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What’s Your Catholic Legacy?

Columban missionaries have got together with 12 other Catholic charities to inspire the Catholic community in Britain to remember the work of Catho

Low carbon energy saves money in the long run – study

NEWS: Fuel savings will pay for higher up-front costs of renewable energy, say consultants EY

Time for farming to be taken seriously at UN climate talks?

COMMENT: Agriculture is linked to 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, but it's not receiving attention from governments

Climate change could lead to China-India water conflict

NEWS: Decline in water flow from Tibetan Plateau likely to exacerbate tensions in region over coming decades

EU should not sell off energy security to indulge fossil fuels supporters


Together we did it! – Virunga safe from immediate oil threat

Parliamentary meeting on the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons

On 11 June, Lord Hannay chaired a UN All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting on the destruction of Syria’

Thank you for Pentecost Appeal response

Fr. Tom O’Reilly gives thanks for the generosity and kindness we have received from so many people in response to our Pentecost Appeal in 2014.

Obama appeals to health benefits of acting on climate

NEWS: President believes cutting pollution levels and deaths from car and power emissions could mobilise public support

Greenpeace India's 'big fight' over coal

All rights reserved. Credit: Vinit Priya Pillai and 400 fellow villagers demand release of Bechanlal Image caption...


Member stories

John Ray Initiative:

Flooding 2015 (c) northallertonman/


The Association is delighted to announce that Lord Wood of Anfield is the new Chair of UNA-UK,...


The government should continue to pay for the training of student nurses and midwives, and not...

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