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World’s carbon emission growth levelled off in 2014

NEWS: Carbon levels still rising fast but IEA says stall in last 12 months indicates new clean energy policies may be having an impact

Integer leven in een gebroken wereld

Vertaald uit het Engels door Matty van Leijenhorst. De aarde verliest steeds meer van haar natuur.

China’s dirty coal plants face climate risk, investors warned

NEWS: Chinese companies are most exposed to power stations threatened by environmental regulation, say Oxford University researchers

Shell warns oil demand could fall without climate solution

NEWS: Fossil fuel producers must develop viable ways to curb emissions or face increased scrutiny from regulators, says oil giant

Soaring population increases flood and drought threat to cities

NEWS: As cities expand, scientists predict an increase in urban land vulnerable either to flooding or drought by 2030

Cutting carbon emissions will cause crops to die, warn UKIP

BLOG: MEP for UK Independence Party says EU decarbonisation policies could lead to food shortages - but is this backed by science?

Inspired by: My mum

Megan Thomas, Methodist Youth President 2014-15, shares her inspirational woman, her mum.

Cardinal hints at main themes in Pope’s climate change encyclical

NEWS: Leader of Catholic church will offer leaders hope, says official, and address causes of poverty and environmental degradation

All We Can welcomes historic aid commitment

On Monday, the International Development Bill enshrining the UK commitment to spending 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) on in

An Insight into the Struggles of Seeking Asylum

In a cramped living room a lively discussion was taking place regarding reliable solicitors to assist processing an application to claim asylum, wi


Member stories


Another hugely enjoyable Bike Breakfast for the many people who came along on their way to work...

John Ray Initiative:

The tale of our world – why there’s no room for heroes or villains If research into the...

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