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US military prepares forces for climate change impacts

NEWS: Department of Defense releases climate adaptation report, anticipating increased stress on armed forces

Divestment campaign signs up first Swedish city

NEWS: Örebro has committed to drop its investments in coal, oil and gas companies, in line with a goal to go fossil-free by 2050

Energy companies unprepared for climate risks – study

NEWS: Only 7% of coal, oil and gas companies have checked their projects are consistent with limiting dangerous global warming, says Carbon Tracker

Renewables get fewer subsidies and are cheaper than dirty energies, Commission's study shows

Africans need to regain control of energy resources, says IEA

NEWS: US$3 trillion investment needed by 2040 to provide electricity to fast-growing population, but challenges persist

WDM members vote to change our name

Last month, members of the World Development Movement from around the country voted to change our name to Global Justice Now.

Is Africa ready for the Green Climate Fund?

ANALYSIS: The fund's board hopes to thrash out its issues in Barbados this week.

Europe spends €10bn a year on coal subsidies

NEWS: Coal is expensive when subsidies and climate change costs are factored in, shows European Commission analysis

Z is for Zai pits

Y is for yield


Member stories


Spokes is putting on 4 events during the 2018 Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, including a major...

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