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EU directs 20% of budget to climate change on eve of UN finance meeting

EU has confirms budget for next seven years, directing €180bn towards climate finance, with €15bn to go towards developing countries

WinACC response to consultation on replacement of the River Park Leisure Centre

Ban Ki-moon: Typhoon Haiyan a climate ‘wake-up call’

UN chief says people "feeling wrath of warming planet", and calls on China, EU and USA to drive forward negotiations in Warsaw

Briefing on appointment of the next UN Secretary-General

Ahead of an oral question on appointment of the next UN Secretary-General, tabled in the UK Parliament by U

Almost 80% of US citizens believe climate change is man-made

Stanford University reports majority in every state polled wants limits on greenhouse gas emissions

Letter to Russia: don’t shoot yourself in both feet at UN climate talks

Russia's 2020 climate targets are "borderline delusional" says a seasoned Kremlin carbon observer

Banners and Dragons

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Winchester 'memory triggers'

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Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: As China readies nationwide carbon trading market, the likes of South Africa and...

Scots tell First Minister why they care about climate change
Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:

Campaigners today (Wed 27 May) showed the First Minister some love outside the Scottish...


The 2015 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference concluded on 22 May without...

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