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Antarctic ice melt could boost sea levels 37cm by 2100

NEWS: Arctic warming faster than most of Earth, while Antarctica appears to remain locked in a frigid embrace

Architects from 124 countries make ‘zero-carbon cities’ pledge

NEWS: Architects unions have passed a Declaration spelling out their commitment to tackling climate change

Spain’s changing climate and economy fuels wildfire risks

NEWS: Climate change is gradually turning Spain into a fire zone – and a change in the economic climate is inflaming the situation

South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia lead Africa clean energy drive

NEWS: Renewables investments set to rise slowly on continent as countries explore potential for wind, solar and geothermal

Geoengineering creeps from sci-fi to reality

ANALYSIS: Scientists, artists and policymakers pondered whether to hack the planet at a meeting in Berlin this week

UN and World Bank ‘inefficiency’ blocking forest aid efforts

NEWS: Report from leading REDD donors Norway warns of 'growing perception' countries are missing out on millions

Australian opposition ‘unlikely’ to keep climate off G20 agenda

NEWS: Australia lacks gravitas to cast off climate talk, with US and China likely to put pressure on Tony Abbott

Ex-NATO chief: UN ability to tackle climate change has limits

NEWS: Veteran diplomat Javier Solana says real progress will only come at national level, hailing action in China, Uganda, Tuvalu

‘Clean coal’ advert banned by UK watchdog

NEWS: The Advertising Standards Authority has banned an advert promoting "clean coal" as a solution to energy poverty

WWF wins case against Peabody Energy


Member stories


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