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World’s largest polar bear puppet to lead Arctic mass parade to Westminster and Shell’s HQ

For immediate release

UK lobbying law could stifle climate change debate

Proposed legislation governing charity campaigns heavily criticised by MPs, NGOs and green groups

US temperature rises likely to exacerbate Calfornia wildfires – study

Scientists say biggest driver for fires in USA is temperatures, indicating country will have to face more wildfires in future

IPCC chief Pachauri says climate fight “five minutes to midnight”

Humanity has 'ignored and disregarded' debts to nature says climate science chief in withering attack on governments

Scientists confirm Clean Air Act ‘restored ecosystems’ in USA

Despite intense criticism from businesses and power companies, scientists reveal the USA's Clean Air Act did work

Kevin Rudd: Australia opposition “walking away” from climate change

Morning summary: opposition leader Tony Abbott says he will not increase funding to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions

Comment: it’s time to make the UN climate talks more accessible

International negotiations are often long, complicated, difficult to understand - but Joy Hyvarinen from Field argues it doesn't have to be this wa

Will EBRD be the bad boy of international development finance?

Time to Act! Wake up to Climate Change

Since 1980 we have lost 75% of the Arctic. As the ice melts, unique and already endangered species are put under increasing pressure to survive....

Downloadable DIY funkits to get ready for Aurora's parade


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Renewed bid for oil-rich polar region comes as US president Obama plans climate change...

Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St Patrick’s, Grangetown, Archdiocese of Cardiff, by Fr.


New research by the 1 for 7 Billion campaign shows that just three countries could block...

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