Hundreds gather to lobby MSPs on Scottish Climate Change Bill

Over 500 people gathered on Wednesday 22 April outside the Scottish Parliament to demand that MSPs deliver a strong Climate Change Bill.

The rally was organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to show the strength and breadth of public support for these three key asks for the Bill:

  • Statutory annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 3% year on year starting now
  • The inclusion of emissions from international aviation and shipping from the beginning
  • Ensure that the action to tackle climate change takes place in Scotland and is not 'bought in' from overseas.

With the stage 1 report of the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill on 24 April, campaigners were pleased that over 30 MSPs came out to meet them.

Five MSPs, representing their respective parties, briefly addressed the crowd. It was widely agreed that there had never before been such large attendance of MSPs at events outside Parliament.

Thousands of messages to MSPs were written and coloured in on miniature cardboard cut-out people, which proved to be a real attraction for the crowd and MSPs alike.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland Chair, Mike Robinson, was delighted with the event, saying:

"The fact that the rally was such a success demonstrates the growing number of people who understand how important the Climate Change Bill is to Scotland. This was further evidenced by so many MSPs coming along to hear what we had to say. It was also reassuring to hear MSPs from all parties clearly stating the need for urgent action."


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