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Ambitious or weak? Reaction to the EU’s 2030 climate package

COMMENT: Business leaders, NGOs and politicians give their verdict on the European Union's 2030 energy and climate change targets

EU adopts CO2 cutting target of “at least” 40% by 2030

NEWS: European leaders agreed a package of climate change and energy targets late last night, which will contribute to a global deal

EU leaders out of touch with climate reality


EU fails credibility test on 2030 climate and energy ambition

Road maintenance cycling innovation

Edinburgh Council is to raise the priority for road resurfacing on roads important to cycling.   No other Council in Scotland – an

Is UCL At BHP Billiton's Beck And Call?

Poland “needs tough love” to steer home EU climate deal

INTERVIEW: Former Finnish environment minister says Warsaw must be helped to ditch its addiction to coal

EU leaders eye deeper 2030 emissions cuts ahead of sign-off

NEWS: The latest draft agreement targets emissions cuts of "at least" 40% but weakens energy efficiency goal in 2030 package

It's Philip Morris vs Uruguayan lungs, so why would governments be on #TeamPhilipMorris?

You’re the government of a small South American country with a modest-sized health budget and you want to do what you can to encourage citizens to...

Road to Paris: EU 2030 climate package holds key to UN deal

ANALYSIS: Leaders in Washington, Beijing and Pacific Islands will be watching Brussels carefully this week