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Norwegian savings invested in the world's climate crisis


WWF calls for zero burn laws as hotspot analysis fingers pulp and palm oil industries


Revolve and WWF launch the Visualizing Energy photo exhibition

Resources: Briefing on Prohibitive Expense in Environmental Cases

An updated briefing from Friends of the Earth and the Environmental Law Centre on why the Scottish costs regime in environmental cases is not compl

Resources: Policy briefing on Access to Justice in Environmental Matters

An updated policy briefing from Friends of the Earth and the Environmental Law Centre on access to justice in environmental matters, and Scottish c

Blog: Photo exhibition highlights plight of refugees

Exhibition captures trauma of people forced to flee to survive

Glastonbury 2013: a celebration of waste or green thinking?

The environmental impact of Glastonbury causes concern before attendees even reach the gates

Obama speaks up on climate change

We need more, but it's leagues ahead of Cameron's silence.

Walk across hot coals for WEN

Obama Keystone XL caution piles pressure on State Department

President says tar sands pipeline will not be approved if it will increase greenhouse gas emissions as all eyes turn to the State Department


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Columban JPIC:


Responding to Climate Change:

COMMENT: Moves are afoot to lower expectations ahead of upcoming Paris deal, with long term...


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