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Protestors to target Lloyds AGM over coal investments

And again … Bikes ↑↑ Cars ↓↓

The May 2014 Spokes traffic census found the highest ever number of bikes and the lowest ever count of private cars

Waste could provide UK with unlimited energy resource

NEWS: Contents of your rubbish bin could soon be powering Britain, as companies test advanced new technology

Join our call for more UK support for UN peacekeeping

Ahead of the International Day of UN Peacekeepers, and to mark the launch of UNA-UK's new programme, join our call for a greater UK role in UN peac

New UNA-UK programme on the UK and UN peacekeeping

The Association is delighted to announce a one-year programme which will look at opportunities for the UK to deepen its engagement following the Af

West Antarctic glaciers have ‘passed point of no return’

NEWS: Global sea level rise figures may have to be revised upwards say scientists, as pace of melt increases

First round of government talks on killer robots begin at UN

At a meeting of the UN Convention on Conven

Glastonbury 2014 ticket competition terms and conditions

Poland leads calls for climate policy ‘compensation’ from EU

NEWS: Central European coalition says EU must ensure 2030 climate policies do not unfairly burden poor bloc members

Banning HFCs from 2020 could make big climate impact – study

NEWS: Early phase-out of super climate gases could stop release of 146 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalent by 2050


Member stories


Cuts to local government grant and extra spending commitments for local authorities add up to a...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

With the Paris climate summit approaching, the Chancellor’s green-bashing is a reminder that the...


The UK Government says it will "double the number of military personnel that we contribute to UN...

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