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Ban Ki-moon receives names of six million people calling for protection of the Arctic

Devolved powers for Scotland could boost low-carbon energy

NEWS: Scotland can continue its low carbon ambitions as part of a still-united UK, says climate organisation

Greg Barker handed new role as UK envoy on climate change

NEWS: Former UK climate change minister Greg Barker will join prime minister David Cameron in New York

Why I’m marching for climate change this weekend

INTERVIEW: RTCC speaks to five fresh faces on the climate scene on what has inspired them to march at the weekend

Norway to pledge US$300m for forest protection

NEWS: Peru's lead climate negotiator says Ban Ki-moon climate summit will catalyse action such as Norway deal

Commission hides data showing cheaper 2030 energy efficiency target

UN inches forward with climate compensation plans

NEWS: "Loss and damage" team will take two years to consider climate compensation options

C is for Conservation Agriculture

B is for biodiversity

A is for agroforestry


Member stories

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