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UN climate negotiators learn to trust at Oxford summer camp

INTERVIEW: Envoys go back to boarding school in effort to build understanding ahead of proposed 2015 climate deal

US green fund contribution tests Obama’s climate commitment

ANALYSIS: UN green bank desperately needs funds, but can White House deliver after bruising mid term elections?

UK farmer warns of climate impacts in sceptic MP’s region

NEWS: The Clacton constituency of UKIP's Douglas Carswell is particularly vulnerable to global warming, says local farmer

G20 big oil billions “undermines” climate action

NEWS: Overseas Development Institute says countries are continuing to support uneconomic fossil fuel exploration

Climate change could increase UK risks of overseas conflict

NEWS: Rear admiral Neil Morisetti says British troops could be drawn into combat in the event of 4C of warming

Going the extra mile

This autumn, supporter Hannah Baker (right) strapped on her running shoes to raise money for All We Can.

Lawsuit served against European Commission for ‘stifling debate’ on TTIP

This morning, we were part a broad coalition of groups serving a lawsuit in Luxembourg against the European Commission for stifling democratic deba

Students stand up for global issues at university freshers’ fairs

In their first major outreach event of the year, UNA Youth branches at universities across the country used their freshers’ fair to challenge fel

Polar bears added to UN protection list as Arctic ice shrinks

NEWS: Threatened by shrinking sea ice, bear is one of 31 endangered species to be given greater protection

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