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WinACC trustee elections: call for candidates

WinACC seeks three trustees. If you would like to become a WinACC trustee, you are invited to stand for election.

UN takes steps to boost demand for carbon market credits

New Grenada office will help Carribbean countries identify projects for the Clean Development Mechanism

Warming climate could hit West Africa river levels

A warming climate may play havoc with energy supplies and food for millions of people in West Africa, as well as putting industrial growth in doubt

UK coal burning for electricity surged in 2012

Morning summary: New statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change reveal 39% of the UK's electricity was produced by coal in 2012

Tea and flapjacks mark Balcombe’s anti-fracking frontline

RTCC's Sophie Yeo spent Thursday in the village of Balcombe, where villagers are protesting against plans by shale gas firm Cuadrilla to start frac

Comment: UN needs to work out a Plan B for climate change

Joy Hyvarinen from FIELD argues that Ban Ki Moon's high-level political forum on sustainable development must tackle rising emissions as a priority

New guidance on fracking gives green light

A rubber stamp for the fracking industry

Engineering the climate: is it the answer?

Norwegians issue shipping warning as Arctic sea lanes open

Longer ice-free periods in the Arctic will lead to increased activity in the region within the next ten years and intensify ice degradation

Floating wind farms could provide EU with 40GW by 2020

European Wind Energy Association report says 145 million households could benefit from offshore electricity by 2030


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Pacific island nation is vulnerable to climate disaster and should not lose "least...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

UNA-UK's Policy & Advocacy Officer, Hayley Richardson, has recently returned from a visit to...

UK GHG emissions dropped by 8.4% 2013 - 2014

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