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Glowing Earth: NASA satellite identifies energy hotspots

NEWS: Data from satellites and space station astronauts has enabled a detailed “planet at night” atlas of urban lighting to be created

Tropical forests hidden role in sucking up CO2 revealed

NEWS: The role of the world’s tropical forests in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere may have been underestimated

New Year Thoughts from the Editor

New Year Greetings to all the readers of this blog.

Global carbon emissions to rise 2.5% in 2015 – PwC

NEWS: Predictions based on 2015 GDP growth suggest world will continue on course to exceed 2C warming threshold

Climate change boosting risks of conflict in fragile states – report

NEWS: Briefing for UK aid workers says climate-related factors are making the world increasingly unstable

Is there any way to slow aviation’s soaring emissions?

ANALYSIS: Emissions from planes are a major clause of climate change, yet they remain unregulated. What can be done?

Warming world already causing dramatic changes, say scientists

NEWS: Fish, forests, birds and wildflowers affected by a wide range of impacts – human and natural – from global warming say researchers

David Attenborough: Senior politicians in denial on climate risk

NEWS: TV naturalist calls out scepticism in governments ahead of a politically important year in fight against global warming

Nuclear faces tough 2015 as renewables growth soars

NEWS: Governments are still spending billions on nuclear research, but it looks like being an unhappy new year for the industry

Can rich nations dodge the bill for historic carbon emissions?

COMMENT: A global climate deal must be grounded in sound moral principles if it is to protect the most vulnerable


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

The Mass for Migrants took place on 20 May at St Anthony’s in Forest Gate.


The motion calling for government action on the reductions in promised bike space on the new HST...

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