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North Dakota gas flares equal to a million extra cars on road

Natural gas flaring in North Dakota, which can be seen from space, has more than doubled to 30% since 2011

NYSE joins UN stock exchange sustainability initiative

World's largest stock exchange makes historic step in joining UN sustainability drive in financial sector

Is ecology a luxury in a time of crisis?

A friend was recently on holiday in France and found a local Catholic newspaper with the headline, ‘Is ecology a luxury in this time of crisis?’ At

Arctic melt fears rise despite ‘Santa’s lake’ picture error

North Pole is still frozen say researchers, after erroneous pictures of a 'lake' appeared in news outlets, but melt could still break 2012 record

Fracking should take place in “desolate areas” says UK Lord

Morning summary: Former Conservative energy adviser says exploration for shale gas should take place in remote areas

Cheap carbon offsets could strengthen aviation emissions goals

Cost of carbon offsetting so cheap that the aviation industry could adopt more ambitious reduction targets, says economist

Gina McCarthy says EPA aims to spark US economic growth

New EPA chief speaks of the challenges and opportunities of uniting the environment and the economy at her inaugural lecture at Harvard Law School

US investors signal new interest in climate related risks

Shareholders in the US are showing growing concern about their investments in companies exposed to climate change-related risks

On the ground at the Great Gas Gala - Day 6

      30 seconds with our woman on the ground - Abi Mortimer   You're at Balcombe right now, what's the atmosphere like? Despite the rain people...

Timeline: extreme weather and climate-related events in 2013

How crazy has the world's weather been since 2012? The WRI's timeline may give you a clue


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

COMMENT: Genius behind idea of pledges was national ownership, but there are too many variables...

All We Can:

Often when I think about the elderly in our own society I’m conscious I have a sense of unease...


Edinburgh Trams is the first UK company, and Edinburgh City the first UK Council, to agree to...

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