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Arctic temperatures could increase 13C by 2100

Scientists predict that temperatures in the Arctic could rise by over six times the level deemed safe for the planet

Tanzanian tea: a new frontier for big business

Green Climate Fund to ring-fence 25% of cash for ‘vulnerable’ nations

Meeting in Bali outlines how funds will be allocated, stressing importance of private sector in leveraging resources

Asian countries use ‘equality’ as a pretext to pollute says Nasheed

Former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed calls on Asian heads of state to treat climate challenge seriously

Obama says climate must influence ‘all’ government policies

US President says fate of Keystone pipeline is still uncertain, as Republicans start new campaign against carbon cutting

Indonesia pledges $250,000 to Green Climate Fund

Hosts of GCF meeting hope contribution will encourage other countries to fill fund's coffers

Biomass could provide 44% of UK energy by 2050 – study

New research shows that Britain is wasting an opportunity to generate homegrown renewable energy from biomass

Google data could stem surge in deforestation levels

A new Google-powered mapping tool uses terabytes of data to show where deforestation is happening in real time

News: Less Than One Month: UK’s First PLI into Commercial Unconventional Gas Extraction

The UK’s first Public Inquiry into a planning application for commercial unconventional gas extraction at Airth, will begin on March 18th in Falkir

Climate change is a ‘national security’ issue say military experts

UK and other developed countries cannot afford to "pull up drawbridge" says retired Royal Navy Rear Admiral and German army analyst


Member stories


Following the vote to leave the EU, UNA-UK will work with its members and supporters to engage...


UNISON’s new president is Eric Roberts, it was announced today.

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