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Louise Gray: Call me a hack, just don’t call me an environmentalist

COMMENT: Why do environmental journalists get accused of being campaigners if they point out climate change is happening?

Political pact to quit coal is a win for the climate

All rights reserved. Credit: Jiri Rezac / Greenpeace Last September, 50 people stopped a train carrying coal to Cottam coal power station...

UNA-UK urges UK leadership in achieving 1 for 7 Billion proposals

UNA-UK Chairman Sir Jeremy Greenstock has written to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, calling for UK leadership in advancing the proposals of the

Gulf states facing social and economic crisis as oil revenues crash

NEWS: Declining oil revenues and young populations could land Middle East leaders with growing headache, says study

All We Can welcomes climate pledge

Fracking: time for balance and sanity – Rev Dr John Weaver

John Weaver

Corals everywhere could lose their colour in 2015 – NOAA

NEWS: US federal agency predicts mass die-off of the world's coral reefs in 2015 as a result of climate change

Dash for coal threatens Indonesia climate goal, warns IEA

NEWS: Target to triple coal power generation in southeast Asia's largest economy at odds with efforts to cut emissions, analysts say

Should journalists become climate change campaigners?

BLOG: Global warming is a threat, but complex subject matter and lack of regular climatic events makes covering it a challenge, say leading reporte

Carbon Fast Calendar: 40 days of Lenten green living

BLOG: Don't want to quit chocolate? Cut down on carbon instead, suggests Global Catholic Climate Movement


Member stories


Spokes has written to Edinburgh City’s Transport Convener, Cllr Lesley Macinne...

John Ray Initiative:

We are on the cusp of a revolution in how we think about and experience mobility.

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