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‘Thousands’ of protestors could descend on UK fracking site

No Dash for Gas UK action group says it plans to send a new wave of campaigners to Balcombe as the anti-fracking movement gathers momentum

Congo’s rainforests and mountain gorillas face oil exploration threat

Virunga National Park, a UNESCO site that is home to critically endangered mountain gorillas faces exploitation by British oil company Soco Interna

News: Climate Update July 2013

SCOTTISH CLIMATE UPDATE - one of a series of Climate Updates from Friends of the Earth Scotland based on data from the Met Office

‘Artificial photosynthesis’ can create hydrogen from solar energy

Scientists have developed a simple system which allows solar energy to be stored in the form of hydrogen

NOAA: 2012 heat is ‘new normal’ for the climate

Morning summary: Last year was one of the 10 hottest on record, while rising sea levels and a melting Arctic point to a 'new normal' say scientists

Blenheim Palace to host micro-hydropower system

Winston Churchill's former home says hydro plant will power 18 homes, adding to current solar PV array

Can Latin America’s leaders balance climate and growth?

Climate policy is becoming a fixture on political agendas, but maintaining investment flows for green growth will be vital

Frustration grows at New Zealand’s climate change ‘coma’

Weak emissions trading scheme and plans for oil and gas drilling raise questions over country's climate strategy

‘Coal with your coffee?'

This morning, staff from aptly named investment management company ‘BlackRock’ arrived at their swanky London offices to be greeted by waiters...

WinACC's view on fracking

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Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: New protections sees US president pivot to Arctic in attempt to secure reputation as...


All rights reserved. Credit: Jiri Rezac | Greenpeace UK Our petition asking MPs to...
Columban JPIC:

During a recent session with a confirmation group, one young lady told me that in the future she...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

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