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A Time To Be A Mother? By Gertrudes Samson

The Bible says: “For everything there is appointed season for everything there is a time under heaven”.

Soot and methane cuts will not control climate change – report

New research suggests soot and methane have less of an impact on global temperatures than previously thought

Balcombe residents speak out on fracking

Find out what's happening on the ground

IKEA purchases first wind farm in Ireland

The wind farm, expected to generate enough energy for 5,500 houses a year, is part of IKEA's pledge of €1.5 billion to renewable energy up to 2015

Tony Abbott accused of ‘wilful blindness’ on climate in first debate

Rudd and Abbott commit to 5% emissions reductions in Australia election debate, but say exceeding this would depend on international agreements

US targets ‘contaminated sites’ for wind and solar projects

US agencies have identified more than 66,000 for renewable energy projects, aiming to bypass local opposition to wind and solar plants

NZ research highlights urban solar power potential

Urban sprawl may not be as bad for the environment as we thought – as long as every home is fitted with solar panels and electric cars become the n

Himalaya glacial melt set to peak by 2070

Water levels in Ganges and Indus rivers unlikely to drop over next 100 years says new study of Himalayan and the Tibetan plateau glaciers

Bob Watson: IPCC must address slowdown in global warming

In the first of RTCC's 'Climate Leaders' series, former UN climate science chief Bob Watson discusses forthcoming AR5 report and political implicat

Greenpeace on David Cameron's fracking offensive


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Living with cerebral palsy, which restricts her physical movements, Francesca said she went...

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