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Top 10 climate change protests of 2013

This year has reaped a vintage crop of climate change protests. RTCC has picked some of the best.

SPEAK Norwich: An Education

EU in Wonderland: it’s time to get real about the 2030 climate targets

Europe is in two minds over its next set of low carbon goals, but ambition is vital as the world is watching says E3G's Ingrid Holmes

News: New European Laws on Air Pollution Are Insufficient

Europe has today (Wednesday) announced new plans to tackle air pollution by setting national limits for pollutants which are harmful to human healt

Food speculation: UK government in bed with the culprits

Over the last few years, the EU has been trying to pass legislation to curb speculation in the commodity markets. This is because the financial...

UK’s Cameron urges EU to cut fracking ‘red tape’

Letter to EC chief Barroso calls for minimal shale gas regulations and says climate targets should be simplified

Russian Parliament grants Greenpeace Arctic 30 ‘amnesty’

Campaigners set to return home to families for Christmas, although fate of four Russian colleagues still unclear

Tony Abbott could scrap Australia’s renewables target

Wednesday's top 5: Australia says clean energy target could be scrapped, Chevron accused of breaking environmental laws, UK opened for fracking

UK sending ‘mixed signals’ over EU climate ambition

The UK is well versed in showmanship when it comes to climate change targets. But does it mean what it says?

John Kerry pledges extra $17m for Vietnam climate adaptation

USA's Secretary of State visits vulnerable Mekong Delta and promises to support efforts to cope with rising sea levels


Member stories


The UK Government has responded to UNA-UK's peacekeepers day petition asking for official...

Responding to Climate Change:

ANALYSIS: Natural infrastructure is boosting Nairobi's resilience to water extremes, but this...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

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