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Tesco launches ‘energy efficiency club’

Over 700 businesses expected to benefit from initiative designed to offer energy efficient products to Tesco customers

Germany attempts last minute bid to delay EU car efficiency deal

With EU due to vote on standards to clean up car industry on Friday, Germany has made one final attempt to delay negotiations

IPCC report offers a chance to pause – for thought and action

Those who question the seriousness of the threat which climate change presents have a very strange idea of the risks they think are acceptable

UN land degradation chief outlines ‘climate adaptation’ focus

Monique Barbut says Convention should develop adaptation 'indicators' for 2015 climate change summit in Paris

UNA-UK calls for further Security Council action on Syria

Welcoming the chemical weapons resolution, the Association calls for a similarly robust stance on the appalling humanitarian situation.

Cycling Investment: Spokes Autumn Public Meeting

The Scottish Government has announced a welcome increase in

Hope after Pakistan’s church bombing

Daniel O’Connor, a Columban priest working in the Diocese of Hyderabad in Pakistan, reports on the aftermath of the Peshawar church bombing two wee

UK banks financing coal boom destroying Borneo rainforests


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Official plans to relocate residents of shanty towns braced for future landslides and...

Columban JPIC:


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