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Bioenergy “incompatible” with sustainable food production – study

NEWS: Princeton scientists urge governments to scrap bioenergy subsidies, citing climate impact and clash with food crops

Will Europe keep financing coal pollution overseas?

Many Voices

A multi-lingual celebration of Unity and Diversity in Birmingham.

A multi-faith rally in Birmingham.

On Saturday the 25th of January, a multi-faith rally was held outside the Birmingham City Council House partly prompted by a Fox News pundit who cl

China and India adopt UK tool to map green futures

NEWS: UK-led modelling tools are helping governments around the world develop contributions to a global climate deal

Ed Davey: Personalities matter for UN Paris deal

NEWS: Action by Obama, Modi and Xi shows the right people are in power for successful 2015 deal, says UK climate secretary

Experiential learning – prison visits

Over the last 2 Christmases I have had the privilege of taking groups into large London prisons to provide music for the Christmas family visiting

Arctic 30: Tales from a Russian prison

INTERVIEW: From Taser lessons to self-help sessions, Frank Hewetson recalls the highs and lows of jail a year on from his release

Council delays crunch decision on fracking bid

Climate change and hope

The UK Government have published a "global pathway calculator" – which allows users to choose different pathways for global society that might tack


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Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

John Ray Initiative:

Our annual environment conference will be co-hosted again with ForMission College.

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