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NASA data shows methane emissions hotspot in US

NEWS: Coalbed methane extraction is releasing triple the greenhouse gas emissions previously thought, find researchers

X is for Xeriscaping

W is for Water-harvesting

UK foreign secretary hails economic benefit of climate action

NEWS: Philip Hammond gives his first speech on climate change on a visit to US wind facility with John Kerry

V is for Varieties

Budget Confusion yet again!

The Scottish Government’s draft budget 2015/16 is once again as obscure as ever on active travel funding, though it looks at best static or down fr

Why I Care about the Environment – Margot R Hodson

Revd Margot Hodson How it all began

LEGO dumped Shell - here's why it matters to us all

Sweden signals climate ambition with Green Party vice PM

NEWS: Asa Romson promotion to vice prime minister signals government commitment to environment, say observers

EU 2030 compromise could weaken climate action

ANALYSIS: As sign-off nears for the EU 2030 climate and energy package, "flexibility" measures could water down 40% emissions cuts to just 26%


Member stories

John Ray Initiative:

The Church in Action For some years now the CRES residential has been in Ripon College Cuddesdon...

All We Can:

The United Nations have marked today as International Widows’ Day,...


Last week brought the good news that Scotland had met its latest climate target, with emi

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