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UN to back Pope Francis statement on ‘human ecology’

NEWS: UN will support Pope Francis' expected encyclical on man's relationship with the planet, says Christiana Figueres

Britain must emulate US shale gas success – House of Lords

NEWS: UK government lawmakers call for UK to simplify legislation to make way for fracking industry

Higher CO2 threatens human nutrition – study

NEWS: More carbon dioxide in the air makes crops less nutritious, exacerbating threat of hunger in warmer world

‘Columbans on Mission’ Book Praised

Passionist priest Fr. Nicholas Postlethwaite CP describes Fr.

High cost oil reserves pose investment risk

NEWS: Exploring for new fossil fuel reserves poses threat of stranded assets, says Carbon Tracker Initiative in new study

Dog of war: Meet Jin Kai, the dog detective working to stop wildlife smugglers

7 in 10 cities suffer from ‘dangerous’ air pollution – WHO

NEWS: Almost 90% of the world's urban population live in cities where the air is unsafe to breathe, according to UN data

MPs must fight for the planet to win 2015 election

COMMENT: With 365 days until the UK's general election, politicians must show they're serious about tackling climate change

Ukraine crisis should boost renewables, says G7

NEWS: G7 energy security meeting focuses on renewables, but also pushes for new fossil fuel supplies and infrastructure

Stanford University divestment is a warning to coal industry

ANALYSIS: Stanford's divestment from the coal industry could mark beginning of a new wave of investor action on climate change


Member stories


Derby teaching assistants are to take six days of strike action in the long-running...

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

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British Region Director Fr.


All Scottish Councils go to the polls on Thursday 4 May.  You can help make sure the pol

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