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UK crowdfunding raises £3m for clean energy projects

£3m raised through crowdfunding alone has paid for solar panels on schools and houses, with more projects planned throughout 2013

Less reflective Arctic ice threatens wildlife

Rapid thawing of Arctic sea ice is affecting virtually every species of Arctic wildlife, a new study reveals

EU funding advances carbon storage

National Grid analysis shows its test site can store 200 million tonnes of CO² from carbon emitters in the Humber region

National Grid completes test drilling of CO2 storage site

Morning summary: National Grid has successfully completed test drilling of a carbon dioxide storage site in the North Sea

Pakistan monsoon crisis exacerbated by flood plains violations

Construction of housing, agriculture and mega dams have reduced the country's ability to cope with intense monsoonal rains

Australia lacks resilience to climate change – report

Senate inquiry reports Australia is likely to witness extreme weather events with increasing intensity, but does not have the resilience to deal wi

UK publishes plans to drive investment in clean energy

Energy Minister Michael Fallon hopes guarantees will help leverage up to £110 billion of private sector investment to 2020

Comment: the US looks like it’s getting serious on climate change

Veteran climate analyst Saleemul Huq has just returned from the USA, where he observed a sea change in attitudes towards action on global emissions

UK opens world’s second largest offshore wind farm

Greater Gabbard wind farm cost £1.3 billion to construct, and will supply power to 500,000 homes

Time To Act! coming soon

We're excited to announce that our new campaign "Time To Act!" will be coming soon! Time To Act! is designed to show the government the massive...


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Princeton scientists urge governments to scrap bioenergy subsidies, citing climate impact...

Columban JPIC:

A multi-lingual celebration of Unity and Diversity in Birmingham.

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

The UK Government have published a "global pathway calculator" – which allows users to choose...

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