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BMW unveils first 100% i3 electric car

New i3 range will costs around US$41,350 but BMW says it will cost less than conventional vehicles to maintain

Lord Howell - Greenpeace response

Is 1.5C warming target still within reach?

Climate Action Network and Climate Analytics study says rapid investment in biomass, energy efficiency and carbon capture technologies required

Bloomberg tells New York residents to “recycle everything”

Mayor wants to double the recycling rate to 30% by 2017 to divert 50,000 tons of plastic waste from reaching landfills

UK government unlikely to rethink “complacent” Arctic policies

The Foreign Office maintains its views on Arctic drilling, in spite of Environmental Audit Committee's criticisms that it is "needlessly risky"

Report reveals UK arms sold to "countries of human rights concern"

The UK government has authorised arms sales worth over £12 billion to "countries of human rights concern", according to a new report.

New York, Miami and Boston at risk of rising sea levels

Morning summary: More than 1,700 American cities and towns are at risk from rising sea levels, according to a study which says the fate of some cit

Saudi Arabia ‘committed’ to green revolution

Country has laid plans to procure 54GW of renewable energy by 2032 with an investment of US$109 billion from the government

UN to open carbon market offices in Bogota and Manila

UN's Clean Development Mechanism targets Columbia and Philippines as new regional bases in new drive to boost interest in carbon trading

Sainsbury’s seals position as EU’s leading solar operator

UK retail giant claims its panels generate enough power for almost 2,000 houses, which could cover 35 football pitches


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St Anne’s, Timms Lane, Formby, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by Fr.

Responding to Climate Change:

BLOG: Springtime burning of savannah and forest in the southern hemisphere shows up in latest...

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