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We’re united for wildlife, but whose side are you on?

Making food sovereignty law in the UK

EU climate deal in balance as row simmers over 40% CO2 target

NEWS: Poland remains opposed to 40% target, saying it would leave poorer nations compensating for over-ambition

Volunteering opportunity: Sustainable Economy Volunteer

Volunteering opportunity: Sustainable Economy Volunteer

15 legendary pictures to celebrate: The Arctic Sunrise is coming home!

All rights reserved. Credit: © Greenpeace / Steve Morgan MY Arctic Sunrise is making her way through ice in the fjord of Scoresbysund as part...

Our Arctic Sunrise is coming home

All rights reserved. Credit: greenpeace Earlier this morning we had a remarkable phone call from Murmansk.

Finland reveals new climate change laws

NEWS: Parliament agrees to target 80% emissions reduction by 2050 and promote use of renewable energy

Why is civil society still engaged with the UN climate process?

COMMENT: It’s not the water, it’s the salt: why civil society campaigners are still in the UN climate negotiations

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise to be released by Russian authorities in surprise move

Climate campaigners tell leaders to ‘stand with us, or stand aside’

NEWS: Mass gathering of NGOs outside UN talks in Bonn highlights growing unrest over progress at high-level discussions


Member stories


The role of a paramedic will be re-banded nationally, giving paramedics the opportunity to earn...


by-nc. Credit: Steve Morgan / Greenpeace Tina Rothery Image caption...
Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

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