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Bill Clinton: IPCC climate report is “wake up call”

NEWS: Former president lends support for US climate action, days after Republicans threaten to attack carbon cutting laws

What does it mean to be climate resilient?

ANALYSIS: Experts in Ethiopia, Nepal, Jamaica and Uganda explain how they are preparing for future global warming impacts

UK Government must ensure old coal does not jeopardise climate change goals

You spoke, we listened

In 2013 we asked WDM supporters to share their views with us through our third supporter survey. We did this for one very simple reason: you, our...

Review: 2071, Royal Court Theatre

BLOG: A new play about climate change at the Royal Court Theatre in London fails to make climate data exciting

India aims to double coal production in five years

NEWS: Energy minister targets a billion tonnes of coal in 2019 to meet soaring electricity demand

Climate activists clash over fossil fuel phase-out

NEWS: Venezuela meeting descends into chaos as green groups refuse to condemn fossil fuels in demands to UN

Bill McKibben: the climate movement needs to get confrontational

INTERVIEW: The writer and reluctant activist tells RTCC greens must challenge the financial might of fossil fuel companies

A Local Larder 2015 crowdfunding closing soon

For lower wages, higher inequality and more austerity – vote TTIP

A new report on the EU-US trade deal – known as TTIP – has made some dire predictions about the long-term impact of the deal. The peer-reviewed paper...


Member stories

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Together with the government's support for fracking, the Heathrow airport decision is an...


It was a pleasure to meet representatives of Building and Woodworkers International – including...

Columban JPIC:

On Saturday 22 October, Fr.

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