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Obama climate plan will deliver only a quarter of pledged 2030 cuts

ANALYSIS: New US proposals likely to be tip of new carbon cuts as country seeks to meet international targets

MPs to develop ‘blueprint’ for 2015 climate deal

NEWS: Domestic laws 'central' to Paris agreement says UN climate chief as lawmakers gather in Mexico City

China’s CO2 curbs on coal a rising risk for coal investors – report

NEWS: Carbon Tracker warns banks to be wary of lending to coal producers, citing the risk of stranded assets as China cuts CO2 emissions

8 amazing and incredible renewable energy projects that we totally love

Scientists discover three new global warming gases

NEWS: Comparison of air samples has revealed three new global warming gases – and the evidence suggests they are man-made

Climate clings to sustainable development goals as debate intensifies

NEWS: UN set of targets has been whittled down to 17, but arguments rage over whether global warming should be included

Climate vulnerable states call for ‘concrete action’ at UN talks

NEWS: Intense pressure on ministers at UN talks in Bonn, who meet for final opportunity to create draft text for 'critical' climate treaty

Police order Greenpeace to remove fracking site from PM’s home

EU to exceed 2020 climate target by 4.5%

NEWS: EU hopes news that it is overachieving on greenhouse gas reductions will boost ambition at this week's UN climate talks

On the day a new fracking law is set to be announced, we're off to pay David Cameron a visit

All rights reserved. Credit: Lindsey Parnaby/PA David Cameron, tours a shale drilling plant near Gainsborough, in Lincolnshire earlier this...


Member stories


Derby teaching assistants have taken their dispute over pay to the Labour party conference in...


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Parish visit to St Mary of the Angels, Bayswater, Archdiocese of Westminster by Fr.

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