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Can Sigmar Gabriel reboot Germany’s low carbon agenda?

Vice-Chancellor will lead 'super ministry' focusing on energy and economic policy, but needs to act fast to maintain supply and cut costs

EU to cut climate warming F-gases by 79%

Tuesday's top 5: EU signs off agreement to cut HFCs, fracking chemicals cause cancer and birth defects, and EPA climate expert convicted of fraud

Italian alpine melt confirmed by ice core find

Evidence from high in the Italian Alps confirms that they are warming at twice the global rate, with the region's glaciers in retreat everywhere

WWF say extra Heathrow runway would ‘wreck UK climate targets’

WWF warns airport expansion is incompatible with UK's legally binding target of 80% reduction in emissions by 2050

Business flying in decline for over a decade

Greenpeace launch of "live" fracking report

All rights reserved. Credit: les stone/ greenpeace Fracking for natural gas in Pennsylvania Image caption: ...

ESA Cryosat reports Arctic sea ice volumes have increased

Scientists say ice thickness has increased, but warn data is not a sign that long-term warming trend has been reversed

Santas deliver coal to ‘naughty bank’ HSBC

India on course to become solar ‘global leader’

Investment and skills bottlenecks need to be addressed if India is to hit true potential warns World Bank

TTIP-TAFTA: The sellout of our democracy


Member stories


Government cuts to tax credits next April will leave more than 2.7 million low to middle income...


Reform of the UN is achievable and could have a "transformative impact" on the effectiveness of...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

The landmark vote by Lancashire councillors to reject two fracking applications in the county...

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