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Do Europe’s leaders fear Brussels more than Putin?

Comment: The EU needs to break its dependence on Russian gas, but seems incapable of formulating a clear strategy

PowE[R] 2030 - A European Grid for 3/4 Renewable Energy by 2030

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Delay to EU 2030 climate targets ‘nonsensical’ warns De Boer

Draft texts suggest EU leaders plan to postpone release of decarbonisation plans until October

Failure to keep up with EU climate and energy policies will move South East Europe away from the EU, say NGOs

News: Citizens Demand Energy Revolution

Citizens Demand Energy Revolution in Glasgow and Brussels

Extreme heat waves pose threat to wheat and maize yields – study

Global climate impact assessments are not factoring in negative affects from warming on crops, say scientists

White House and Google launch climate ‘open data’ initiative

US government has partnered with Google to help Americans understand how they could be affected by climate change

Cameron & Clegg face floods at 10 Drowning Street

Members of The Climate Coalition held a stunt at Westminster urging David Cameron to argue for a stronger climate deal at a high-level EU summit in

UK budget: Osborne caps carbon tax on power plants

Green groups protest as UK budget freezes emissions penalties, boosting country's biggest carbon polluters

In pictures: the parasitic bond between water and coal

All rights reserved. Credit: © Kemal Jufri / Greenpeace Coal barges come down the Mahakam river in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesian...


Member stories


No – we aren’t telling you who to vote for!  But hopefully giving you some guidance how to use...


For months our union—including tens of thousands of our members—has fought the...


From 25-28 April, UNA-UK is representing the 1 for 7 Billion campaign at International Civil...

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