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(Saint) Columban Calendar 2015

The new Columban Calendar is now available and will already be in the hands of everyone who received our Christmas Letter.

UK solar “competitive without subsidies” by 2020

NEWS: Cost reductions will see solar power prosper without support in Britain finds report

Green Climate Fund to start funding projects in 2015

NEWS: UN's green bank to make emissions reduction projects a reality by June in boost to Lima talks

Widows of murdered Peruvian forest defenders demand justice

NEWS: As Peruvian government reveals rising deforestation at Lima climate talks, indigenous people accuse them of neglect

Scaling up seed sovereignty

Image: faoalc

India considers emissions peak 2035-50

NEWS: Government officials say US president Barack Obama pushed for an announcement when he visits in January

UN carbon market fights for its future at Lima talks

NEWS: Clean Development Mechanism is "in crisis" after EU decision, says chair Hugh Sealy, but can be salvaged under a new carbon market architectu

UNA-UK calls on UK to build dialogue with non-nuclear-weapon states in Vienna

UNA-UK has called on the UK to take full advantage of the opportunities for genuine dialogue with non-nuclear-weapon states provided by next week's

1 for 7 Billion: Top UN appointments should be based on merit, not power politics

Under the banner of the 1 for 7 Billion campaign, UNA-UK has released a statement on the circumstances surrounding the appointment of the next UN h

What are your MP's pressure points on TTIP? A report back from Westminster

When 150 people decide to make a nuisance of themselves to their MPs, it can be a powerful thing. When a cross party panel of MPs tell them the...


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Striking school support staff in Derby have received a boost, with news that a survey for local...

All We Can:

I always remember a scene in the film Forrest Gump where Gump describes the rain facing him in...

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