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EU votes to cut carbon emissions from biofuels

The EU will cap the use of some biofuels but accelerate the production of "advanced" biofuels, which has not pleased some critics

Students Support Manuel Duato School

Sixth-form students from Essex have raised an amazing £20,000 for the Manuel Duato School for children with learning disabilities in Lima, Peru.  C

Reclaim the Power

Action Camp, 16-21st August, West Burton Power Station, Nottinghamshire Organised by No Dash For Gas, supported by Campaign against Climate Change...

US and China outline ‘five actions’ to combat climate change

John Kerry says climate will dominate this week's US-China talks, as cooperation on carbon capture and energy efficiency announced

Scientists say dangerous global warning can be reversed

Morning summary: Scientists encourage capturing and storing carbon dioxide underground by burning trees and crops for energy

Hell yeah, I'm scared, but I'm still scaling the Shard to save the Arctic

All rights reserved. Credit: David Sandison / Greenpeace Victoria, third from left, with her fellow activists before heading up the Shard...

Greenland’s ‘land ice melt’ likely to drive up global sea levels

Surface melting of the Greenland ice sheet will add more to global sea levels than the island's glaciers - but even a modest rise could have seriou

MIT pioneers world’s thinnest solar cell

The next step in solar development: cheaper, thinner cells will open up the market

Nanomaterials could accelerate C02 removal from coal power plants

Australian scientists have developed tiny filters that could cut carbon dioxide emissions from coal fired power stations

Wildfires shoot climate warming tar balls into atmosphere

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists reveal small carbon balls created in wildfires are 10 times as warming as conventional soot


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NEWS: More than 6.5 companies back call on policymakers to set a path to go carbon neutral "well...


Edinburgh Council Transport Committee is expected to decide on June 2nd whether to press on with...

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