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India and US pledge “active cooperation” on climate change

NEWS: Indian environment minister calls for cooperation and technology sharing with US ahead of UN talks

Kyrgyzstan revives pre-Soviet traditions for climate adaptation

ANALYSIS: Efforts to revive traditional knowledge in Kyrgyzstan are safeguarding its wild walnut forests for future generations

Why we need the wisdom of Solomon

Today’s environmental problems are so complex they often seen intractable.

UN publishes latest Human Development Report

UNDP gives it latest assessment of the state of human development worldwide.

Crackdown and arrests of activists: a first-hand account

All rights reserved. Credit: Udit kulshrestha/Greenpeace Peaceful protest in India Image caption:  Peaceful...

Climate resilient seeds offer hope to Nepal’s farmers

NEWS: Frequent droughts and late monsoons are wearing down the ability of Himalayan growers to maintain crops

Sheldon Whitehouse on climate denial in US Congress – full speech

TRANSCRIPT: US Senator takes issue with Congress sceptics who blocked a resolution acknowledging climate change


Columban JPIC is a member of the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility.

Brazil tribe teams up with tech company to save rainforest

NEWS: Indigenous people and San Francisco start-up are using old smartphones to monitor illegal logging

University of London’s SOAS freezes fossil fuel investments

NEWS: UK student campaign against oil, gas and coal holdings gathers pace with two universities considering divesting


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

A video  celebrating the centenary of the Missionary Society of St.

John Ray Initiative:

Martin, Margot and I attended an event hosted by Climate Outreach at St Mary’s University Church...


Our November traffic count, averaged over our 4 regular count points, found bikes forming 16.5%...

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