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Leisurely in Lima: COP20 climate talks show little urgency

NEWS: Five days into the last conference before Paris, the big questions for a global climate deal remain unanswered

Quick chance for more cycle cash

There’s a short window of opportunity to gain a modest one-off boost to Scottish cycling investment.   Please send a quick email to your MS

Night train cuts will de-rail green travel

China-Latin alliance could set tone for Lima climate summit

ANALYSIS: Growing infrastructure and investment links offer chance for joint efforts to promote green growth

Lima Climate Talks: Coal power station gobbles up green funds

It sounds like something out of a Monty Python comedy sketch. But developing countries - who are bearing the brunt of climate change - certainly do

Climate adaptation costs could hit $1trn a year by 2050 – UN

NEWS: The cost of protecting people from climate change impacts are likely to be 2-3 times previous estimates, finds UN report

An invitation to take the #noTTIP Train to Brussels

The much delayed next round of TTIP negotiations is now set for the first week in February.

IETA: Carbon markets need to matter more in Lima

COMMENT: Delaying work on the role of carbon markets in a 2015 climate deal is foolish, argues international trade body

LIVE IN LIMA – DAY 5: UN COP20 climate change summit

Rolling commentary, news, analysis and video from the 20th Conference of the Parties to the UN Climate Convention in Lima, Peru

Taking action on TTIP - how can we put pressure on politicians? Impressions from the Turning the Tide event

On Monday evening I attended a workshop organised by WDM aimed at building the skills and knowledge of people who want to lobby their MPs and MEPs


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More than £340,000 has been given in response to the East Africa Famine Appeal, launched at the...

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