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Save mangroves for people, planet and the economy, says UN

NEWS: Destroying mangrove forests will cost $2 billion a year up to 2050 and contribute to climate change, says UNEP

Rise up against TTIP: Day of action 11 October

Stop the corporate power grab11 October 2014

No greenwash: Investors urged to disclose climate strategy

NEWS: More than 1,000 investors worth US$70 trillion have been challenged to show how they are managing climate risk

The climate marathon has started: it’s time to set the pace

COMMENT: The New York climate summit was a first step says Mohamed Adow. We should stop asking what it achieved, and begin walking

UK set for driest September since records began

NEWS: Provisional Met Office figures suggest that this September will be UK's driest since at least 1910

Hosea: The ecological prophet of loss

Hosea is best known as the prophet who married a prostitute. But, like Song of Songs, the book of Hosea is not only about human and divine love.

EU continues to run an ecological deficit, says new Living Planet Report


Global wildlife populations halve in 40 years

WWF: Wildlife populations down 50% in last 40 years

NEWS: Exploitation, habitat degradation and climate change blamed as numbers of lions, snakes and monkeys plummet

M is for Mulching


Member stories


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Parish visit to St Mary of the Angels, Bayswater, Archdiocese of Westminster by Fr.

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