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Frozen Future: Shell and the US offshore Arctic

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UN climate chief hails new sense of trust, but hard work remains

ANALYSIS: Six days of talks in Geneva conclude with huge set of proposals for Paris pact, observers say narrowing down options will be challenging

7 burning issues on the road to a Paris climate deal

ANALYSIS: What are the big ideas governments will have to grapple with between now and December's UN climate summit?

Glasgow divestment helped spawn a European climate movement

COMMENT: When Glasgow University ditched dirty energy investments, it gave the movement new momentum, says Sophie Beaumert

Out in the cold: Investor briefings

"Pockets of children left behind": child rights in the UK

Speaking at an evidence session at the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) on Wednesday, NGO representatives claimed that while the UK Governmen

UK reaffirms commitment to UN Security Council reform

The UK’s stance on UN Security Council reform was made clear this week when the Ambassador to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant, reiterated comments calling

Axe cheap petrol to cut emissions, emerging economies told

NEWS: Reforms to fossil fuel subsidies in countries like Egypt, India and Indonesia could contribute to a global climate deal, says IISD

Apple and Google commit to power offices with renewables

NEWS: Technology companies independently sign up to solar and wind agreements in California

What has the divestment movement achieved so far?

ANALYSIS: Fossil fuel companies are feeling the pressure from a climate campaign that started in 2011. What has got them spooked?


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Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:
This week will see the publication of the draft Scottish Budget
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Prayers of the faithful 2nd Advent Sunday (year B) (the following may be copied and modified as...

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