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Government forced to shut billion-pound loophole for old coal - Greenpeace

Return of the Arctic Sunrise

All rights reserved. Credit: Denis Sinyakov/Greenpeace Those last days on the Arctic Sunrise in September 2013, gave me one of my most...

Pacific Islanders call for tougher UN ocean laws

NEWS: Declaration from 16 states to be presented to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during September climate summit

US officials push India to target tighter carbon cuts

NEWS: High level Delhi negotiations end with agreement to boost clean tech cooperation and efficiency standards

“Climate change is killing our Mother Earth”

INTERVIEWS: In their own words: indigenous people from Canada, Finland, the US, Guatemala and Peru tell their climate stories

Leading climate economist accused of “distorting” research

NEWS: Frank Ackerman says 2013 paper by Richard Tol, used by IPCC, minimises economic risks of climate change

IMF: Hike fossil fuel taxes and reap benefits now

NEWS: National governments should not wait for a global climate deal to address underpricing of fossil fuels, says leading financial body

Lords call for improved process to elect next UN chief

During a House of Lords debate on 22 July, p

UK slashes climate diplomacy budget

NEWS: Deep cuts to the foreign office's climate spending shatters the UK's image of global leadership

India and US pledge “active cooperation” on climate change

NEWS: Indian environment minister calls for cooperation and technology sharing with US ahead of UN talks


Member stories


Being diagnosed with a terminal illness is not something we like to think about or anticipate....

John Ray Initiative:

Nature in the balance. Can we put a value on the environment, and should we?

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