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Franco-German summit to unveil joint solar energy plans

Merkel and Hollande may announce 'Airbus'-style co-operation on solar at summit meeting on Wednesday

Obama announces new US fuel efficiency standards

New regulations scheduled for 2016 could cut carbon pollution in USA by 10% say Sierra Club

Over 1,000 cities demand ambitious EU climate targets

European cities alliance writes to European Council chief asking for tough new 2030 low carbon goals

The show is on!

If you are on Olympics overload and are hankering for a little talk show blather, check out Context with Lorna Dueck’s “God’s Gardeners” episode.

Australian cities already hotter than 2030 forecasts

In Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra, number of extremely hot days already exceed scientists' projections for 2030

China overtakes US as biggest spender on smart grids

Roll out of smart grids in China could help world's largest emitter to slow growth in C02

UK floods open ‘window’ for climate change politics

As flooding and storms continue to plague the UK, politicians must put climate change onto the long term agenda, say experts

Spring Catholic People’s Weeks

Catholic Peoples Weeks has organised seven events during 2014. They vary between 2 and 7 days, on a range of themes.

Fracking in UK could fail because of bureaucracy: report

Producers might walk away unless govt cuts red tape , says consultancy

UK Law Commission could force fund managers to recognise climate risk

Legal review could drive billion dollar pensions industry to factor environmental impacts into asset analysis


Member stories


UNISON Cymru Wales members will be taking to high streets and workpla

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:

Just out: a poignant and powerful new film from Michael Morpurgo,

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

I recently joined friends at Greenpeace to hand in our joint flooding petition.

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