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UN carbon market scheme passes 7000 project mark

Clean Development Mechanism boosted by latest figures, but doubts remain over market's ability to survive slump in price for carbon

Solar Impulse designers say new plane will be ready by 2014

Engineers have completed several tests for the second aircraft which is due to circle the globe between April and June 2015

Pakistan reveals plans to develop 2,500MW of wind power by 2015

Morning briefing: Pakistan has the potential of producing approximately 150,000MW of wind energy, with huge reserves of solar and tidal power

Australia warned to prepare for hotter summers – report

Extreme heat, floods and bushfires which affected Australia earlier in 2013 are likely to become more common as a result of climate change

Smart air conditioning could save business $100k a year

Office sensors could save business millions if deployed across USA, scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory report

Masdar aims to boost renewable investments after London Array success

Masdar chief Sultan Al Jaber keen to expand global operations after successful launch of the world’s largest offshore windfarm

Mayor of London could make fracking decision by 2014

Boris Johnson's environmental advisor Matthew Pencharz on shale gas, air pollution, lessons from the 2012 Olympics and climate adaptation planning

Global warming could wipe out microbes that ‘make life possible’

Scientists warn tiny microbes known as cyanobacteria are under threat from radically changing temperatures

New school curriculum includes climate change, but not sustainability

News: Dart Energy's top man in Europe resigns

Commenting on the news that Dart Energy's European General Manager has resigned, Friends of the Earth Scotland Campaigns Co-ordinator Mary Church s


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