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Obama set to roll out new US emission regulations

At landmark speech in Berlin US President says a “grim alternative” awaits the world if rising greenhouse gas emissions are not addressed

EU leaders urged to adopt 100% renewable energy target

The Global Alliance is demanding Europe increases its renewable energy target to 100% within the next 40 years.

Revised EU carbon market fix passes first hurdle

Amended plans that will boost price of emitting CO2 now move to parliament for the second time

Parliamentary debate: Killer robots “will not” be able to meet international law

During an Adjournment Debate called by Nia Griffith MP on 17

Costa Rica sacks climate advisor for criticising China oil loan

Government asked Monica Araya to leave climate change team after publicly criticising a $1bn deal with China to finance a new oil refinery, a move

G8 tax pledges: a positive start but some way to go

On 18 June, the Group of Eight concluded its 2013 Summit in Northern Ireland.

Obituary: Malcolm Harper, former UNA-UK Director

Last month, UNA-UK reported the sad death of Malcolm Harper

Obituary: Malcolm Harper, UNA-UK Director (1982-2004)

Last month, UNA-UK reported the sad death of Malcolm Harper

Met Emergency Meeting Concludes - Something Wrong with the Weather?

Yesterday, an emergency meeting was held at the Met Office to discuss the unusual weather patterns experienced here in the UK.  Examining the...

Oil companies: evil or stupid? Lawson weighs in

All rights reserved. Credit: ©TVO Photos/flickr/CC BY 2.0 Lord Lawson: expert witness in the defence of Big Oil Image caption...


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Member stories


Spokes has urged the Parliament’s ICI Committee to take a tougher line on active travel...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: October 31 will be frightfully hot, according to the UK's Met Office

Winchester Action on Climate Change: