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Breaking news: there is ice in Antarctica

Sceptics may laugh at the irony of climate scientists getting stuck in ice, but it still doesn't disprove climate change

January 2014: a huge month for global climate ambition

Five events taking place through January will shape how the world talks about climate change in 2014 and beyond

Coal ‘largest contributor’ to Beijing’s deadly smog

Thursday's top 5: Fossil fuels cause 69% of Beijing haze, Chinese helicopter reaches Antarctic ship, and North Dakota train fire fuels Keystone deb

Building True Communion in 2014


Earth on course to warm 4C by 2100

New study suggests warming temperatures will mean fewer clouds, leading to more sunlight heating the planet's surface

Carbon dioxide levels now 61% higher than 1990

The world's emissions of the main greenhouse gas produced by human activities, carbon dioxide, in 2013 are expected to be nearly two-thirds higher

Warming winters send Florida’s mangroves north

Mangroves are colonising new areas in northern Florida, moving up the coast because the frequency of very frosty days is falling

UK’s chief climate scientist honoured by government

Tuesday's top five: Julia Slingo appointed Dame, Abbott advisor cans climate science, New York City slashes emissions

Out with the old, in with the new?

Today’s consumer culture takes a love of new starts to extremes. Fed up with your clothing, computer, phone or furniture?

A Rocha : 30 ans… …ou l’éternité ?

En 2013, nous avons célébré les trente ans d’A Rocha.


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

ANALYSIS: Natural infrastructure is boosting Nairobi's resilience to water extremes, but this...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

It emerged last week that UK pilots have been embedded in US-led air strikes against the Islamic...

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