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UK to back Indian green growth hub – minister

NEWS: The UK is set to back green growth in India's Mumbai-Bangalore corridor, says minister

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Modi pledges new money for climate action in first budget

NEWS: India's 2014 budget under new PM signals pivot towards low carbon economy

Food and Theology with Mike Rayner

Rev Dr Mike Rayner Food and Theology with Mike Rayner

No to Naval Base at Jeju

On 7 July, Pat Cunningham in Korea joined an international group of Columban Lay Missionaries on a solidarity visit to Gangeong village, Jeju, the

Three meetings, five days: global climate diplomacy push kicks off

NEWS: Leaders are heading to Paris, Berlin and Fortaleza for climate talks to lay the groundwork for a global deal

Protests against EU-US trade deal planned in Edinburgh and Glasgow on Saturday

Fracking could supply one third UK gas by 2035 – National Grid

NEWS: The UK could get a third of its gas supplies from fracking in 2035, says strategic energy report

Inspired by History

All rights reserved. Credit: greenpeace It was 29 years ago today that the Rainbow Warrior came to rest at the bottom of the port of...

Abbott blow as Senate votes to delay carbon tax axe

NEWS: Government accused of deceiving allies as vote to cut Australia's main climate law ends in farce


Member stories


Derby teaching assistants have taken their dispute over pay to the Labour party conference in...


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Parish visit to St Mary of the Angels, Bayswater, Archdiocese of Westminster by Fr.

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