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How does the Church of England decide whether investment in fossil fuels is ‘ethical’?

Bishop David Atkinson

Summer Gathering of Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network

Sahel food shortage as studies show climate risk to crops

NEWS: UN plea for food aid to the Sahel as scientific studies flag up climate change threat to food production

How has LEGO responded?

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace East Asia Giant LEGO figures with their hands over their ears at the Hong Kong comic fair Image...

World’s religions unite for New York climate summit

NEWS: Leaders from Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and other communities to gather ahead of Ban Ki-moon climate summit

Rising temperatures hit India’s wheat crop

NEWS: Farming adaptation on agenda as higher average temperatures cause crop yield fall on the Indo-Gangetic plain

Three quarters of UK Cabinet sitting on potential fracking sites

Is Antarctica’s ice cover really increasing?

NEWS: Scientists believe they may have found explanations for two inconsistencies in their understanding of global warming

Jeju: March for Life and Peace

Next Weekend Columban JPIC in Korea will be participating in the Grand March For Life and Peace of Gangjeong Village, Jeju Island 29 July – 2 Augus

Millions of UK homes in fracking postcode lottery

Greenpeace respond to 14th licensing round


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

A continuous professional development opportunity for educators is being offered in late June,...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Friends of the Earth and community group Save Druridge have been fighting proposals for an...

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