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How to rebuild trust at UN climate change talks?

COMMENT: Transparency and accountability must be at the core of any agreement in Lima and Paris, say World Resources Institute analysts

Lima challenge: cooking up a climate agreement

COMMENT: A global climate deal must take account of the needs of "climate takers" as well as "climate makers", writes Greenpeace UK's Ruth Davis

10 questions for delegates heading to UN climate talks in Lima

BLOG: UN envoys hope to craft a draft version of a global climate deal in Peru next week - here's what they will have to consider

Diplomatic limbo lets Taiwan dodge climate responsibility

ANALYSIS: Taipei's strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions is full of holes and a lack of international pressure does not help

Mapped: How the world sees climate change

BLOG: Track how different countries view the threat of global warming and its impacts with RTCC's interactive map

Rich Countries Cough Up (Some) for Climate Justice

Countries from the global north have pledged $9.5 billion to help fight climate change. But it's going to take hundreds of billions more. It’s...

Divestment from fossil fuels: a critical appraisal by David Knight

A new report reviewing "divest in fossil fuels" campaigns - does it work? will it make a difference? Come to the meeting on January 10: Keeping...

Divestment from fossil fuels: a critical appraisal

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China’s renewables could quadruple by 2030 – IRENA

NEWS: Policy action needed by Beijing government for China to reach renewables potential next decade, says new report

Can global warming be limited to 1.5C?

COMMENT: Scientists at Climate Analytics discuss the odds of avoiding temperature rises above 1.5C and 2C


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Senators voted 62-36 in favour of the controversial pipeline, sending it to president...

Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St. Matthew, and St. Cecilia, Liverpool, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by Fr.

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