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EU emission limits could save car owners’ money

Research from Cambridge Econometrics says new EU regulations on light-duty vehicles will create jobs, save car owners money and lower Co2 emissions

Plankton twice as carbon hungry as thought

Climate models of the world’s oceans could need to be revised after it was discovered that plankton are far richer than previously thought

Princes Street 1-way bike ban?

Radical council proposals for the future of Princes Street and George Street appear to include a ban on cycling eastbound in Princes Street.

Arms Trade Treaty negotiations - an historic opportunity for the world

The under-regulated arms trade has devastating consequences for people around the globe. Each year, armed conflict kills an estimated 200,000 peopl

Obama to establish $2bn clean energy fund

Revenue from oil and gas licences to be diverted to research on more efficient vehicles and fuels as Obama takes first solid steps on climate chang

UNCCD: Vulnerable nations must defend against drought

As climate change exacerbates the problem, there is a danger that drought could sneak up on unprepared governments, warns UNCCD Exec-Secretary Luc

WDM joins Black Activists Rising Against Cuts with the launch of MLK 50

US Interior Sec: We won’t let Shell screw up Arctic drilling

Ken Salazar says Arctic oil is essential to Obama’s energy plan but must be approached with caution

Japan’s energy breakthrough could mean climate breakdown

Country's success in pioneering the route to exploiting undersea methane stocks could be good news for a resource-hungry country, and bad news for


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Sea ice levels showing signs of recovery, but rising temperatures spell radical change for...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

UN member states have reached a draft climate agreement after two weeks of talks at the UN...

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