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Unprecedented rate of change in climate demands action

Cool Communities - positive steps to reduce your carbon footprint

It has never been so important to change our habits to reduce our carbon footprints.

IPCC report shows climate change is mother of all risks – PwC

Dr Celine Herweijer explains why the IPCC's AR5 report is critical for any business with ambitions to develop and expand overseas

Aviation central to tackling climate change, says Ban Ki-moon

UN Secretary General urges states to hasten towards aviation agreements, as high level meetings commence in Montreal

Say 'Hi!' to Christabel, the newest member of the SPEAK NEST

USA and Brazil block talks at UN desertification summit

Countries object to proposals aimed at developing new set of indicators to measure land degradation

UK renewables generation increases by 56% since 2012

Figures from DECC show renewables production increased by 56% and coal, natural gas and oil decreased this year compared to 2012

When climate justice means fewer cuts

IPCC mythbusting

The latest IPCC report makes the choice that humanity faces yet more stark, both the clarity of the evidence and the urgency to take action. Yet...

United States signs the Arms Trade Treaty

UNA-UK welcomed yesterday’s signing of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) by the United States.


Member stories


UNA-UK's rights round-up takes a look at highlights from the 28th session of the Human Rights...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: White House joins EU, Mexico, Norway and Switzerland in making contribution to 2015...

A Rocha:

The tent was dark but warm inside, a simple wood stove providing a flickering light.

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