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How much worse is a 4 degrees world?

ANALYSIS: risks linked to warming above 2C likely to be unpredictable and dangerous, says IPCC report

Human Rights Council concludes historic session

The UN Human Rights Council concludes its 25th session and adopts 42 resolutions.

Adam meets Lynn White Jr.

This calls for a bit of imagination… Picture a meeting, beyond the limits of time and space, between the first human and the most famous critic of

IPCC report: Kerry and Hague call for tough climate action

NEWS: John Kerry and William Hague say latest UN science study is evidence global deal on climate is required

A slice of magnificent African cake

Today a group of smartly dressed business people from companies including Diageo, Monsanto and Unilever turned up at the UK government's Department

IPCC report: Arctic, crops and coral reefs on climate frontline

NEWS: scientists say large investments may be needed to ensure some communities survive changing weather patterns

The Joy in Enough Conference - Economics as though People and Planet Mattered

Charities say Scotland must play its part to avoid climate chaos

Charities in Scotland say a new UN report on the impacts of climate change underlines the urgent need and moral responsibility for Scotland to me

Climate change is already here, poses serious threat – IPCC

NEWS: Costs of global warming outweigh benefits say UN scientists, with damages likely to rise without emission cuts

News: New IPCC report spells out grim future

Reacting to the release of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth


Member stories


Cheshire West and Chester has become the latest council to sign up to UNISON’s Ethical Care C


The UK has supported an initiative that commits members of the UN Security Council to...

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