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Firewalkers raise £6k for WEN

Will MPs cut 1,600 premature deaths from coal?

All rights reserved. Credit: @les stone/greenpeace Almost as many people die each year from coal burning in the UK as road accidents,...

Air pollution causes autism, study finds

Exposure to air pollution increases risk of young people developing incurable behavioural disorder, say California scientists

Deep ocean could hold key to global warming

Understanding what happens on the deep ocean floor should help scientists construct more accurate climate models

Geoengineering could disrupt monsoons say scientists

Geo-engineering could lower global temperatures but could also damage seasonal rainfall patterns, a study says

World’s carbon markets now cover 20% of emissions

China and Mexico latest to bring trading schemes online as countries eye greenhouse gas reductions

Tell West Sussex Council : drilling for oil and gas is the wrong move

All rights reserved. Credit: © Steve Morgan / Greenpeace Please write to West Sussex County Council and tell them to refuse...

Loss and damage: UN needs to deliver on Warsaw climate pact

Loss and damage mechanism was a victory for developing countries, but its success will depend on work done in months ahead experts tell RTCC

Obama: Generation ‘Y’ needs to take lead on climate change

Monday's top 5: Millennials to push low carbon economy, Shanghai smog hides city, Australia's carbon tax repeal could be "unworkable"

World Coal: UN climate chief Figueres ‘ignoring reality’

Coal lobbyist Milton Catelin says Christiana Figueres is too focused on climate change and misunderstands energy sector


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

CRIB NOTES 31 AUG - 4 SEP: US president Barack Obama heads to Alaska, while climate negotiators...


“Most of us are women, and lots of us are single parents, so it was a massive decision to go on...

Columban JPIC:

Pope Francis has decided to set up a “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation” which will...

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