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Why unborn children must be part of the UN climate deal

COMMENT: Stopping climate change means valuing the people not yet born as much as those alive today, argue youth delegates in Lima

Oil-rich Arab emirates duck climate finance obligations

NEWS: The United Arab Emirates needs its wealth to diversify away from fossil fuels, argues lead negotiator

UN climate deal “depends” on business and cities support

VIDEO: Head of 2014 Lima summit tells RTCC he hopes legacy will be wider number of actors involved in efforts to cut emissions

Leisurely in Lima: COP20 climate talks show little urgency

NEWS: Five days into the last conference before Paris, the big questions for a global climate deal remain unanswered

Quick chance for more cycle cash

There’s a short window of opportunity to gain a modest one-off boost to Scottish cycling investment.   Please send a quick email to your MS

Night train cuts will de-rail green travel

China-Latin alliance could set tone for Lima climate summit

ANALYSIS: Growing infrastructure and investment links offer chance for joint efforts to promote green growth

Lima Climate Talks: Coal power station gobbles up green funds

It sounds like something out of a Monty Python comedy sketch. But developing countries - who are bearing the brunt of climate change - certainly do

Climate adaptation costs could hit $1trn a year by 2050 – UN

NEWS: The cost of protecting people from climate change impacts are likely to be 2-3 times previous estimates, finds UN report

An invitation to take the #noTTIP Train to Brussels

The much delayed next round of TTIP negotiations is now set for the first week in February.


Member stories


Gail Wilson, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Campaigns Manager

John Ray Initiative:

Psalm 65 – A Lesson in Holism This exuberant hymn of praise breaks out in worship of God, who is...


Who should be able to get around by bike safely and conveniently??

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