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Operation Noah AGM and Campaign Day

Operation Noah, the ecumenical Climate Change campaign, is holding its annual supporters’ meeting on Saturday 13th July in Central London 10.30am –

Africa’s tiny ‘sand dams’ can save millions from drought

Simple, cheap and quick to construct - small walls trapping seasonal rainwater can save Africa's dryland regions from desertification

Analysis: where is all the money for energy efficiency?

From the EU to individual homeowners, sourcing the cash for supposed no-brainer projects is proving harder than anticipated

London Array shows what UK ambition can achieve

Solomon Islands sea levels rising by 8mm per year – report

Morning Briefing: Research indicates rising sea levels around the Solomon Islands have exceeded the global average

Pacific Islands gather to discuss growing climate threat

Fourth Pacific Climate Change Roundtable brings together environment ministers, meteorologists and UN officials to discuss rising sea levels

UN warns decade of climate disruption set to continue

Record breaking extreme weather in 2001-2010 set to continue the UN’s World Meteorological Organisation has warned in a new report

Analysis: France’s climate ambition starts to unravel

President Francois Hollande calls for climate ambition but sacks ministers who try and cut emisisons - so what is going on in Paris?

Obama Speaks

  Last week President Obama delivered an hour-long speech on the subject of climate change.  Speaking at Georgetown University the President...

China’s carbon emissions ‘could peak’ in 2025

Experts from government affiliated Energy Resources Institute say 2 degrees warming target is still realistic if China curbs pollution


Member stories

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: More than 6.5 companies back call on policymakers to set a path to go carbon neutral "well...


Edinburgh Council Transport Committee is expected to decide on June 2nd whether to press on with...

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