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UNA-UK responds to consultation on citizenship curriculum

Delighted by the decision to retain citizenship as a statutory subject, UNA-UK is concerned by the removal of references to the UN, human rights an

Demonstrate at Rio Tinto and Anglo American AGMs this week

The results are in: clean, affordable energy is possible

Projects in Africa lead the way for a new global energy path

Hedegaard, WWF, PwC react to EU carbon market vote

Ministers and campaigners react to the news that the EU's flagship climate change policy will not be urgently reformed, leading some to write it of

Global day of action: We love the Arctic, Saturday April 20

As the ice melts, oil companies are threatening the pristine Arctic with industrial disaster. On Saturday, April 20, the world is calling for...

UNA-UK joins the IF Campaign

Along with over 150 NGOs and charities, and thousands of people around the world, UNA-UK is calling for decisive action to end hunger.

European Parliament rejects carbon market reforms

MEPs in Strasbourg have vote against proposals to restrict supply of carbon credits in EU's emissions trading scheme

Food for people not for profit - International peasant struggle day

Warming oceans hold key to 20th century climate puzzle

Recent slowing of atmospheric is warming could be explained by European research which suggests that the heat is going not into the air, but into t

New Bible Studies on Environment by Margot Hodson

BRF Bible Studies


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: US weather agency says October 2014 broke all the records - and that the year is on track...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
UK government pledges £720 million

World Development Movement:

The UK government has urged British company GCM Resources to assess how its planned coal mine in...

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