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China-Latin alliance could set tone for Lima climate summit

ANALYSIS: Growing infrastructure and investment links offer chance for joint efforts to promote green growth

Lima Climate Talks: Coal power station gobbles up green funds

It sounds like something out of a Monty Python comedy sketch. But developing countries - who are bearing the brunt of climate change - certainly do

Climate adaptation costs could hit $1trn a year by 2050 – UN

NEWS: The cost of protecting people from climate change impacts are likely to be 2-3 times previous estimates, finds UN report

An invitation to take the #noTTIP Train to Brussels

The much delayed next round of TTIP negotiations is now set for the first week in February.

IETA: Carbon markets need to matter more in Lima

COMMENT: Delaying work on the role of carbon markets in a 2015 climate deal is foolish, argues international trade body

LIVE IN LIMA – DAY 5: UN COP20 climate change summit

Rolling commentary, news, analysis and video from the 20th Conference of the Parties to the UN Climate Convention in Lima, Peru

Taking action on TTIP - how can we put pressure on politicians? Impressions from the Turning the Tide event

On Monday evening I attended a workshop organised by WDM aimed at building the skills and knowledge of people who want to lobby their MPs and MEPs

WWF responds to the release of UNEP Adaptation Gap Report

Yeb Sano: I will not be ashamed to cry for my people

BLOG: Absent negotiator turned activist makes twitter plea for action at UN talks as typhoon Hagupit draws near

Big oil must pay for climate change harm to world’s poorest

COMMENT: Typhoon-hit Filipinos are paying with their lives for climate change. A levy on fossil fuels could help protect them


Member stories


By Alex Quayle, Senior Policy Officer, Sustrans Scotland.

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