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Comment: A healthy planet is a precondition for development

Conservation International’s Fred Boltz explains why looking after our natural resources is a precondition for development

They owe us: Why we need to take the climate crisis to the heart of global finance

Over the past five years as recession has turned first into depression and then into slump, governments and corporations have been highly effective...

EU: US climate plan could put 2°C goal at risk

Proposals by the US for nations to set their own greenhouse gas targets could fail to close the gap in ambition the EU’s top climate change negotia

UN goals could tackle clean energy, fossil fuel subsidies

Early draft of post 2015 development goals includes renewable energy and efficiency targets despite objections from Saudi Arabia

UN panel releases report on what should follow MDGs

The UN's High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda has released its much anticipated report on what should follow the Millennium Develop

Highland Main Line 150 celebrations

150th anniversary of the opening of the Highland Main Line between Perth and Inverness

World leaders put sustainability top of development agenda

RTCC’s daily round-up of the top climate change and green economy stories from around the world

Time to protect against climate-aided spread of disease

Many infectious diseases are already shifting, work to protect ourselves against them should start now, writes Healthy Planet UK’s Laura Pearson

Finding our ecological niche

Every species on earth has its ecological niche, where it can find resources to meet its needs.

MPs to vote on future of Britain’s energy sector

This coming Tuesday MPs are due to vote on an amendment to the Energy Bill that would commit the UK a near carbon-free power sector by 2030.


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Member stories

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NEWS: Private banks are stepping in to finance coal mines and power stations as development...

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Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) divides Europe