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Bird by bird, person by person

Those familiar with A Rocha know that Peter, Pavel and Dave—with their better halves Miranda, Radka and Anne; countless volunteers; and a handful o

Church of England faces new pressure to divest fossil fuel holdings

NEWS: Diocese of Oxford demands divestment, and promises to review its own investments in fossil fuels

Climate change to increase US lightning strikes

NEWS: Scientists predict a 50% increase this century in the frequency of lightning strikes due to global warming

Taiwan defies China to seek recognition at UN climate talks

NEWS: The government in Taipei argues the island state has a unique perspective that should be recognised by the UN

India must lead climate fight for developing countries at UN talks

COMMENT: US-China climate deal will take the world towards a catastrophic beyond 4C temperature increase pathway, writes Chandra Bhushan

Geoengineering: Pumping iron into oceans could backfire

NEWS: Iron fertilisation of oceans stimulates carbon sucking plankton, but could also lead to rise in CO2 emitting sea-life

Who’s to blame for climate change?

ANALYSIS: Scientists are starting to undertake the politically dangerous task of figuring out who can be blamed for extreme weather disasters

Canada and UK set to back Green Climate Fund

NEWS: Hopes for global climate agreement rise as UN-backed bank nears $10 billion fund-raising target

Dramatic polar bear population decline underlines need for climate action

Australia left isolated as G20 backs climate action call

NEWS: Pressure from US and EU forces Abbott U-turn in Brisbane as global warming heats up summit negotiations


Member stories

John Ray Initiative:

My Tearfund Prayer Diary for last week included a reminder that July 1st – 9th is the “Speak Up...

All We Can:

The United Nations have marked today as International Widows’ Day,...


Last week brought the good news that Scotland had met its latest climate target, with emi

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