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Climate geoengineering: Is crushed rock the answer?

Marine experts in Germany conclude crushed minerals dropped in oceans could absorb significant quantities of carbon dioxide

Obama reaction: Sierra Club, WWF & scientists on climate pledge

Climate change took a central role in President Obama's second inaugural address as he called for the US to seize the opportunities it presents

Climate risk: 70% of businesses concerned about global warming

Risks associated with climate change treated with increased urgency by business leaders around the world, according to new research by Carbon Discl

Ban Ki-moon makes climate change 2013 priority

Climate Live: The latest climate change headlines curated by RTCC, updated daily from 0830-1700 GMT

Obama calls on US to seize opportunity of clean energy revolution

President uses his second inauguration speech to warn on the dangers of ignoring climate change and says sustainable energy is at heart of maintain

UNA-UK advisors urge UN Secretary-General to appoint strong UNCTAD leader

Public officials, leading academics and former senior UN staff members have signed an open letter urging UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to appoin

Chillax, says Boris, it's a climate change-busting mini ice age

All rights reserved. Credit: n/a "I say relax" - Boris Image caption:  "I say relax" - Boris Boris...

Davos 2013: Report warns $5 trillion investment must be ‘greened’

Former Mexico President Felipe Calderon says global infrastructure spend must be sustainable if we are to meet the climate change challenge

Boris Johnson casts doubt on climate change science

Odds on favourite to be next UK Prime Minister says solar rays determine climate and world could be heading for a 'mini ice age' after it snows in

Davos 2013: Time to save the global carbon markets?

As carbon prices in Europe collapse, Joan MacNaughton explains how governments can tackle climate change and their budget problems by helping out t


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Member stories


Spokes has urged the Parliament’s ICI Committee to take a tougher line on active travel...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: October 31 will be frightfully hot, according to the UK's Met Office

Winchester Action on Climate Change: