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Australia Prime Minister Rudd pledges to scrap carbon tax by 2014

Morning summary: Prime Minister announces plans to replace the carbon tax with a market-based trading system a full year ahead of schedule

La Via Campesina’s sixth international conference

India’s government urged to back faltering ‘solar cities’ plan

Proposals for 60 cities to invest in renewable technologies in danger of stagnating as red tape slows planning and implementation process

UNA-UK shows support for UN peacekeeping

To mark the International Day of UN Peacekeepers in May earlier this year, UNA-UK launched its

UNA-UK joins with Oxfam International to call for Syria peace talks

As the crisis in Syria deepens, UNA-UK has partnered with Oxfam International and others to petition President Obama and President Putin to set a d

Flying wind turbines could cut costs and boost power generation

Small planes that generate energy at high altitudes are already in advanced stages of production in the EU and USA

Food waste could power 600,000 UK homes

Pilot food waste digesters in Oxfordshire highlight potential for up to 150 medium-sized plants to be built across country

Scientists uncertain over rate of polar ice loss

Glaciologists cannot say for certain whether the Earth's north and south polar ice is melting faster as the years pass

Coca-Cola sets 25% carbon reduction target

Drinks giant renews partnership with WWF with pledge to cut emissions and address natural resource challenges impacting fresh water

Tony Abbott branded ‘climate denier’ after carbon trading tirade

Morning summary: Australian opposition leader called carbon dioxide an "invisible substance"


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: UK-led modelling tools are helping governments around the world develop contributions to a...

Columban JPIC:

Over the last 2 Christmases I have had the privilege of taking groups into large London prisons...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

The UK Government have published a "global pathway calculator" – which allows users to choose...

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