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John Nightingale is the Chairman of Jubilee Debt Campaign, Birmingham.

Columban JPIC at Clifton J&P Day

Sue Ingham asked: What has work on issues such as trade justice, climate change, human trafficking to do with the teachings of Jesus and the Church

Canada pledges $265m to Green Climate Fund

NEWS: Harper government fulfils promise to help developing countries address climate impacts

October 2014 ‘warmest on record’ – NOAA

NEWS: US weather agency says October 2014 broke all the records - and that the year is on track to be the hottest ever

Shell boss hopes US-China climate deal will “reinvigorate” UN talks

NEWS: Ben van Beurden calls for gas and renewables to replace coal, argues Shell wants to be part of solution to climate challenge

Climate frontline: RTCC celebrates three years following UN talks

BLOG: Editor Ed King reflects on a lively 72 months at the helm, as countries edge towards agreement on tackling global warming

Amazon targets 100% renewable energy goal

NEWS: After Greenpeace slammed environmental record, company pledges to go green

Green Climate Fund - Greenpeace response

UK government pledges £720 million

Green Climate Fund: who promised what?

NEWS: US, UK, France, Germany joined by Mongolia, Monaco and Panama among others as fund tops $9 billion

Green Climate Fund sees $9.3bn pledged at Berlin summit

NEWS: UN climate chief hails contributions, saying it is one of the "wisest investments in the 21st century"


Member stories


The role of a paramedic will be re-banded nationally, giving paramedics the opportunity to earn...


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Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

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