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South Asian MPs visit UK to urge greater climate ambition

Parliamentarians from India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh head to London to call for greater investment in renewable technologies

Post-2015 sustainability goals ‘should target consumption’

New group representing Least Developed Countries says post-2015 agenda should focus on role of rich nation in damaging environment

USA holds key to aviation emissions deal

UN talks this week aimed at cutting the climate impact of aviation and shipping but support from the US will be crucial

Transcript of JRI Associates interview now available

A transcript of the audio recording of the recent interview with Caroline Pomeroy (CEO of Climate Stewards) is now available.

Carbon dioxide levels hit historic mark

Climate and Euroscepticism: leftwing, rightwing and wrongwing

All rights reserved. Credit: ©TVO Photos/flickr/CC BY 2.0 Lord Lawson, chairman of the sceptic tank GWPF Image caption...

Resources: Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia, West Virginia: Case Study

Mountaintop Removal causes huge environmental destruction, dramatically alters landscapes and is linked to serious local health impacts.

McKibben: 400ppm is a grim climate landmark

As world passes an atmospheric concentration of CO2 not seen for more than 3 million years, there are calls for politicians to pay more attention t

Amazon deforestation could hurt Brazil’s farmers

Widespread loss of forest could affect rainfall in key agricultural regions of Brazil, hitting beef and soya productivity

Ed Davey backs our campaign!

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has written to Michael Gove, urging him to reinstate climate change in the Geography curriculum.


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Sea ice levels showing signs of recovery, but rising temperatures spell radical change for...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

UN member states have reached a draft climate agreement after two weeks of talks at the UN...

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