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Hampshire Energy Group launches own website

Supporting communities affected by mining

The Columban London house recently hosted visitors to London from agencies that Columban JPIC works with to support communities affected by mining.

Energy Bill: too close to call

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace MPs are deciding whether a clean power target should be included in the Energy Bill. Will they...

Hampshire Energy Group presentation on how local communities can benefit from renewable energy projects

Hampshire Energy Group (HEG) is currently an unincorporated association which aims to become a co-op.

Fracking (shale gas)

Some people think that fracking for shale gas is a solution to the UK's energy problems.

News: CLIMATE UPDATE - May 2013

TOP LINES: May was close to average for temperature and sunshine but 50% wetter than an average May.

Oil City: site-specific theatre perfomances in London

News: Grangemouth biomass decision - Biofuelwatch/FoE Scotland comment

Grangemouth residents and campaign groups outraged by decision to approve Forth Energy biomass Plant

EU: Time to crack down on HFC greenhouse gases

RTCC’s daily round-up of the top climate change and green economy stories from around the world

Airlines call on governments to sign aviation emissions deal

Industry group representing 84% of air traffic calls on politicians to sign deal to force airlines to offset growth in their emissions post 2020


Member stories

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St Anne’s, Timms Lane, Formby, Archdiocese of Liverpool, by Fr.

Responding to Climate Change:

BLOG: Springtime burning of savannah and forest in the southern hemisphere shows up in latest...

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