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India feels heat as pressure mounts to deliver climate target

NEWS: Officials suggest Modi government will make a "strategic shift" in climate planning post US-China deal

Birmingham Policy Commission calls for international action on drones and killer robots

The Birmingham Policy Commission (BPC), chaired by Sir David Omand and coordinated by UNA-UK advisor Professor Nicholas Wheeler, has released its r

Energy-funded Republican sceptics threaten US climate agenda

COMMENT: The Republican victory in the US midterms was paid for by big energy interests and could hold back Obama's climate ambition

Brazil’s World Cup carbon offset scheme missed its mark

ANALYSIS: The UN's climate body is holding up World Cup 2014 as a model for other sporting events, but it failed to raise green investment

India must unveil climate targets after US-China pact – Ramesh

NEWS: US-China emissions deal puts pressure on Indian government to reveal target, says India's former environment minister

We want better scientific advice for EU executive, not less

US and Japan set to make Green Climate Fund pledges

NEWS: The US is poised to pledge at least $2.5 billion to help poor countries tackle global warming, with Japan contributing $1-1.5bn

Australian doctors mount coal warning as G20 kicks off

NEWS: Australia's coal industry is costing $8.3 billion a year in medical costs, as lung and heart disease rise

US China emissions pact could signal end of climate firewall

COMMENT: Synergies between climate action and top domestic priorities are driving leaders to back green economy

Netherlands pledges €100 million to Green Climate Fund

NEWS: New injection of cash welcomed by UN, but funding levels still well short of $10 billion target


Member stories


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