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Woman drought at UN climate talks: are quotas the answer?

COMMENT: Quotas could create a critical mass of women at climate negotiations and drive change

World’s top emerging economies talk climate in Delhi

NEWS: BASIC group of China, India, South Africa and Brazil gather to discuss negotiating position for UN's 2015 climate deal

We’re f***ed: scientist on danger from ocean methane plumes

NEWS: Swedish study finds "vast methane plumes" coming from the ocean floor, which could accelerate global warming

Cigarette butts could solve clean energy storage conundrum

NEWS: Scientists say that cigarette filters could be used as a high performance battery to power your computer

Limit global population to stabilise climate, says India minister

NEWS: Science minister Jitendra Singh says public awareness on climate and global birth rate need to be addressed

World Bank pledges $5bn to power Africa

NEWS: Hydropower is a key plank of US$5 billion World Bank investment in electricity for Africa

Coca-Cola's investment in Africa is not about solving hunger

Coca-Cola joins ‘corporate scramble for Africa’

Alaska fisheries hit by rising acidifiction levels

NEWS: US government researchers say state's economy is threatened by rise in ocean carbon dioxide levels

Columban leadership statement on the violence in Gaza

HONG KONG (August 5, 2014).


Member stories


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