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Rich countries sweep billions in public finance for coal under the rug as climate deadlines loom

China cautions French calls for speedy UN climate pact

NEWS: Beijing envoy dampens enthusiasm for swift deal on first day of Bonn climate talks, calls for more financial assurances

China renewables investment rose 31% in 2014

NEWS: Solar, wind and hydro finance flows remain strong despite economic downturn, says new spending analysis by US government

Divestment update - Norway, the Vatican and Lord Stern

Fossil fuel companies “underestimating” divestment movement

NEWS: Top polluters are failing to appreciate scale of "rapid" campaigns around world and size of investors involved

Oil giants support for UN climate pact signals change in strategy

ANALYSIS: Top hydrocarbon producers seem to accept a global deal will be done in Paris - the question is can they limit its damage?

Game - can you cut 80% by 2050 and keep the lights on?

Is natural gas really a bridge to a greener future?

ANALYSIS: Gas firms say they're cleaner than coal and offer a low carbon climate friendly source of energy, but that's just part of the story

Climate 2020: Facing the future

UNA-UK has released a major report on the new climate framework, due to be agreed by UN member states in December this year.

Climate talks resume in Bonn as clock ticks on UN deal

NEWS: Two weeks of tough negotiations expected as envoys prepare to radically cut huge text for Paris deal


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