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EU carbon market reform unlikely – report

Thomson Reuters Point Carbon revises its carbon price estimates and assumes that there will be no short term fix for Europe’s struggling cap and tr

The Pope, the poor & the planet

Pope Francis has been making waves. Almost every public address the new Pope has given has mentioned both justice and stewardship.

WWF's Earth Hour City Challenge takes flight as cities aim to create climate friendly lifestyles for urban dwellers

Dig up your lawn & live somewhere hot to cut emissions

Garden lawns are more prolific carbon emitters than some farm crops, and keeping yourself warm uses much more energy than running an air conditione

Small island states issue climate compensation warning

Pacific nations say push for damages incurred from climate change will cost more than taking early efforts to cut emissions

Policy Conference meets to inform UNA-UK policy

Saturday 27 April saw over 150 UNA-UK members from across the country meet at Friends House, Euston, to debate matters of concern to the UN, and to

UN climate process primed for final tilt at global emissions deal

Warnings from science grow louder but climate finance and emission ambition remain festering sores at international negotiations

We’ve come a long way…

China leading global climate action – report

RTCC’s daily round-up of the top climate change and green economy stories from around the world

Green Deal tells you how to save energy, save money and stay warm

Register for a Green Deal assessment by clicking here to do it on-line, or ringing or texting Green D


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World Development Movement:

This weekend I joined over three thousand others as a delegate to the

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: OPEC president warns new oilfields could be unsustainable as prices fall to 4-year low,...

John Ray Initiative:

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