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Climate change squabbles are inevitable in science — and life

COMMENT: Focusing on the 97% consensus is not always the best way to end the playground bickering of scientists, says Ilan Kelman

Business leaders call for net zero emissions by 2050

NEWS: Sir Richard Branson, Mo Ibrahim and Ariana Huffington are among twelve "B Team" business chiefs urging steep climate targets

UN climate talks require business unusual

California’s cannabis industry exacerbating water shortages – officials

FEATURE: Illegal pot plantations are being blamed for further depleting precious water resources in drought-stricken California

Europe to reveal UN climate deal pledge on February 25

NEWS: Brussels set to be first bloc to reveal contribution to global emissions cutting deal as next set of UN talks draw close

Norway reveals 40% carbon cut goal for 2030, matching EU target

NEWS: Oslo plans closer integration with Brussels on meeting 2030 climate goals, but Statoil chief says 40% is "demanding"

Climate impacts threaten rare Borneo species with extinction

NEWS: Endangered species face even greater danger as climate change adds to loss of habitat caused by deforestation

BP silent on climate as low oil prices hit profits

NEWS: BP slashes spending but declines to follow Shell's example in backing a shareholder campaign on climate risk disclosure

UN climate change talks and the Paris deal – a guide

ANALYSIS: What would a global carbon cutting deal look like, how will countries get there and could it end in disaster?

Climate Change and the Gospel

Bishop David Atkinson has been at the forefront of theological thinking about climate change.


Member stories

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