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To fight climate change, we in the UK are better together

COMMENT: An independent Scotland - or the rest of the UK it leaves behind - will not hold much sway at climate talks

Fracking in Lancashire: Latest chance to have your say

All rights reserved. Credit: Steve Morgan / Greenpeace Fracking company Cuadrilla is in the middle of its latest bid to drill in...

Extreme weather displaced more people than war in 2013

NEWS: Natural disasters created 22 million refugees in 2013, report finds, warning that climate change could worsen trend

Leonardo DiCaprio appointed UN climate ambassador

NEWS: Actor will speak at Ban Ki-moon climate summit, where leaders gather next week to curb greenhouse gas emissions

US delays power plant carbon curbs as protests grow

NEWS: Administration agrees to extend consultations for 45 days to allow affected industries to analyse proposals

Coal sector eyes salvation in green bond market

NEWS: Climate Bonds Initiative rejects idea that coal companies could use the green label to raise finance

Analysis: Flawed economics clouds case for climate action

Current government models assume perfect markets and no costs from pollution, skewing views on policies to cut carbon

Highlights from London Fashion Week event

On Friday 12 September, at the start of London Fashion Week, an event in the chapel at Methodist Central Hall brought together p

Zero net emissions: will leaders agree target at UN climate summit?

NEWS: Calls for long term carbon cutting strategy grow louder as countries prepare for Ban Ki-moon meeting

10 steps to tackle climate change and boost economic growth

NEWS: Sign a climate deal, phase out fossil fuel subsidies, and price carbon - a new climate report has produced a hefty to-do list


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John Ray Initiative:

Somerset- a different county We are pleased to announce that CRES and JRI will be running a one...

All We Can:

More than £340,000 has been given in response to the East Africa Famine Appeal, launched at the...

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