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Arctic Home Partnership launches for it's second year

NGOs should call out India and China on NY summit snub

COMMENT: Civil society silence betrays hopes of small island states and other frontline climate nations

Climate security threat remains hidden behind current conflicts

BLOG: Leaders at NATO kept silent on climate change, despite its proven security implications

NATO recycles old commitments on climate change

NEWS: The NATO summit concluded with recognition of climate as a security threat, and committed to a more energy efficient military

September as a Columban Month of Prayer and Action for Peace

The Columban Society is celebrating September as a Columban Month of Prayer and Action for Peace to coincide with the International Day for Peace,

20mph: Have Your Say Now!!

Edinburgh Council is consulting on one of the most ambitious 20mph plans of any UK city.   But the plans risk being cut back.  You can hel

Carbon neutrality: a hard sell in Costa Rica

COMMENT: Politicians love the idea of a zero carbon future, but few can explain how to get there, argues Monica Araya

Hillary Clinton: US can be clean energy superpower

NEWS: The former secretary of state says there is a "false choice" between environmental protection and economic growth

Is China’s coal addiction coming to an end?

NEWS: Government data suggests growth in coal imports slowed significantly in 2014

Russia exploiting Arctic melt warns NATO

NEWS: Alliance deputy assistant secretary general says warming climate is creating new challenges


Member stories


Only last month I wrote here about the problems facing school funding – and the need for the...

All We Can:

I always remember a scene in the film Forrest Gump where Gump describes the rain facing him in...

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