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For lower wages, higher inequality and more austerity – vote TTIP

A new report on the EU-US trade deal – known as TTIP – has made some dire predictions about the long-term impact of the deal. The peer-reviewed paper...

IPCC report has mixed news for climate vulnerable countries

COMMENT: The UN's latest assessment of climate change shows how serious the situation is for the world's poorest


Supporters and partners gathered at Southwark Anglican Cathedral on 22 October to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Ecumenical Council for Co

Pray and Fast for the Climate

Christian organisations launched a year of prayer and fasting for climate action at special ecumenical services across Britain on 1 November 2014.

World waits for US and China leadership from Beijing summit

ANALYSIS: Climate change is high on the agenda for presidents Obama and Xi next week, but the hard outcomes remain hard to predict

Climate Change Conference – March 2015

JRI is pleased to announce that booking is now open for their annual conference in association with Redcliffe College and A Rocha.

The fight for seed sovereignty in Ghana

Filipino heartthrob joins 1,000km climate walk

VIDEO: Schoolgirls scream as Dingdong Dantes joins marchers raising awareness of global warming in the Philippines

Meet the climate sleuths keeping carbon reporting honest

FEATURE: How climate evaluators are making sure organisations are choosing the best green projects - and stopping them fiddling the books

Five environmental challenges for Dilma Rousseff’s second term

NEWS: Water shortages, deforestation and indigenous rights are some of the issues facing Brazil's president in the next four years


Member stories


November is the first anniversary of new rules governing registration and fees with the Nursing...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Together with the government's support for fracking, the Heathrow airport decision is an...

Columban JPIC:

On Saturday 22 October, Fr.

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