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Netherlands to upgrade flood defences to cope with climate change

National 'Delta' programme set for radical overhaul due to recent sea level rise predictions

EU releases proposals for UN 2015 climate deal

Criteria for submitting pledges for proposed global emissions reduction deal tops agenda for bloc

Ukraine crisis highlights EU’s fragile energy supply lines

Europe urged to invest in renewables to avoid being held to ransom by Russia over gas flow

World's Largest Fund to Review Climate Change Impact

Understanding Cycling : Spokes Spring Public Meeting

Professor Colin Pooley of Lanca

EU delay could damage UN climate deal, warn ministers

UK climate chief Ed Davey calls for "urgent action" and commits to EU-wide 27% renewables target for 2030

Marshall Islands’ capital Majuro submerged by ‘King tides’

Evacuations start as sea pours into parts of town, highlighting acute dangers of rising sea levels in Pacific

Russia outlines plans to meet 2020 climate goals

Draft document outlines how Moscow can meet 25% carbon reduction target by 2020, promising tougher accounting standards

Job – humbled and healed by nature

Job may seem a strange character to launch a new series of biblical eco-heroes.

Keystone XL White House protests end with 398 arrests

Final decision from President Obama expected in summer as battle over tar sands pipeline heats up


Member stories


Adwoa Kwateng-Kluvitse from the organisation Forward received a standing ovation when she...

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