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Cool Communities Pilot project 2013/14

Cool Communities - Getting involved

Cool Communities - How does it work?

Cool Communities Summer 2014 - hot in the city!

Making food sovereignty law in the UK

EU climate deal in balance as row simmers over 40% CO2 target

NEWS: Poland remains opposed to 40% target, saying it would leave poorer nations compensating for over-ambition

Volunteering opportunity: Sustainable Economy Volunteer

Volunteering opportunity: Sustainable Economy Volunteer

WinACC needs help at the Hat Fair

Hat Fair - Save Winchester from flooding

Beyond the Tipping Point

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Member stories


Cuts to local government grant and extra spending commitments for local authorities add up to a...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

With the Paris climate summit approaching, the Chancellor’s green-bashing is a reminder that the...


The UK Government says it will "double the number of military personnel that we contribute to UN...

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