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New York summit renews confidence in climate action

ANALYSIS: From 400,000 marching in the streets of New York to the affirmations of world leaders at the UN, there is a renewed confidence in climate

10 best leaders’ pledges at the UN summit

ANALYSIS: World leaders delivered around 16 hours of speeches yesterday. But who actually delivered meaningful pledges?

Costa Rica is green and growing despite climate concerns

COMMENT: Costa Rica is vulnerable to climate change but benefits from green policies, writes environment minister

Coal trains stopped in UK and Poland protests

NEWS: Greenpeace activists "occupy" coal train in the UK to highlight climate dangers, while Polish miners block Russian imports

F is for farmer field schools

UN climate summit: Mandela’s widow says leaders lack courage

NEWS: Graca Machel, member of the Elders group, attacks world leaders for weak promises at New York summit

Liberia and Norway pledge to tackle deforestation

NEWS: New partnership sees Ebola-stricken country pledge to take on economic costs of reducing deforestation

Society has “mobilised” against climate change – Hollande

NEWS: The French president said leaders must "define a new economy for the world" as they head towards a global climate deal in Paris next year

Columbans join in worldwide climate marches

From New York to London, Mumbai to Sydney – more than 700,000 people across 161 countries took to the streets in 2,700 events on Sunday, to call fo

7 areas of climate action at the UN climate summit

NEWS: UN summit sees pledges on forests, food security, finance and more. We provide an overview of some key promises


Member stories


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Parish visit to St John the Baptist, Hackney, Archdiocese of Westminster by Fr.

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