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Greenpeace on cuts to renewable support schemes

The media’s disgust with the South standing up for itself

India is leading the charge for a very modest proposal here at the WTO which will allow the government to continue a programme to make the ‘right to...

UK backs offshore wind, cuts support for onshore and solar

Wednesday's top five: UK cuts wind subsidies, US fracking regulations attacked, Nepali flowers offer climate change guide

UK cities lead French and German peers in climate planning

More than 90% of British cities have a mitigation plan, compared to 42% in France and Belgium

Figueres hails opening of Green Climate Fund in South Korea

GCF expected to channel large chunk of US$100 billion a year rich countries committed to deliver by 2020

Feed the world, and have a sustainable Christmas lunch

UN-backed study highlights how food is being wasted - so here's out guide to eating sensibly over the festive season

Brazil stock exchange launches $500 billion sustainability index

Businesses in new portfolio make up 47% of the exchange’s total value, including power, ICT and banking sectors

News: Public Inquiry into commercial unconventional gas development is UK first

Key issues to be examined at the UK’s first Public Inquiry into a planning application for commercial unconventional gas extraction will be decided

London aims for £1.85m per year saving with LED roll-out

UK capital set for largest energy efficient road lighting project in country, installing 35,000 street lamps by 2016

James Hansen: 2C temperature rise would be “disastrous”

UN's 2C limit for global warming is way too high and would threaten major dislocations for civilization say a group of prominent scientists


Member stories


Adwoa Kwateng-Kluvitse from the organisation Forward received a standing ovation when she...

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Widespread drought leaves millions facing hunger

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