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Testimonies from the Margins campaign ends

Thank you everyone who took part in our ‘Testimonies from the Margins’ campaign.

Republican mayor will act on climate change – if it is manmade

INTERVIEW: Climate sceptic mayor of New Jersey town goes on Arctic pilgrimage in search for answers about global warming

Pharrell announces Live Earth gigs to mobilise climate action

NEWS: The musician behind smash hit Happy will head up concerts worldwide on 18 June to build momentum for a global climate deal

Blocking climate action threatens child health, Obama tells Congress

NEWS: US president uses State of Union speech to mock climate sceptics and says green policies will help most vulnerable in society

UK manufacturers back industrial CCS hub

NEWS: The Teesside Collective could become the first industrial zone in Europe to neutralise up to 90% of its emissions

Earth Hour 2015 countdown begins, marked by launch of high impact video


India's tigers come roaring back according to new report

UK political consensus on climate could crumble like Australia’s

NEWS: Senior Australian Labor Party MP says radicalisation of right could see low carbon policies quickly axed

UK to provide training for Malawi peacekeepers

The UK is to send 20 soldiers to Malawi to train members of the Malawi Defence Forces in peacekeeping operations, prior to the UN mission in the De

Coal lobby plays down divestment fears

NEWS: World Coal Association admits that divestment is a concern for the industry, but says it won't dent growth


Member stories

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