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IPCC scientists call for overhaul of ‘blockbuster’ climate reports

Guardian: As the IPCC prepares for its next major assessment, experts and governments propose more targeted and frequent studies

Russia unlikely to deliver on climate change at G20

Syria crisis and economic growth likely to dominate St Petersberg summit as climate change drops off agenda

Pacific leaders adopt ‘Majuro Declaration’ on climate change

Text calling for climate ambition will be presented to UN chief Ban Ki Moon at General Assembly in New York

UN talks fail to establish aviation emissions trading scheme

Morning summary: WWF says ICAO has made virtually no progress over the last 16 years to agree a global deal for aviation emissions

Reining in the food speculators

Yesterday morning, EU decision makers met to agree new rules on food speculation.

BBC survey highlights UK public support for wind and solar

Poll reveals 70% of public want energy system to be nationalised as confidence in suppliers collapses

UK clean energy investors face ‘valley of death’ warns fund manager

Adam Workman from 350 Investment Partners says positive outlook of low carbon business belies a challenging sector

More countries join public movement away from coal


WWF: More countries join public movement away from coal

PlanetSolar: sailing the world’s oceans powered by the sun

Having crossed the Atlantic in a record breaking 22 days, the owners of MS Tûranor are now on the lookout for a buyer


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I caught up with the Edinburgh students at Wednesday’s rally for the climate outside the...

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“China has 80 million people living at sea level so of course it is interested in tackling...

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