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New climate package looks promising

**Interim comment – full response after Ministeral statement at 14.30**  

Brazil targets climate victory at ‘greenest’ World Cup

NEWS: Government offsets emissions and hails efficient stadia, but critics warn of football greenwash

Denmark set to approve new climate change law

NEWS: Denmark to pass climate change bill into law, putting its 2020 ambition at twice the EU

Kiribati president: It is “too late” to save my islands

NEWS: President Tong says islands will be "annihilated" regardless of action from US and China

Bridging the GAP

Can collaboration really lead to more sustainably fished seas? 

India PM Modi targets “saffron” revolution for solar energy

NEWS: Government plan offers prospect of solar boost, but gas, coal and oil likely to remain part of long-term energy mix

MPs agree on ‘blueprint’ for UN climate deal in 2015

NEWS: Domestic laws should be 'at the heart' of Paris agreement, say 400 lawmakers from 80 countries

Transnational capital is the real economic migrant

UK-wide protests planned ahead of July trade negotiations


Member stories


Branch treasurers have received notification of the procedures to apply on the closedown of the...


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