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China to scrap six million cars in toxic smog drive

NEWS: Authorities vow to take radical action as pollution levels choke major cities across country

Activists block two major drilling rigs in 24 hours as ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign escalates

‘Time running out’ says UN as CO2 levels hit record April high

NEWS: WMO chief says new data shows world leaders must urgently reach a deal to limit atmospheric carbon dioxide levels

Climate change means we must rewrite economics textbooks

COMMENT: A crisis in economics education is creating a generation of leaders who don't understand climate change

Make some noise and keep oil out of Virunga


Zero poaching in Nepal comes to an end

UKIP and their friends in the EU Parliament – it’s not all bad… (and there’s something you can do about it!)

All rights reserved. Credit: Flickr/Anca Pandrea The European Parliament in Strasbourg. Photo: Flickr/Anca Pandrea Image caption...

Why do next week’s UN climate talks in Bonn matter?

COMMENT: Few major announcements expected, but meeting offers opportunity to build relationships ahead of Ban Ki-moon summit

We went to the Champions League to give Gazprom a red card. Here's why.

All rights reserved. Credit: GREENPEACE Gazprom banner: here's one we unfurled earlier (at a Champions League game in October 2013)...

HSBC: Be a no-coal bank!

Judging by the scarcity of journalists at the AGM of ‘local bank’ HSBC this morning, the bank seems to be doing slightly better in the public image...


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Widespread drought leaves millions facing hunger

Columban JPIC:

A LENTEN JOURNEY: Action and Reflection Suggestions for Lent 2016.

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