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Surface melting is speeding flow of Greenland glaciers

NEWS: Surface melting of Greenland ice sheets is speeding up their flow into the sea

Warming Arctic may mean fewer icy blasts for Europe and America

Scientists agree that the Arctic is warming fast, but differ on the global impact

El Niño means 2014 could be hottest year ever

NEWS: Weather phenomenon plus global warming is recipe for the hottest year on record, says climate scientist

Brazil achieves 70% reduction in Amazon deforestation

NEWS: As Brazil bids to win the World Cup on home soil, new research indicates it's already a winner on combating deforestation

John Kerry hosts summit on ocean acidification

NEWS: Presidents and princes will gather at US state department to discuss challenges of acidifying oceans

China CO2 emissions growth slows sharply

NEWS: BP energy review shows Chinese carbon emissions growth in 2013 was half average levels for the last decade

How to tell West Sussex County Council you don't want fracking

UN climate envoys inch towards draft agreement

NEWS: UN climate talks end positively in Bonn, with negotiators saying they are one step closer to a 2015 agreement

Reconciling conservation and development

‘If you’re asking me to choose between conservation and development, I’m going to choose development every time.’ My colleague, Rachel Lamb, and I

Economic adjustment programme threatens Greece with a deeper crisis, warns WWF


Member stories

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