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Keystone pipeline could increase oil sands investment by 20% – report

Carbon Tracker says KXL approval would not benefit investors by as much as is widely assumed

Polish residents banned from burning coal

Wednesday's top five: fossil fuels banned, EU car emissions limited, Solomon Islands face economic crisis, Kiribati resident refused climate refuge

The G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition: an instrument to control African agriculture

I joined WDM four weeks ago as an intern and I must say it is an exciting time for a start, as I will be involved in a new ambitious campaign that

Global warming ‘slowdowns’ will be frequent say UK scientists

Met Office summary for UN climate summit reveals recent pause in temperature rise not unusual, with more likely in future

Wider value of UNESCO to the UK

The UK National Commission for UNESCO has released a report titled the ‘Wider value of UNESCO to the UK’, which highlights the benefits of membersh

Shanghai and Beijing latest Chinese cities to launch carbon trading schemes

Over 190 companies started trading carbon credits in Shanghai today, with another scheme in Beijing set to launch next week

UK insulation rollback could leave thousands to die in cold homes

As excess winter deaths increase, frustration rises at threatened government rollback of energy efficiency policies

Christmas Appeal

‘At Christmas we celebrate with joy the fact that God shared a most precious gift with us.

UN Security Council warned over escalating crisis in the CAR

On 25 November, UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson

US taxpayers will foot bill for climate change inaction

Hurricane Sandy and drought that hit 70% of the country were estimated to have cost the US more than $100bn in financial losses


Member stories


Adwoa Kwateng-Kluvitse from the organisation Forward received a standing ovation when she...

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Widespread drought leaves millions facing hunger

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