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BBC survey highlights UK public support for wind and solar

Poll reveals 70% of public want energy system to be nationalised as confidence in suppliers collapses

UK clean energy investors face ‘valley of death’ warns fund manager

Adam Workman from 350 Investment Partners says positive outlook of low carbon business belies a challenging sector

More countries join public movement away from coal


WWF: More countries join public movement away from coal

PlanetSolar: sailing the world’s oceans powered by the sun

Having crossed the Atlantic in a record breaking 22 days, the owners of MS Tûranor are now on the lookout for a buyer

Feasting and Fasting

Get Britain Cycling!

Spokes members Mark Lazarowicz MP, Sheila Gilmore MP a

News: CLIMATE UPDATE - August 2013

SCOTTISH CLIMATE UPDATE - one of a series of Climate Updates from Friends of the Earth Scotland based on data from the Met Office

Marshall Islands President would rather drown than abandon country

Pacific Island leaders set to sign declaration that they will take initiative at UN climate change talks

Pressure mounts on EU development bank to kill coal funding

Currently half of the EBRD’s US$8.9 billion energy portfolio supports fossil fuels, which includes US$1 billion in past financing for coal


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A Rocha:

After explaining that I was going to be the new science teacher at the large secondary school in...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Veteran Communist Party official set to take control of Beijing's negotiating team as...


Centred on the theme of UN peacekeeping and conflict prevention, this issue features exclusive...

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