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Huge religious turnout for IF Campaign

Christian agencies and groups from around Britain were prominent among the estimated 45,000 people who descended on Hyde Park on Saturday for a ral

In defiance of the New Alliance

On Saturday, an interesting sight greeted tourists emerging from Blackfriars station. Outside the imposing offices of corporate giant Unilever, 50...

The Value of Cycle Tourism

Transform Scotland has published a report on the benefits of cycle tourism for the Scottish economy

The Value of Cycle Tourism news release

New report sets out multi-million benefits to Scottish economy from cycle tourism

IEA: World heading for 3.6°C of warming

New report recommends four energy policies that could keep world within the 2°C limit recommended by scientists

Enter the UN’s desertification photo contest!

Get snapping and you could win up to €3000 in the 2013 UNCCD photo contest - find out how to enter today

EU must switch flood tactics to cope in climate change era

Current focus on flood defence instead of prevention is inadequate according to flood resilience expert

Events: Green Jobs Agenda for Edinburgh


Canada tar sands threatening biodiversity of Arctic circle wilderness

Mackenzie River Basin at great risk from climate change and a catastrophic oil spill according to a panel of nine Canadian, American and British sc

Arctic warming linked to spread of diseases

Arctic compared to 'Heathrow airport' in terms of bird, seal and other migration patterns and linked to ways that disease is spread


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Responding to Climate Change:

ANALYSIS: Pope Francis' desire to address global warming is undoubted, but Papal desire to curb...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Anna Watson, the brains behind our solar schools campaign, and Helen Rimmer who campaigns...

Columban JPIC:

The link below provides a 10 minute video showing the work of Project Warmi Huasi in the...

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