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Pan-EU coalition slams EU-US trade deal as a threat to democracy

Green Climate Fund edges closer to reality

NEWS: Board agree on risk management framework, one of six 'essential elements' that will allow GCF to become operational

Meat, Climate Change and all that; by Dr Martin J Hodson

Dr Martin J Hodson

Saudi Arabia Oil Company to increase solar investments

NEWS: World's largest oil company is seeking to create more solar capacity, which could shift renewables policy

Bonn climate talks: low ministerial turnout expected

NEWS: Just 21% of governments sending ministers to June UN climate talks, raising doubt over engagement with process

Modi backs solar to light every Indian home by 2019

NEWS: India's victorious BJP to prioritise clean energy as part of mission to develop country, says party official

Ban Ki-moon: China must offer global climate ‘leadership’

NEWS: UN Secretary General hails Chinese efforts to combat climate change during trip to Shanghai

Over 600 European election candidates pledge support for the environment

Forest fires and warming to blame for Greenland melt

NEWS: Increasing forest fires spell more bad news for Greenland ice sheet, study finds

China outlines plans to triple solar capacity by 2017

NEWS: More ambitious solar target will help China to cut its reliance on coal as it targets air pollution


Member stories


UNISON president Wendy Nichols railed against the Conservative government as she opened the...

Columban JPIC:

A LENTEN JOURNEY: Action and Reflection Suggestions for Lent 2016.

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