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UK budget: Osborne caps carbon tax on power plants

Green groups protest as UK budget freezes emissions penalties, boosting country's biggest carbon polluters

In pictures: the parasitic bond between water and coal

All rights reserved. Credit: © Kemal Jufri / Greenpeace Coal barges come down the Mahakam river in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesian...

MEPs block moves to exempt long-haul flights from trading scheme

Tight vote in the Environment Committee on aviation emissions saw EU stand up to international bullies, say MEPs

Scientists hint at negative impacts of climate change on farming

Forthcoming UN science study could reveal median crop yields may fall by up to 2% per decade for the rest of century

Budget 2014 – Greenpeace response

Jens Stoltenberg: swift EU 2030 deal will boost UN climate process

Ban Ki-moon's climate envoy says Brussels leadership can help smooth international talks

Challenging both sides of the Scottish independence referendum campaign on poverty

In a refreshing change from Scottish independence referendum media coverage dominated by questions of currency and EU membership (important though...

BP urges progress on global carbon price

Chief Executive Bob Dudley says "technological innovation" and policy leadership from governments key to climate challenge

Resources: 2014 matters

News: Major Boost to Offshore Wind Energy for Scotland

Reacting to news of the go-ahead for two offshore wind farms in the Moray Firth, Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said,


Member stories

All We Can:

The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), held in Istanbul on 23-24 May, marked the first time the...


By now many of you will have seen the images of a boat tipped over with its hull...


UNA-UK co-hosted Europe's largest gathering to celebrate the International Day of UN...

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