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UK unveils plans for vast new offshore wind farm

NEWS: Dogger Bank off UK East Coast could host 400 turbines, powering up to 2 million homes, say developers

Tonga’s King talks climate change with Pope Francis

NEWS: King of Tonga discusses environment with the Pope, as Vatican gets its first Tongan Cardinal

G20 climate pledges likely to determine success of Paris summit

INTERVIEW: Commitment from handful of major economies to addressing global warming is critical, says top EU official Artur Runge Metzger

Catholics across globe to hold 40-day fast for the climate

NEWS: Catholics in 45 countries hope to send a climate message through their Lenten chain of fasting

APP turnaround offers hope for Indonesia’s tropical forests

ANALYSIS: Can the world's biggest pulp and paper producer quit destroying rainforest and what difference does it make to the climate?

Global Divestment Day – in pictures

BLOG: From Berlin to Mumbai to the Marshall Islands, photographers captured the weird and wonderful divestment day protests

Brazil faces water rationing amid worst drought in 84 years

NEWS: Citizens of Sao Paulo are to have their tap water cut off five days a week in a bid to manage the supply crisis

Kyoto Protocol: 10 years of the world’s first climate change treaty

ANALYSIS: Hailed as an answer to global warming, the UN's flagship climate treaty failed to curb carbon emissions, so what will its legacy be?

India’s solar targets ‘ambitious but achievable’ – UN climate envoy

NEWS: Michael Bloomberg, former New York mayor, hails opportunities created by falling cost of solar in India

Great news! UK makes pact to quit climate-wrecking coal

In case you missed it, on Saturday we heard some big news. In a surprising move in the run up to the general election, David Cameron, Nick Clegg...


Member stories

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