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New WWF 'If you care, they will care' video launched ahead of EU elections


Financial Transaction Tax must help fight climate change and eradicate poverty worldwide says WWF

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Australian banks lose millions of dollars as customers divest

NEWS: Hundreds of customers have closed accounts at Australia's four biggest banks in protest at their fossil fuel investments

Trustee Papers 28 April 2014

Carbon cuts for 2015 should not be determined by 2C target, says Russia

NEWS: Moscow submission stresses need for developed and developing countries to contribute tougher emission reductions by 2015

For the love of...

UK and Japan outline plans for climate cooperation

NEWS: No news on Japan's 2015 climate target, as countries reveal new joint research in energy sector

UN set to target HFCs at Abu Dhabi climate meeting

NEWS: Countries will debate reduction in use of potent greenhouse gases under UN's ozone treaty

SOAS needs stop outsourcing workers and making profits for Goldman Sachs

Humanity cannot afford the greed of Goldman Sachs. Steve Rushton from reveals how the investment bank reaps profit on exploiting London...


Member stories


Government cuts to tax credits next April will leave more than 2.7 million low to middle income...


Reform of the UN is achievable and could have a "transformative impact" on the effectiveness of...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

The landmark vote by Lancashire councillors to reject two fracking applications in the county...

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