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Typhoon Hagupit focuses minds in week two of UN climate talks

NEWS: Extreme weather hitting the Philippines illustrates the risks of climate change as negotiations intensify in Lima

Latin American coalition to restore 20 million hectares of forest

NEWS: Eight South American countries make promise at UN meeting to start restoring damaged lands

Oil companies at climate talks dismiss ‘carbon bubble’ fears

NEWS: As negotiators make slow progress on a deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions, lobbyists insist fossil fuels have a future

Why unborn children must be part of the UN climate deal

COMMENT: Stopping climate change means valuing the people not yet born as much as those alive today, argue youth delegates in Lima

Oil-rich Arab emirates duck climate finance obligations

NEWS: The United Arab Emirates needs its wealth to diversify away from fossil fuels, argues lead negotiator

UN climate deal “depends” on business and cities support

VIDEO: Head of 2014 Lima summit tells RTCC he hopes legacy will be wider number of actors involved in efforts to cut emissions

Leisurely in Lima: COP20 climate talks show little urgency

NEWS: Five days into the last conference before Paris, the big questions for a global climate deal remain unanswered

Quick chance for more cycle cash

There’s a short window of opportunity to gain a modest one-off boost to Scottish cycling investment.   Please send a quick email to your MS

Night train cuts will de-rail green travel

China-Latin alliance could set tone for Lima climate summit

ANALYSIS: Growing infrastructure and investment links offer chance for joint efforts to promote green growth


Member stories

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Today (Wednesday 19th September) people from all walks of life, from Inverness to Paisley to Ab

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