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UN Forum 2014 film released as debate moves to party conferences

To coincide with the launch of its foreign policy manifesto, UNA-UK has released a short film on UN Forum 2014, the event that kicked-off its year

Marina Silva, the Amazon champion who could lead Brazil

ANALYSIS: Known globally as a tireless defender of the rainforest, Marina Silva has a strong chance of becoming Brazil's next president

Powerful Prayer

Investors worth US$2trn back green bonds at NY Climate Week

NEWS: Pension funds, insurers and asset managers show an appetite for low risk, climate-friendly investments

EU and Canada to push through ‘anti-democratic’ trade deal

Land Grabs Part II: the New Scramble

Understanding Anaerobic Digestion

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400,000 people on NY streets trump ‘pledges’ by Cameron and Obama

COMMENT: Sunday's climate march created a tipping point that leaders failed to achieve inside the UN headquarters, says Jamie Henn

Strong EU 2030 package needed for global climate deal – Gambia

INTERVIEW: Europe's 2030 climate and energy package is critical to a strong deal in Paris, says negotiator for least developed countries

Knock knock. Who’s there? Climate change

BLOG: A series of playful posters and podcasts aims to change your relationship with the changing climate


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Jim Kim says 1.5C warming could already be locked into Earth's system, calls on...


UNA-UK joins with international experts seeking to inform the work of a new independent Panel on...

World Development Movement:

Today in Parliament 241 MPs voted in favour of the Clive Efford's private member's bill aimed at...

Columban JPIC:

John Nightingale is the Chairman of Jubilee Debt Campaign, Birmingham.

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