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UK climate resilience levels branded a ‘postcode lottery’

London and Leicester are well equipped to deal with climate change, but other cities are falling behind on adaptation plans

Bankrolling Shell in Nigeria

World’s highest wind farm completed in Tibet

15MW farm will contribute to Tibet's annual wind energy reserves which are currently the seventh largest in China

Obama unleashes climate change Twitter rampage

President's Twitter feed takes climate deniers to task and calls for action to address rising greenhouse gas levels - but not everyone is impressed

Hyperloop: the clean, green and fast train of the future?

Telsa founder Elon Musk says his magnetic train concept could revolutionise transport, and cut down on aviation emissions

Cameron’s fracking push ignores UK’s binding climate targets

Prime Minister's support for fracking does not explain how it can be reconciled with UK decarbonisation targets

UK farmers report increase in extreme weather events

Erratic weather conditions and heavy rains are devastating harvests and making the UK more reliant on imports

Elon Musk unveils 800mph solar powered ‘Hyperloop’ train

Morning summary: Telsa inventor says magnets and fans could shoot capsules floating on a cushion of air through a long tube

Does BMW’s new i3 range mean it’s going green?

German car giant launches new electric car, but has blocked EU efforts to raise fuel efficiency standards for vehicle manufacturers

China to ‘urgently’ invest in green technologies

Recent trade cases have increased the government’s determination to play a significant role to expand domestic green industries


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