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Exeter students debunk ‘climate myths’ in new animation

Climate communication is a complex business - but help is at hand, in the form of a stick man called Billy

The final countdown to a decision on law for cleaner cars

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace / Dan Giannopoulos Another day another attempt to kill a clean car law in its tracks. Or so...

Warnings over China HFC ‘climate bomb’

Morning summary: A “climate bomb” of potent greenhouse gases 15,000 times more damaging to the climate than carbon dioxide could be released In Chi

Mobile phones prove a vital climate adaptation tool in Brazil

As extreme weather events become more common, the mobile phone is being recognised as an important tool for warnings that can save lives

US-India climate pact hinges on technology and finance

As John Kerry arrives in India a New Delhi based think tank says US must come bearing gifts if India is to shift its climate stance

US – India climate pact hinges on technology and finance

With John Kerry in India to discuss future cooperation, analysts say USA must offer Delhi government aid to move away from coal-based economy

Skiers face dilemma as California snows recede

“Clear and compelling evidence” shows that winter snows vital for tourism and agriculture are in rapid decline in Southern California

WWF welcomes Peru as host of 2014 UN climate change summit


Take a walk on the wild side

If you haven’t had a chance to see your local woodlands in full bloom, now is the time – particularly if you happen to be near one of our new and e

Obama set to reveal new climate change plans on Tuesday

Renewables and R&D set for boost in new US clean energy proposals, with coal power plants facing tough emission restrictions


Member stories

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