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Voting is now open for Friends of the Earth’s Run on Sun competition

You can check out all the schools that have entered the competition and vote for the one you'd like to win in our online gallery.

Arctic warming “twice as fast” as anywhere else on Earth

NEWS: Sea ice levels showing signs of recovery, but rising temperatures spell radical change for polar region

Is the UN’s climate change body still fit for purpose?

COMMENT: It's time for global climate negotiations to deliver results, argues Saleemul Huq, reflecting on the recent Lima set of talks

Washington state carbon market plan to raise $1bn a year

NEWS: Governor Jay Inslee hopes to launch emissions trading system in 2016, says it is "the smart thing to do"

Rise in weather extremes linked to climate change, say scientists

NEWS: Lethal heat waves, ice storms and big freezes could become regular events if greenhouse gas emissions are not controlled

Seven radical ideas for a 2015 climate change deal

ANALYSIS: Tax oil, wipe out emissions by 2050, divide up a carbon budget: how high could the Paris climate agreement aim?

Tropical deforestation could cause 0.7C temperature rise

NEWS: Rainforests are the "sweat glands" of the world and losses could wreak havoc with farming, researchers warn

From Kalimantan to Lima: Where do women stand in climate?

ANALYSIS: Female representation in UN climate talks is increasing; on the ground, women are still marginalised

Understanding the Responsibility to Protect: an introduction

Presentation given by UNA-UK Peace and Security Programmes Officer Alexandra Buskie at a workshop on R2P in the Middle East and North Africa during

EU decides to ratify Kyoto Protocol extension

NEWS: Move by Brussels offers some integrity to beleaguered treaty, one year before UN hopes to agree global climate deal


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Columban JPIC:

  “The Church is there for life, not for profit” a Columban priest and CAFOD partner told the...


From a sustainable transport perspective – and indeed a general sustainability perspective – the...

John Ray Initiative:

It is now just over a month since I attended the Malvern 2017 Conference at St.

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