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Connie Hedegaard: India should ‘reconsider’ climate strategy

NEWS: Outgoing EU climate chief hopes China-US carbon cutting pact will encourage other major economies to follow

EU-backed study to explore climate and migration links

NEWS: Many millions of people may be forced to leave their homes in future due to changes in climate

US cities face ‘blackouts’ due to climate-linked extreme weather

NEWS: As global temperatures rise, cities in the US face growing threats from fierce and frequent hurricanes

Peru’s indigenous Uros people turn to solar power

NEWS: On floating reed islands of Lake Titicaca, remote communities are swapping candles for solar panels

Norway’s Statkraft plans $8 billion green energy drive

NEWS: State-owned electricity company plans hydro and wind projects following cash boost from Parliament

Parish visit to St. Philip Evans, Cardiff

Parish visit to St. Philip Evans, Cardiff Archdiocese of Cardiff, by Fr. Denis Carter SSC

Crowdfunded “ice stupas” help Ladakh adapt to climate change

NEWS: An engineer has raised US$125,000 through Indiegogo for a novel way to solve water shortages in a remote mountain region of India

2015: A year for carbon pricing, peer pressure and Paris

ANALYSIS: There are three big UN deals due in 2015, on disasters, development and climate; what happens in the markets and on the streets will be c

Greenland ice loss outpaces climate models

NEWS: Most detailed study yet of Greenland ice sheet illustrates complex process causing billions of tonnes to melt every year

Investors question fossil fuel industry as renewables rise

NEWS: Increasing oil production but falling demand creates problems for fossil fuel industry as investors turn away from sector


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