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Climate change “robbing nations of right to exist” say small island leaders

NEWS: Climate change set to dominate discussions during 2014 Small Islands conference

Columban Statement on Middle East Crisis

As the news continues to show the unceasing violence in different parts of the Middle East, we look for ways to show our concern and solidarity tha

Greenland and Antarctic melting at “unprecedented rate”

NEWS: Researchers have established the height of the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps with greater precision than ever before

Q&A: Least developed countries on UN climate talks

Q&A: LDCs chair Prakash Mathema addresses hopes and fears of world's poorest on UN climate deal

China could launch national carbon market in 2016

NEWS: After launch of seven regional pilot schemes, China plans launch of world's largest carbon market

Poland’s Donald Tusk named next EU Council president

NEWS: Donald Tusk, a champion of coal and critic of EU's tough climate policies will be the next Council chief

5 reasons NATO needs to worry about climate change

ANALYSIS: Climate change raises major security threats that NATO cannot afford to ignore at its summit this week

Winner of WWF-sponsored British wildlife photography award


Business for Environment Summit 2014

Jeremiah – A bird’s eye view of the Middle East

Today’s Middle East is beset by tragedy: a litany of human suffering, migration and exile in a region of such beauty and cultural richness.