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Do not be afraid

Fr. Bosco was one of five men in Myanmar to be ordained on St. Columban’s Day, 23rd November last year, attended by Fr.

Old splits emerge as UN climate envoys seek path to 2015 deal

Brazil, China and Saudi Arabia say they have no intention of discussing tough emission cuts at Bonn meeting

News: Proposals to remove MOD immunity welcomed

Richard Lochhead MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment, has proposed removing crown immunity from MOD properties, this would mak

Australia warned to prepare for hotter summers

Latest Climate Council report says extremes of 2013/2014 'Angry Summer' likely to intensify

Venezuela’s 2014 climate summit faces credibility crisis

Analysis: Caracas government says it's committed to climate justice, but do actions on the ground match its words?

WIN! Two free tickets to anti-fracking beer launch party

All this fracking is enough to drive someone to drink. But now it seems even that's under threat. Some breweries are becoming worried that...

Resources: FoES Parliamentary Briefing on Unconventional Gas and Fracking

Friends of the Earth Scotland Parliamentary briefing on unconventional gas and fracking ahead of the debate on National Planning Framework 3 and Sc

EU-US trade deal: Big Energy’s backdoor plan to expand fracking

Resources: FoES Parliamentary Briefing on Air Pollution

Friends of the Earth Scotland briefing on Air Pollution ahead of Parliamentary debate, 12 March 2014.

US Senate debates climate change through night

Lawmakers maintain climate vigil on Capitol Hill, warning of economic and human costs that could hit US in warmer world


Member stories


UNISON members joined hundreds of women lobbying for pensions equality in Westminster today.

Columban JPIC:

Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of...


Following the UK's vote to leave the EU, the UN Secretary-General has affirmed that the UK will...

All We Can:

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