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Analysis: UN climate finance talks lay foundation for Warsaw summit

A series of UN-sponsored long term climate finance talks concluded today in South Korea. E3G's Amal-Lee Amin explains what we have learnt

Is Brazil's Zero Hunger programme working?

How are multinational corporations tackling climate change?

John Lewis, Apple, Facebook and Nestlé are taking small strides in cutting energy costs and promoting energy efficiency measures

Jody Williams: Keystone XL is major threat to indigenous people

Winner of 1997 Nobel Peace Prize tells RTCC pipeline is major threat to the indigenous First Nations people of Alberta

California passes tough new fracking laws

Morning summary: controversial bill would give California the nation's toughest regulation on shale gas exploration

UN bids for leadership role in ‘age of sustainable development’

New report claims UN is only organisation able to implement Sustainable Development Goals that are set to guide economic thinking until 2050

US coal demand destroys area size of ’10 city blocks’ an hour

Surface mining required to meet America's coal demand equates to an area the size of Washington DC every 81 days, say scientists

News: Audit Scotland confirm renewables targets achievable

Commenting on the Audit Scotland report on renewable energy Friends of the Earth Scotland Director, Dr Richard Dixon, said:

World’s 50 largest emitters ignoring climate risks – report

Research from CDP and PwC reveals 50 companies are responsible for 73% of greenhouse gas emissions from world's top 500 firms

WWF: Brazil needs to align policy to growing climate risk


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