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Climate Change and Britain

In 2007, Peter Hughes, the Columban JPIC Coordinator in Britain, produced a paper for an international Columban Climate Change conference in the Ph

UK suffers the stormiest December since 1969

Storms blast through the UK with renewed vigour, causing flooding and transport problems across the country

Angel Flash Mob and Fossil Free Nativity for a Fossil Free C of E

USA likely to blow 2020 emission target without Climate Action Plan

State Department submission to UN highlights how far behind curve country is on meeting emission goals

Sheffield SPEAK spread the news of ethical food in the city!

January prayer calendar

Australia’s scorcher: why was 2013 so hot?

Last year was Australia's hottest since records began. Graphs from the Bureau of Meteorology show how the temperature's rising

Ford unveils C-MAX Energi Solar concept car

Ford's latest hybrid electric vehicle powers itself through solar panels on its roof

Abbott urged to rethink climate policies after Australia’s hottest year

Friday's top 5: Australian PM urged to keep carbon pricing, Chinese icebreaker struggles in Antarctic ice, and Ford displays new solar electric car

Carbon markets shrank 38% in 2013

Decreased carbon trading in 2013 reflects continuing trend of problems, even as Chinese markets open for business


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Responding to Climate Change:

CRIB NOTES AUGUST 3-7: White House promises "tough" plan, Iran gets hot, oil stocks slump

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

The UK Government has responded to UNA-UK's peacekeepers day petition asking for official...

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