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Climate change is an election issue

“Make climate change an issue in the coming elections” is the message to all local voters, Councillors and MEPs from the climate change charity...

Dinnae be dafties Lloyd’s investors: stop bankrolling coal!

Fossil-free investment portfolios soared 50% in 2013

NEWS: Investment managers are increasingly offering fossil-free portfolios to their clients, survey finds

Security and insurance experts warn of future climate costs

NEWS: Billions at risk says Lloyd's of London, as military planners say drought and famine could cause new Arab Spring

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White House to host Google+ Hangout on climate change

NEWS: Ernest Moniz and Gina McCarthy to address Obama's climate policies, including new coal regulations, in online chat

Scientists say can predict crop impacts of El Nino, La Nina

NEWS: Farmers may need to plan for variable crop outputs, as potential severity of climate phenomenon intensifies

Japan, Australia urge developing countries to do more on climate

NEWS: Leaders in Tokyo and Canberra say it's time world's emerging economies take responsibility for tackling rising carbon emissions

A Church for the Poor

Dr David McLoughlin, Senior Lecturer in Theology at Newman University, gave the following excellent presentation ‘A Response to Pope Francis’ Call


Member stories


When Cameron visited Greenpeace in 2007 he spoke of the need for green energy. Now...
Winchester Action on Climate Change:
All We Can:

What do Christmas in the UK and everyday life in India have in common?

Columban JPIC:

Understand the Bible, a study course of 24 sessions of the Bible Time Line Wednesday Evenings at...

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