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China in Latin America: Growing links that could impact climate talks

ANALYSIS: A billion dollar trade deal will open up investments between Beijing and South America, but will it herald low carbon growth?

SolarAid project benefits 9 million in Africa, 1.5 million lights sold

NEWS: Some 1.5 million solar lamps have been sold across East Africa in a charity initiative to replace smoky, expensive, polluting kerosene

China climate policy hits oil demand growth forecast

NEWS: The International Energy Agency predicts a slowdown in oil consumption as emerging economies start to green their growth

Ballooning UN climate text risks becoming “unmanageable”

NEWS: Deluge of proposals from nearly 200 countries could make reaching agreement in Paris hard work, say delegates in Geneva

Care for the climate to get a Valentine’s Day date – poll

NEWS: Women are less likely to date someone who doesn't believe in taking climate action, poll shows

A reflection on Psalm 142 from Homa Bay SPEAK, Kenya

Is it ethical to invest in fossil fuels? How can environmental ethics inform our decision making? by Martin J Hodson and Margot R Hodson

Martin & Margot Hodson

Green groups tell G20 ministers to stop fossil fuel subsidies

NEWS: Turkish prime minister urged to focus on phasing out "inefficient" fossil fuel funds, in letter from 39 organisations

Book Review by Fr. Conor Donnelly: The Red Lacquered Gate by William E. Barrett

The history of the Catholic Church in China in the early 20th Century and the lead up to the Communist take-over has not been widely written about

US eyes climate cooperation with Iran at security summit

NEWS: Amid talks on Ukraine crisis and Iran's nuclear programme, John Kerry makes common cause with Tehran on climate change


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