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Don’t let them drill in the South Downs!

by. Credit: Wiki commons Our beautiful South Downs National Park is the target of frackers. This guide will show you how to lodge an...

Good news about renewable energy from around the world

WinACC objects to Barton Farm design plans on basis of non-sustainability

UK “going all out for shale” with 40 fracking sites in pipeline

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced financial incentives for local communities who welcome fracking industry

UK offers fracking ‘incentives’ to local communities

Monday's top 5: UK accused of "bribing councils" with fracking money, China's wetlands shrink by 9%, and China prepares for a nationwide carbon tra

Public’s climate change concerns ‘shaped by weather outside’

Research indicates convictions about climate change are largely shaped by the weather outside - because that's the most immediate data we can find

Pa Ousman Jarju: we can still talk our way out of climate chaos

Gambia's Pa Ousman Jarju explains why poor countries are ready to 'compromise and engage' at UN climate negotiations

New battery could solve storage problems of renewables

A research team has high hopes it has found a cheap and effective way of storing huge amounts of energy

UN calls for more funding for Philippines survivors of Typhoon Haiyan

Money still required as temporary shelter built to low standards in Philippines two months after disaster

News: Climate Update 2103: wettest December, sunniest November, 2nd warmest July

SCOTTISH CLIMATE UPDATE - one of a series of Climate Updates from Friends of the Earth Scotland based on data from the Met Office


Member stories

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Major developed economies are preparing to compromise on contentious issue of loss and...

All We Can:

Greenbelt is an arts, faith and justice festival that takes place over the August Bank holiday...

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