homes

No plans for Marshall Islands climate evacuation says minister

Vice President Tony de Brum tells RTCC he's confident islands will remain in existence, and says September climate summit in Majuro will be critica

Tasmanian island achieves 100% renewable energy generation

Hydro Tasmania has achieved a sustained period of zero diesel operation on King Island


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Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St Anne’s, Timms Lane, Formby, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by Fr.

Responding to Climate Change:

BLOG: Springtime burning of savannah and forest in the southern hemisphere shows up in latest...

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