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Paris dilemma: How do we judge success of 2015 climate summit?

COMMENT: Veteran climate talks observer Saleemul Huq offers his thoughts on what an ambitious climate deal looks like

Thawing permafrost could cost world economy $43 trillion

NEWS: Released greenhouse gases could rack up huge costs by year 2200, but swift action would dramatically cut impact, study says

Major economies ‘schizophrenic’ on climate change blasts OECD chief

NEWS: Huge levels of subsidies still flowing to oil, gas and coal sector suggest governments not taking climate threat to heart

Selecting the 9th Secretary-General, a practical step towards development reform?

An effective Secretary-General, selected through a robust process that provides him or her with a broad-based mandate, could have a transformative

UK can be almost entirely powered by renewable energy by 2030, new study shows

All rights reserved. Credit: 10:10 "Can the UK run on renewable energy, and how long will it take us to get there?" Here at Greenpeace...

What can we expect from India’s climate change plan?

COMMENT: India’s anticipated commitment to climate action will be nothing short of transformational given challenges on the ground

Pope primed for US Congress climate warning

CRIB NOTES SEPT 21-27: Capitol Hill welcomes Catholic leader, US and China to discuss climate, UK backs nuclear By Ed King It’s a huge week coming

Carbon markets likely off Paris summit agenda – World Bank envoy

NEWS: Greenhouse gas taxes and markets to get short shrift at UN conference, says bank’s top climate official

Pakistan ordered to enforce climate law by Lahore court

NEWS: Farmer's legal challenge makes history as judge tells government to get its act together on tackling global warming

Tobias Ellwood replies to UNA-UK's calls for a robust Arms Trade Treaty

Mr Ellwood conceded that Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond was unable to attend CSP1, but stressed that the UK’s absence “should not be taken to ind


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You might have heard today that the government has announced it will 'call in' the...

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What do Christmas in the UK and everyday life in India have in common?

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Understand the Bible, a study course of 24 sessions of the Bible Time Line Wednesday Evenings at...

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