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DVD ‘Conflict and Climate Change’

Extraordinarily severe weather in Britain since Christmas and increasing mention of Climate Change as a security issue highlight the relevance of t

John Kerry warns climate change poses threat greater than ‘WMDs’

Secretary of State tells audience in Indonesia unlimited carbon emissions could create a 'fearsome' weapon

Executive Director addresses UNA Eastern Region

"The United Nations - a glass half full or half empty?" - on Saturday 15 February, Natalie Samarasinghe discussed this question with UNA Eastern Re

UK floods: 10 ‘must read’ articles on climate, science and resilience

Politicians, economists, scientists and comedians have their say on worst floods to hit the UK for 50 years

Obama announces $1 billion climate resilience fund

President Barack Obama proposes extra support for US communities hit by extreme weather events

President Xi tells John Kerry China “will do more” on climate

US secretary of state and Chinese president Xi Jinping agree to advance cooperative efforts to push climate change on the global agenda

Fresh setback for frackers as National Park puts licence bid on hold

Crazy weather and crazy politicians


UK Government set to examine Soco’s activities in Virunga National Park

World’s largest thermal solar plant opens in California

US govt touts potential of solar as pricey new plant opens in California, but will have to compete with wind, gas


Member stories


Following the UK's vote to leave the EU, the UN Secretary-General has affirmed that the UK will...

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Monday 27 June 2016

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