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Climate change a factor in UK’s unusual weather – Met Office

Workshop concludes with unusual seasons pinned on newly discovered cycle in ocean temperatures, climate change and a number of other factors

G8 leaders commit to 2015 climate change treaty

Post summit communique admits "grave concern" over lack of action in bringing emissions under control

Standing up to bullying tactics over cleaner cars

People's Assembly Session: Climate Crisis, Austerity and Climate Jobs

Saturday 22nd June, 11-12.15 am, Central Hall, Westminster, London We are organising a session as part of the The People’s Assembly to discuss ...

UNA-UK raises concerns over UK torture and rendition allegations

At the recent UNA-UK Policy Conference, members of the

Round-up of 23rd session of the UN Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council last week concluded what was another busy session.

Small storage space required for WinACC - can you help?

Have you got a corner of space we can use?

UK climate experts meet to discuss ‘unusual weather’

Morning briefing: Workshop at UK's Met Office to determine if climate change played a role in recent extreme weather events

Community energy in west Java

In west Java, communities are demonstrating how clean energy can be produced to meet their needs and not for the profit of major corporations. This...


Member stories

A Rocha:

After three years and 36 blogs, I’m taking a short break from writing for Planetwise, so


With the British public becoming increasingly engaged in politics as the UK general election...

Responding to Climate Change:

INTERVIEW: Strained relationships between Russia, EU and Middle East make climate negotiations...


by-nc. Credit: Jiri Rezac A giant fracking monster outside Parliament on Monday...

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