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UK set for driest September since records began

NEWS: Provisional Met Office figures suggest that this September will be UK's driest since at least 1910

Hosea: The ecological prophet of loss

Hosea is best known as the prophet who married a prostitute. But, like Song of Songs, the book of Hosea is not only about human and divine love.

EU continues to run an ecological deficit, says new Living Planet Report


Global wildlife populations halve in 40 years

WWF: Wildlife populations down 50% in last 40 years

NEWS: Exploitation, habitat degradation and climate change blamed as numbers of lions, snakes and monkeys plummet

M is for Mulching

US carbon emissions from energy use increase

NEWS: Rising US carbon emissions pose a challenge to president Barack Obama's climate leadership ambitions

L is for likoti

IEA: Solar could be largest power source by 2050

NEWS: Solar PV capacity would need to increase fourfold to achieve ambitious targets

How climate change affected the world’s weather in 2013

NEWS: Scientific review shows heatwaves in China, Japan, Korea and Australia were made more likely by global warming


Member stories

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