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UNA-UK launching foreign policy manifesto at 2014 party conferences

UNA-UK will host receptions at the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats party conference fringes to launch its foreign policy manifesto.

Europe banks on green entrepreneurs in climate challenge

INTERVIEW: Attractive low carbon innovations might just save our necks, says chemistry professor Richard Templer

The miseducation of Narendra Modi on climate change

COMMENT: Almost half of India’s population is under 20.

Why I’m taking part in 97 hours of climate consensus

COMMENT: US scientist John Bruno explains why he's joining colleagues to stress agreement on causes of climate change

NGOs “optimistic” for chances of a climate deal

NEWS: Leading green groups set out what they say are "realistic goals" for international climate talks

World on course for 4C warming by 2100 – PwC

NEWS: Governments need to slash carbon intensity five times faster to avoid dangerous climate change, say analysts

Arctic Home Partnership launches for it's second year

NGOs should call out India and China on NY summit snub

COMMENT: Civil society silence betrays hopes of small island states and other frontline climate nations

Climate security threat remains hidden behind current conflicts

BLOG: Leaders at NATO kept silent on climate change, despite its proven security implications

NATO recycles old commitments on climate change

NEWS: The NATO summit concluded with recognition of climate as a security threat, and committed to a more energy efficient military


Member stories


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