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India needs $834 billion to implement low carbon growth plans

NEWS: Planning Commission report highlights huge challenge facing new government, but stresses need to act

Peacekeepers Day conference explores UK role in UN peacekeeping

Hosted jointly with UNA Westminster and RUSI, the event discussed options post-Afghanistan and was followed by a ceremony to remember fallen peacek

First shipment of Canadian tar sands heads towards EU shores

NEWS: Arrival of tar sands in Spain next week will raise fears that Europe will provide new market for polluting fuel

Spokes Bike Breakfast – June 18

China policymakers test radical cuts in carbon emissions

NEWS: China carbon emissions tool tests impact of radical energy policies - with prospects of emissions peak by 2025

Greener Australian outback is lowering atmospheric CO2

NEWS: Extra plant growth in Australian dry lands reveals region's growing global role as carbon sink

Building upgrades can slash EU gas use by 95%

NEWS: Better home insulation and roof top solar power could slash EU gas consumption says new study

UN climate fund chief rejects claims it will finance fossil fuel projects

NEWS: Executive Director Hela Cheikhrouhou says safeguards will ensure only 'low carbon and resilient' projects receive funding

Call this democracy?

Today we choose who will represent us in the European Parliament. A lot of people are sceptical about European elections – the parliament still has...

Why is the US wind industry in the doldrums?

US wind power data suggest a poor 2014, confounding industry forecasts