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All We Can Christmas message

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East-West Route : it’s Option A at Roseburn!!

All parties on Edinburgh City Council have agreed the direct, main-road, cycleroute at Roseburn, rather than the Option B back-street alter

Christian Values for All

You don’t have to be a believing Christian to believe in the values of Christmas. They are universal.

Remembering our president and friend Eric Roberts

Dave Prentis joined late president Eric Roberts’ family in Stevenage today to pay tribute to Eric at a small family funeral.

British Gas Owner Centrica Funding Climate Denial Group Linked to Trump

Blog: If the government really wanted to solve the social care crisis, they’d provide the necessary funds

UNISON has long warned of the dangerous impact of this government’s attack on social care funding.

Government refusing to take responsibility for social care crisis, says UNISON

Responding to today’s (Thursday) announcement by the government on social care funding, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said

New petition: The government must urgently rethink plans to hike taxes on UK solar

by-nc. Credit: Greenpeace / Jonas Scheu This morning I sent an email to Greenpeace's email list, explaining how the government is due...

Working over Christmas? This is for you

Members of the public have given their messages of thanks to public sector workers who keep essential services running over the Christmas holidays.

Schools and Businesses To Be Hit By Solar Hike


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Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:
This week will see the publication of the draft Scottish Budget
Columban JPIC:

Prayers of the faithful 2nd Advent Sunday (year B) (the following may be copied and modified as...

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