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Fund managers must account for long term risks – Law Commission

NEWS: Environmental and social risks should be integrated into investment strategies says influential body

How tiny plastic people protested around the world

The news of LEGO's cosy relationship with Shell has led to tiny protests erupting around the country - nay, the world. Famous national and...

No country will escape climate impacts, warns Ministry of Defence

NEWS: Rising sea levels, drought and food shortages likely to increase without cut in climate warming gases

India plans to overhaul approach to UN climate talks

NEWS: India environment minister promises government will "reposition" itself at global climate negotiations

Brussels divided on 2030 energy saving target

NEWS: The Ukraine crisis has triggered a focus on energy efficiency but divisions remain over the level of ambition

A letter to the employees at LEGO

All rights reserved. Credit: greenpeace Dear LEGO employee As an employee of LEGO, you have helped to create a company admired...

LEGO putting cash before kids, says Greenpeace as it kicks off global campaign

Protests against EU-US trade deal planned across UK on Saturday

Lego and Shell - FAQs

It's time for LEGO to block Shell


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

In the wake of unprecedented flooding in Peru, caused by exceptionally warm water in the Pacific...


All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Traffic in Putney, London Image caption...
All We Can:

More than 7 million people are at serious risk of starvation in Yemen, and millions more are...

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