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Parish visit to Our Lady Help of Christians, Rickmansworth

Parish visit to Our Lady Help of Christians, Rickmansworth, Archdiocese of Westminster by Fr. Tom Ryan SSC

CFBoA February 2016 newsletter

‘Why I ♡ UNISON? It saved me from losing my job, my home, my whole way of life’

One of the biggest bonuses of being in UNISON is that I’ve made such good friends – I’ve met people I wouldn’t normally have been friends with beca

This is a law designed to cut off criticism at a time when there is much to criticise

Teaching assistants. Cleaners. Nurses. Care workers. Lollipop ladies.

♡ UNISON: ‘come together’ urges Wendy Nichols

“The Trade Union Bill has no place in a modern democracy,” UNISON president Wendy Nichols says as the ♡ unions / ♡ UNISON week from 8 to 14 Februar

My inspirational woman is... My daughter Jenny

This Lent we are sharing stories from around the world celebrating the women in our lives that have inspired us.

‘Library cuts slow down research into my local area’

Our regular ‘You tell us…’ feature on the SOS blog shares your experiences of cuts happening to local services across the UK and the impact thi

Striking makes a difference

For many UNISON members the thought of industrial action is scary, not least because many of them have never been on strike before.

Violence against health workers unacceptable, says UNISON

Commenting on new research published today (Monday) by the TUC that says health employees are the most likely to experience violence at work,

What has the EU done for UK nature?

These are only the species we know about. We could also be losing species we haven’t yet discovered.


Member stories


Today I’m in Llandudno for the Wales TUC conference.


Meet the Brits working to support peace across the globe and thank them for their global service...

Columban JPIC:

May 24th is the date designated by Pope Benedict  XVI as a World Day of Prayer for the Church of...

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