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Figueres: China setting pace in climate change challenge

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres says the low carbon leadership of China’s government should be used an example worldwide

UK outlines strategy to be ‘world leader’ in offshore wind

Government says developing wind is a strategic priority for country, which can currently power two million homes

No plans for Marshall Islands climate evacuation says minister

Vice President Tony de Brum tells RTCC he's confident islands will remain in existence, and says September climate summit in Majuro will be critica

Tasmanian island achieves 100% renewable energy generation

Hydro Tasmania has achieved a sustained period of zero diesel operation on King Island

Graphene breakthrough could unlock renewable energy’s potential

Graphene-based energy storage device which lasts as long as a conventional battery developed by researchers in Australia

Subsea earthquakes link to global warming gas leaks

Researchers think vast quantities of the potent greenhouse gas methane can be released by underwater tremors

Romero News July/August

All welcome to the Romero Cross and Memorial service in Southwark Cathedral on Thursday 19 September, 6pm. Columban JPIC will be there.

People of Sussex Declare Climate Emergency

THE BATTLE FOR BALCOMBE: PEOPLE OF SUSSEX DECLARE CLIMATE EMERGENCY An emergency vehicle, staffed by four women and two men, is blocking the...

Marshall Islands facing ‘climate catastrophe’

Morning summary: Marshall Islands minister warns that the next 12 months are critical to save it from getting wiped off the map

Australia to develop solar plant ‘four times’ size of Sydney

Two projects costing A$450 million and generating 155MW will see around two million solar panels erected in Australian outback


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Washington primed to outline scale of carbon cuts but other developed countries and...


To mark the United Nations' 70th year, UNA-UK invites communities across the UK to discover the...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
UK GHG emissions dropped by 8.4% 2013 - 2014

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