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Pentland Firth tidal stream could provide half Scotland’s energy

Installation of tidal turbines in water between mainland Scotland and Orkney could help government achieve 100% renewables by 2020

Value of coal assets ‘could be halved’ if world goes low-carbon

Coal becoming an increasing financial risk for big mining houses as divestment from the fossil fuel gains traction, says a new report from HSBC

Geoengineering lacks popular support say researchers

Scientists are increasingly looking to more radical schemes to curb global warming, but the more radical proposals are not liked by the general pub

US committed to cutting fossil fuel use despite shale oil boom

US energy secretary Ernest Moniz promises new age of innovation in energy efficiency

New Shepherds for Displaced Communities


Global warming ‘could double’ El Nino extreme weather events

Monday's top five: El Nino could double, Australia coal stocks in crisis, Western world accused of 'outsourcing' carbon pollution

Commission paper on climate and energy will indicate whose side EC takes on Europe's environmental and economic future


Rhino poaching sees 7,000% increase in six years

EU set to propose 40% carbon reduction target for 2030

European climate compromise on cards, with Council decision likely to disappoint many green groups

News: Public Pension Investments Fail to Match Ideals


Member stories


There are plenty of opportunities for people to vote next Thursday.


Over 2,000 tickets are now on sale for the largest ever public debate with UN Secretary-General...


No – we aren’t telling you who to vote for!  But hopefully giving you some guidance how to use...

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