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Coca Cola installs one millionth HFC-free drinks cooler

Company says $100 million investment is equal to removing one million cars from roads every yea

Global droughts hit Coke’s balance sheet

Friday's top five: Coke VP says water shortages a concern, UK PM hails fracking, Green Bonds pass $10bn mark, China wind capacity soars

Ban Ki-moon: Davos summit can set tone for UN climate talks

UN chief urges CEOs and world leaders attending World Economic Forum to accelerate low carbon investment

Companies profit by flying less

Canada tar sands set to benefit from EU 2030 climate plan

EU proposal to drop curbs on imported fuels could boost CO2 emissions from transport by 32 megatonnes

Some highlights from the food speculation campaign

EU climate & energy plan diluted by US fracking revolution

Pressure on EU to retain short term energy competitiveness forced Commissioners to open door for shale gas drilling

Google buys second Swedish wind farm

Data giant makes third major low carbon purchase in January in quest to run all data centres on 100% renewables

Campaigners call for halt in EU-US ‘trade’ negotiations

Global cooling? The world is still warming says US agency

New US data shows that 2013 maintained the warming trend of recent decades, with most of the world experiencing above-average annual temperatures


Member stories


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