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1 for 7 Billion campaign launch: action demanded from world leaders

UNA-UK, along with NGO partners, has launched a global campaign to impro

John Kerry stresses need for US-China climate cooperation

NEWS: Secretary of state John Kerry emphasises the importance of joint action to cut emissions ahead of Asia-Pacific economies summit in Beijing

Why can’t academics agree whether climate change causes wars?

ANALYSIS: A fight between rival academics over climate change and conflict has important messages for peacekeepers, says Alex Randall

UN climate talks: one month, three knotty problems

COMMENT: The UN faces a complex challenge with a tight deadline. IDDRI's climate analysts looks at the road ahead

EU plans power supergrid to boost renewables

NEWS: A €63 million research programme will help to balance variable renewable generation with demand through better connections

Climate sceptics take hold of Capitol Hill

NEWS: Disastrous midterm results for Democrats signals tough two years ahead for US climate policy

Look to the cloud for climate inspiration, says WRI chief

INTERVIEW: Development specialist Andrew Steyer says big data projects can help make systems greener and hold organisations to account

Carbon capture technology could take off this decade – report

NEWS: There are 23 carbon capture and storage plants running or under construction, according to the latest review - 50% more than in 2011

Oil price slump exposes Canada’s tar sands risk – report

NEWS: As global oil prices fall below US$85 a barrel, polluting tar sands ventures become a bigger gamble, says Carbon Tracker

Veteran campaigner slams Shell’s “Jekyll and Hyde” climate stance

NEWS: Bill McKibben, founder of, uses Shell-sponsored conference to accuse oil giant of hypocrisy on climate change


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