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Study flags carbon concern from melting glaciers

NEWS: Glaciers melting as a result of climate change release soot into the seas, scientists find, with unknown consequences for marine life

Shell’s plan hides huge financial risk of Alaskan Arctic project, says Greenpeace

Bioenergy “incompatible” with sustainable food production – study

NEWS: Princeton scientists urge governments to scrap bioenergy subsidies, citing climate impact and clash with food crops

Will Europe keep financing coal pollution overseas?

Many Voices

A multi-lingual celebration of Unity and Diversity in Birmingham.

A multi-faith rally in Birmingham.

On Saturday the 25th of January, a multi-faith rally was held outside the Birmingham City Council House partly prompted by a Fox News pundit who cl

China and India adopt UK tool to map green futures

NEWS: UK-led modelling tools are helping governments around the world develop contributions to a global climate deal

Ed Davey: Personalities matter for UN Paris deal

NEWS: Action by Obama, Modi and Xi shows the right people are in power for successful 2015 deal, says UK climate secretary

Experiential learning – prison visits

Over the last 2 Christmases I have had the privilege of taking groups into large London prisons to provide music for the Christmas family visiting

Arctic 30: Tales from a Russian prison

INTERVIEW: From Taser lessons to self-help sessions, Frank Hewetson recalls the highs and lows of jail a year on from his release


Member stories

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