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Workshop: Remote working, smarter driving and what the council can do for you

Host of next UN climate summit sets out goals

COMMENT: December's talks in Lima should generate a global action alliance, says Peru's environment minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal

IPCC report casts halo over UN climate negotiations

US and UK call on UN science panel to stress climate risks

NEWS: Comments on draft IPCC 'synthesis' report show governments want to make clear the dangers of global warming

UN climate negotiations: 5 weeks to Lima

Inconclusive Bonn climate talks leave a heavy Lima workload

NEWS: No decision on shape of 2015 national climate pledges as a week of interim talks in Bonn draws to a close

Europe needs policies to halt coal, not more debate on targets

COMMENT: Now that the EU 2030 climate package has landed, Europe should turn its attention to policy, not re-run the targets debate

Forest carbon projects turn to consumers in quest for cash

NEWS: Stand for Trees campaign will open up voluntary forest carbon market to ordinary people, as well as governments and corporations

Ambitious or weak? Reaction to the EU’s 2030 climate package

COMMENT: Business leaders, NGOs and politicians give their verdict on the European Union's 2030 energy and climate change targets

EU adopts CO2 cutting target of “at least” 40% by 2030

NEWS: European leaders agreed a package of climate change and energy targets late last night, which will contribute to a global deal


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Sea ice levels showing signs of recovery, but rising temperatures spell radical change for...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

UN member states have reached a draft climate agreement after two weeks of talks at the UN...

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