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Scandalous Edinburgh plc: a walking tour

The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance

Greenpeace to launch local anti-fracking campaign in Lancashire

Adapting to climate change brings stability to war torn countries

Building resiliency to climate change in Central African Republic establishes infrastructure that helps bring peace after civil disruption

France to introduce a new green tax, says Energy Minister

Morning summary: France's Energy Minister has announced a new green tax, but the details remain sketchy

Comment: UK fracking fight highlights need for carbon pricing strategy

Polarised shale gas exploration debate makes an effective EU energy market strategy essential argues Simon Moore from UK think tank Policy Exchange

Sir Jeremy Greenstock discusses Syria on BBC Radio 4

On 22 August, UNA-UK Chairman Sir Jeremy Greenstock appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, as part of a discussion on Syria.

Labour comes out swinging on fracking in Balcombe

Freshly delivered into letterboxes in Balcombe - a strongly worded (bordering on downright anti-) fracking leaflet from the local Labour Party.

Biomass standards - Greenpeace response

Traffic and cooking account for 80% of China air pollution

Coal briquettes and traffic emissions linked to majority of black carbon suspended above China and East Asia


Member stories


We must call on our leaders to acknowledge the need for an effective global system and policies...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Leading emerging economies say they want to deepen ties on renewable energy and explore...

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