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Brazil climate scientists predict country could heat 3-6C by 2100

Study forming part of forthcoming IPCC climate science report says Brazil’s farmers need to work out plan to adapt to effects of climate change

Lord Stern: Cameron’s claims of UK fracking boom ‘baseless’

Morning summary: leading climate economist says Prime Minister's assurances shale exploration can bring down the price of gas are way off mark

Breaking: Activists ‘frack’ Lancashire County Hall

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Activists 'frack' County Hall in Preston Image caption:  Activists 'frack...

Greenpeace “fracks” Lancashire County Council

Climate change’s greatest hit: cellist writes song from NASA data

Using climate change data, a student has composed a song that illustrates how temperatures have risen since 1880

Does dynamic demand hold the key to an effective electricity grid?

Existing technologies hold the key to managing electricity demand says Jane Burston from the National Physical Laboratory

EU biofuels policy will push ‘thousands’ of Africans into poverty

Actionaid cites interviews with Sierra Leone villagers who say they have lost land and food to companies focused on growing biofuels for Europe

Beijing plans to slash car numbers in bid to cut smog levels

Chinese capital is to restrict cars on roads to 6 million by 2017, in an attempt to curtail smog which stifles city

Comment: we can’t ignore costs of loss and damage from climate change

The issue of climate compensation at UN talks is like a house with many rooms writes Saleemul Huq - but few rich countries want to explore inside

Edinburgh SkyRide 7 Sept 2013

Thousands of people are expected to try out cycling on traffic-free roads in Edinburgh this Saturday 7 September…


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Washington primed to outline scale of carbon cuts but other developed countries and...


To mark the United Nations' 70th year, UNA-UK invites communities across the UK to discover the...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
UK GHG emissions dropped by 8.4% 2013 - 2014

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