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Poland could violate law with new power plants – EU climate chief

Poland could face further conflict with Brussels if it pushes ahead with two new power plant units, in violation of EU regulations


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DVD Launch – Conflict and Climate Change

The Movement for the Abolition of War (MAW), in collaboration with Kevin Mayhew Publishing, has produced a new DVD ‘Conflict and Climate Change’.

What have 25 years of climate change campaigns achieved?

In 1988 British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher warned of the dangers of global warming. Ever since the debate over what to do has raged

UN climate report: what are the IPCC’s main messages?

The IPCC's latest report looks at the challengess facing the oceans, atmosphere, cryosphere sea levels as well as analysing other drivers of climat

UN carbon budget talks are ‘urgent’, warns Lord Stern

Morning summary: Leading economist pushes for carbon budget; IPCC is launched in Stockholm; and IKEA to start selling solar panels

A Rocha: 30 years, or eternity?

Through 2013, we’ve been celebrating A Rocha’s 30th birthday.

Leading green NGOs in Europe tell the EBRD to step out of coal

Partner of detained British activist speaks out against imprisonment


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Emerging economy will aim for 28-33% renewable energy by 2030, President Rousseff said in...


All rights reserved. Credit: Matthew Pritchard / Greenpeace Even polar bears can...
Women's Environmental Network:


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