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Muslim leaders tell petropowers to lead on climate change

Tunisia warns of tourism dive if planet overheats

NEWS: Holidaymakers could desert north-African state as temperatures jump and rising sea-levels eat away seafront hotels

The UN spent half a trillion - so what?

A lifeline for the 90 million people it feeds each year, the United Nations is actually priceless, benefiting us all in health, the environment and

China economic downturn could hit 2030 clean energy target

NEWS: Investors call on government to support renewables sector, which faces cash crisis as stock market woes intensify

Keep Rupert Murdoch From Meddling in National Geographic

Alton Climate Rally Open Meeting

Hampshire local authorities ask Government for devolution

Energy companies back global deal in Paris


Member stories


Cuts to local government grant and extra spending commitments for local authorities add up to a...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

With the Paris climate summit approaching, the Chancellor’s green-bashing is a reminder that the...


The UK Government says it will "double the number of military personnel that we contribute to UN...

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