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US carbon emissions from energy use increase

NEWS: Rising US carbon emissions pose a challenge to president Barack Obama's climate leadership ambitions

L is for likoti

IEA: Solar could be largest power source by 2050

NEWS: Solar PV capacity would need to increase fourfold to achieve ambitious targets

How climate change affected the world’s weather in 2013

NEWS: Scientific review shows heatwaves in China, Japan, Korea and Australia were made more likely by global warming

California burning points to more frequent wildfires

NEWS: Incidence of forest and scrub fires has doubled in US since 1990s, say researchers

Oil majors target King Coal in fight for climate high ground

NEWS: Statoil and Saudi Aramco use New York summit to sell gas as a lower carbon climate change solution

Hedegaard: EU is still a ‘climate leader’

INTERVIEW: Outgoing EU climate chief faces one last battle to assure her legacy as UN emissions deal looms

Transience, Mortality and Hope: Reflecting on Psalm 90 – Keith Innes

Keith Innes

Solutions still in reach as world biodiversity suffers major decline


Juruena National Park – Safe for now


Member stories


Spokes is putting on 4 events during the 2018 Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, including a major...

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

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