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Green Deal Winchester

Free Green Deal Assessment - Expression of Interest

India and Nepal face struggle over water resources

Water scarcity in the world's 'third pole' could be exacerbated by climate change

Solar power - drop-in workshop, by Luke Dale

MRDF responds to 'aid for defence' proposals

Responding to David Cameron’s comments about potentially using overseas aid funding for certain defence expenditure, Simeon Mitchell, MRDF’s Direct

Putin’s new climate taskforce debates Russian policy options

Interministerial working group on climate change holds first meeting in sign Kremlin may be planning new push on climate change

Afghanistan faces twin threats of war and climate change

Droughts and land degradation exacerbated by climate change could further destabilise the country, an Afghan government official tells RTCC

Pablo Solon: we need a new strategy at UN climate change talks

Former Bolivian Ambassador to United Nations calls for a discussion on how campaigners can be more effective at global negotiations

China’s emissions won’t peak above EU levels, says official

RTCC’s morning briefing on the day’s top climate change & green economy stories

UN climate talks host Poland to accelerate shale gas push

Environment ministry cuts red tape but says shale gas is essential for affordable EU climate policy


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Member stories

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Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) divides Europe