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Green groups tell G20 ministers to stop fossil fuel subsidies

NEWS: Turkish prime minister urged to focus on phasing out "inefficient" fossil fuel funds, in letter from 39 organisations

Book Review by Fr. Conor Donnelly: The Red Lacquered Gate by William E. Barrett

The history of the Catholic Church in China in the early 20th Century and the lead up to the Communist take-over has not been widely written about

US eyes climate cooperation with Iran at security summit

NEWS: Amid talks on Ukraine crisis and Iran's nuclear programme, John Kerry makes common cause with Tehran on climate change

Climate change will not make storms more frequent – study

NEWS: Research suggests that climate change won’t lead to more storms − but the bad ones could be even more devastating

Protect human rights to safeguard forests, say campaigners

NEWS: UN climate pact should ensure basic rights of forest communities are respected, say activists from Liberia and Philippines

Angela Merkel: The green realist who could make or break a climate deal

ANALYSIS: Germany's long-serving leader understands the threat posed by global warming, but her silence on the subject is deafening

UN climate talks start with call to work as “one team” in Geneva

NEWS: With six days to create a draft agreement, officials ask countries to drop historic divides and start new era of cooperation

Awareness grows on bus lane cutbacks

[Update 14.2.15 – Our full objection is now downloadable below]

UNA-UK challenges members to get development proposals into print

UNA-UK challenges our members and supporters to write a letter to the editor of their local newspaper, calling on the UK public to get behind a str

Young people and politics by Matt Jeziorski (Pax Christi) and James Trewby

Young people don’t care about politics. Everyone knows that. Politicians promote the concerns of the aged because they turn up to vote.


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