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Romero Cross Blessing

The Archdiocese of Southwark, in collaboration with Archbishop Romero Trust and CAFOD, has issued an open invitation to an ecumenical service of pr

Towards 2020!!

With the likelihood of additional Scottish Government cycling investment

A squinty glimpse through Rupert Murdoch’s climate denial toilet roll

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace There's only one way to make Rupert's sea ice logic make sense... Image caption...

Get your Freshers Week looking Freeeesh!

Tell Winchester City Council that cutting the carbon footprint of the district must be a top priority

If you think that it is important to do someting about climate change, reply to Winchester City Council and tell them to keep it in the Community S

Dispatch from the frontline against dirty coal in Europe

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Activists chained themselves... and concrete blocks... to the rails Image caption...

Work begins on largest tidal energy project in Europe

A tidal energy project off the coast of Scotland could eventually provide enough electricity to power up to 42,000 homes

California and China sign climate change pact

US state signs two-year agreement with Beijing, agreeing to work together to advance low carbon development

John Ashton: a winning climate coalition is waiting to be forged

Former UK climate envoy says low carbon industry and progressive politicians need to combine to build new political consensus on global warming

Resources: Dart Energy's legal threats to gag us on Twitter

A threatening letter from Dart Energy's lawyers and our response.


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Responding to Climate Change:

ANALYSIS: New Delhi is expected to submit its plans to the UN in September, balancing carbon...

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Archimedes Screws

Abingdon Hydro

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