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Seven steps to cracking the climate finance conundrum

ANALYSIS: Funding low carbon investments in developing countries lies at the core of UN talks - but it's not impossible

Brazil asks for free offsets to ‘green’ 2014 FIFA World Cup

NEWS: Organisers want owners of Brazilian offset credits to help reduce environmental impact of football tournament

1.5C climate target ‘out of range’, says IPCC chair

NEWS: Efforts to stop warming above 1.5C no longer possible, says Edenhofer, with dire consequences for small island states

Lima summit can deliver on adaptation and forests, says Peru climate chief

NEWS: Manuel Pulgar Vidal targets small successes at COP20 in December, citing consensus-building as key goal

WWF statement on Virunga warden

US carbon emissions down 10% since 2005, says EPA

NEWS: Data submitted to UN reveals US is over halfway to meeting its 2020 climate change target

Solar surge credited with 10% rise in clean energy investments

NEWS: Household solar systems in Japan and US accounted for $21.2bn of investments in Q1 of 2014

Congo deforestation could cause region to warm 3C by 2050

NEWS: Congo Basin will warm 50% faster due to deforestation in world's second largest rain forest, says new research

Climate challenge needs radical policies and technologies

ANALYSIS: Latest IPCC report highlights level of ambition required to slash carbon emissions 50% by 2050

The cure for syphilis is… ...malaria

by. Credit: Jamie Harley Do NOT google image search for 'syphilis' Image caption:  Do NOT google image search for...


Member stories


Cuts to local government grant and extra spending commitments for local authorities add up to a...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

With the Paris climate summit approaching, the Chancellor’s green-bashing is a reminder that the...

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