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Why Australia PM Tony Abbott’s climate policy is toxic

COMMENT: Physical and mental health are at risk from climate change, warns professor in plea to Australian government

UK public ignorant of climate science consensus – poll

NEWS: Gap between reality and public perception of climate science is reminiscent of MMR controversy, says NGO

Green funds must scale up to match $5trn oil sector – report

NEWS: Large-scale divestment from fossil fuels remains a challenge, say Bloomberg analysts, with a lack of clean alternatives

Campaigners mark Phulbari Day

Today is Phulbari Day.  It marks the day when, eight years ago, a protest by local people against an open pit mine in Phulbari, Bangladesh resulted

Climate deal must crack down on free riders – study

NEWS: Norwegian researchers warn the world is further from an effective climate treaty than it was 15 years ago, as countries try to duck their obl

6 ways climate change threatens health – and one way it probably doesn’t

ANALYSIS: From dengue fever to depression, we look at the health risks from climate change

Nauru ambassador: moral voice of island states must be heard

INTERVIEW: Marginalised small island voices key for credible Paris deal, says Ambassador Marlene Moses

Bus Lane Retreat

Despite its policies to boost bus and cycle use – policies which are succeeding – Edinburgh Council is to experiment with bus lane changes which be

The end of civilisations: will climate change do for us all?

NEWS: History could repeat itself if global warming is left unchecked, leading to people abandoning once-fertile areas

WDM activists learn from European struggles


Member stories


Spokes is putting on 4 events during the 2018 Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, including a major...

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