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Global Divestment Day – in pictures

BLOG: From Berlin to Mumbai to the Marshall Islands, photographers captured the weird and wonderful divestment day protests

Brazil faces water rationing amid worst drought in 84 years

NEWS: Citizens of Sao Paulo are to have their tap water cut off five days a week in a bid to manage the supply crisis

Kyoto Protocol: 10 years of the world’s first climate change treaty

ANALYSIS: Hailed as an answer to global warming, the UN's flagship climate treaty failed to curb carbon emissions, so what will its legacy be?

India’s solar targets ‘ambitious but achievable’ – UN climate envoy

NEWS: Michael Bloomberg, former New York mayor, hails opportunities created by falling cost of solar in India

Great news! UK makes pact to quit climate-wrecking coal

In case you missed it, on Saturday we heard some big news. In a surprising move in the run up to the general election, David Cameron, Nick Clegg...

Mapped: Voices of people most vulnerable to climate change

BLOG: Using photos and stories, people in the Arctic and small island states are documenting the disappearance of their land

Bus lane cuts: what you say

We now know of many people who have objected to the Council’s plans to scrap bus lane operation all day Saturdays and off-peak on weekdays. 

Columbans join Divestment Call

People of faith were among hundreds of climate change activists who gathered at London’s City Hall on Saturday to call on Mayor Boris Johnson and t

China’s carbon emissions: did they really fall in 2014?

ANALYSIS: Reports suggest the world's largest carbon polluter could be close to an emissions peak. But can we trust the data?

US central plains face “megadroughts” later this century

NEWS: Scientists in the US predict droughts worse than the hottest, most arid extended droughts of the 12th and 13th centuries