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Keystone climate impact ‘four times’ greater than US govt estimate

NEWS: Scientists say controversial pipeline would have discernible impact on global markets, lowering prices and boosting demand

CFB CIC AGM notification for Members

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise welcomed home by Arctic 30

Meet the weaver who stopped miners destroying her forest

INTERVIEW: A peaceful protest by indigenous women in Indonesia shows the power of grassroots activism to tackle climate change

Rise in air travel likely to overpower carbon cuts

NEWS: Ticket prices need to soar 100 times the amount of current valuations to drive down demand for flights

BASIC group urges rich countries to act on climate change

NEWS: Brazil, South Africa, China and India say developed nations must meet their commitments

The eviction of Tabaco: 13 years of struggle

Bicycles and bluster: Boris Johnson, wannabe prime minister

ANALYSIS: The notoriously ambitious London mayor has confirmed he will run for parliament, but where does he stand on climate change?

RBS tell us that they’ve improved on coal. Are they right?

The UK’s biggest coal bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland Group has responded to WDM’s campaign for them to kick their addiction to financing companies...

UN releases Ban Ki-moon climate summit plan

NEWS: Politicians, business leaders and civil society face packed schedule during 11-hour gathering


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

In the wake of unprecedented flooding in Peru, caused by exceptionally warm water in the Pacific...


All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Traffic in Putney, London Image caption...
All We Can:

More than 7 million people are at serious risk of starvation in Yemen, and millions more are...

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