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NASA experiment uncovers Arctic climate time bomb

More accurate data on carbon leaking from thawing permafrost uncovers “sleeping climate giant”

Skinny cows and climate change could cost farmers billions

A study predicts wild and domestic cattle will drastically reduce in weight as the climate warms − compromising food security and slashing farmer's

Natalie Samarasinghe becomes UNA-UK's first female Executive Director

Natalie Samarasinghe has been appointed Executive Director of UNA-UK with effect from 1 July 2013.

Australian businesses back emissions trading scheme

Almost 99% of Australian businesses have shown support for an emissions trading scheme but it could cost the government several billion dollars in

Obama launches $7bn African energy plan

Scheme will support US companies to enter market with goal of doubling energy access in sub-Saharan Africa

July/August ‘Far East’ Out Now

The latest issue of the Far East magazine is arriving in supporters’ homes this week.  In this issue, the inner strength of a rape victim in Taiwan

China leads nuclear energy expansion in Asia

Morning Briefing: China at centre of Asia nuclear energy expansion

Obama plan could define 2015 UN climate deal

Experts say US carbon cutting plans may indicate how far it will be willing to go in its commitment under the new global climate treaty

Obama pledges to help stop wildlife crime in Africa

Building a global climate movement at Global Power Shift

Phoebe, Tara and Tom have joined over 500 young climate activists this week in Istanbul rising to stop climate change


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Jim Kim says 1.5C warming could already be locked into Earth's system, calls on...


UNA-UK joins with international experts seeking to inform the work of a new independent Panel on...

World Development Movement:

Today in Parliament 241 MPs voted in favour of the Clive Efford's private member's bill aimed at...

Columban JPIC:

John Nightingale is the Chairman of Jubilee Debt Campaign, Birmingham.

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